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REPORT ON CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. – We have received from the author, and perused with more than common interest, Mr. O'Sullivan's Report on the subject of Capital Punishment. It is, to our mind, conclusive against punishment by death ; and we can only regret that at present we have not the space to set forth some of the unanswerable grounds assumed by the writer; grounds fortified by wide and thorough research, and by arguments as sound as they are benevolent in tendency and important in morals. We hope to be able hereafter to render more detailed justice to this very able state paper.

CARLYLE'S 'GERMAN ROMANCE.' We have received from the house of JAMES MONROE AND COMPANY, Boston, two volumes, in the usual beautiful garb of the publishers, entitled, 'German Romance: Specimens of its chief Authors; with Biographi: cal and Critical Notices. By Thomas Carlyle.' They embrace the best selections from Musaus, Fouque, Tieck, Hoffman, and Richter, and will certainly commend themselves to a wide acceptance from American readers.' The name of the translator and editor is a sufficient guaranty for the spirited execution of the work. That his part is admirably performed will at once be inferred.

New Music. – Mr. C. E. Horn, Broadway, has just published 'Withered Away,' a Canzonette; the Words by R. R. CRALLE, Esq., the music by K. J. RyPMA; “The Wanderer,' a celebrated air by Listz, sung with enthusiastic applause by Mrs. C. E.

Horn, arranged with an accompaniment for the piano-forte by Mr. Hobx; and 'Sweet • Breathing Tranquil Peace,’a Trio, sung by Mrs. Seguin, Miss Pouls, and Mr. Manvees;

composed by Pucitta, and arranged by C. E. HORN.

Anthor's CLASSICAL DICTIONARY. - Perhaps the most convincing proof of the sound learning and criticism ; the vast fund of information touching the character, institutions, manners, customs, literature, arts, etc., of the ancient nations; presented in Anthon's great work, so warmly commended in our last number, may be found in the fact, that an immense edition has already been sold, and that half of another large one is already ordered. The success of this monument of erudition and industry bids fair to be every way commensurate with its high deserts.

'Every Body's Book.'— A friend has shown us the sheets of a little volume, the first of a series, thus entitled, which we predict will have a wide circulation. It has humor, pathos, and narrative interest; and is a book so various and so excellent, and so cheap withal, being only fifty cents, that it will be found the very thing to take up on board a steam-boat, to read in a rail-road car, or during a summer leisure hour at home.

Messrs. APPLETON AND COMPANY have just published 'Family Secrets, or Hints to Those who would make Home Happy;' by Mrs. Ellis, England. It is one of the series of 'Tales for the People and their Children,' which we have not found leisure to peruse.

Our Cover. — There are two advertisements upon the cover of this Magazine, to which we desire to call the especial attention of our readers. We are enabled to confirm the announcements of Mr. Joyce and Mr. WALKER; and can assure the public that all which they promise they abundantly perform. The celebrity of each has been honorably acquired, and is well maintained.

This book should be returned to the Library on or before the last date stamped below.

A fine of five cents a day is incurred by retaining it beyond the specified time.

Please return promptly.

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