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aries. Extensive and permanent dom enjoy them, or are wholly good accrues from it.

deprived of them? The present state of the funds It is very conceivable, that in a will be laid before you as by doc new country many, who would be ument A.* The report of the glad to hear the word and attend Auditing Committee--with our on all the adminiltrations of the expenditures and disbursements sanctuary; who once heard and since the last meeting as by docu- attended cheerfully and profitably, ment B,+ and the contributions feel unable to spare even a small which have been made, and the sum to attain those valuable ob prospects which we have of being jects. Neceflity constrains them further serviceable to the cause of to apply what they procure to the Chrift.

subsistence of their families. Un. From the ready patronage aided, they must for years experiwhich the good people in this ence a famine of the word of life. county have given to this benevo- For how shall they hear without lent institution, and the very im- a preacher? How preach unless portant objects which it embraces, sent? Who send them but Christ, the Trustees flatter themselves with and who furnish the compensation a continuance of their charities. for their labors but the wealthy What has been freely given, they and liberal ? There may be oth. trust, has been acceptably and | ers, who, for want of suitable inbeneficially applied : That many struction, imbibe hurtful if not in the new settlements have reap- destructive errors. How shall ed and still reap the blessed fruits this evil, which may be a growing of Millionary services, and of the one, be resisted but by the labors useful books which have been dis- of orthodox and pious teachers ? tributed among them. We be- Those who live long without lieve that the good Lord has the word and ordinances of Chrift, owned what has been done, and are exposed to lose a lively sense accepted the alms which have been of their utility and high excellence, consecrated to his use. Oppor to cherish a Gallio fpirit, and to tunities often present to do good apply what they have altogether to our fellow men. But how can to worldly purposes. To prevent we do them more good, or so all this something must be done, much, as by affording them the and done by those who judge cormeans of religious instruction ? | rectly, who duly appreciate gospel To what higher and better use blessings, and who have the abilican any apply the wealth which ty to reward those who preach Providence bestows on them, than the truth. The condition of our by sending to the destitute and infant settlements is meliorating. poor the dispensation of the gos. | To this desirable change Miffionpel of the grace of God? In axy societies have doubtless contriwhat estimation do we hold our buted. This affords encouragereligious advantages? With what ment to pursue the work which extreme reluctance would we part we have undertaken. Let us not with them? How then must our be weary in well doing.God is bowels yearn over those, who selo not weary in doing good to us.

He can furnish the means more * Note A. P.

liberally if we apply them right † Note B. P.

and occasion requires. Occasion will, doubtless, still exist, and re-, abound in hope and faith thro' quire our exertions in this way. the power of the Holy Ghoft. To this we may be powerfully May these animating considera. moved by the good which has tions ftill operate upon our hearts, been effected ; by the more steady and on many others, who need conduct of individuals ; by the only to have their attention turnorderly management and religious ed to this subject and their charity education of private families ; by solicited. the peace and harmony of towns; God is able to make all grace the organization of churches; by abound, towards those who wish the more careful observation of well to this very thing—who labor the Lord's day ; by a growing diligently and bestow freely for conviction of the value of gospel the inftruction and salvation of institutions ; by the settlement of precious souls ; that such may ministers, and by a divine influence have an all fufficiency in all things accompanying the ministry of the and abound in every good work; word, producing, as we hope, the and being enriched in every thing converhon of finners and the en- | to all bountifulness, thanksgivings largement of Zion.

and praises may be offered by ve. We should be moved by the ry many unto God. abundance of good which may The Trustees would suggest to yet be effected by diligently and the society, that the following vigorously and discreetly prosecu- | votes be passed-which were acting what we have begun. Hav- cordingly passed. ing done so much, let us go on ; Voted, That a Committee be --that we may not lose what we appointed to form a plan of a lehave gained. Let us still exert | gal incorporation of the society, ourselves without fainting and and report the same at the next weariness and reluctance, and give / annual meeting. * and do as we are able; according 1 Voted, That the several Churly as God giveth to us ; who lov- ches and Congregations belonging cth a cheerful giver. Let us an- to the society, be requested to imate our hearts to this good and make a public contribution to the glorious work, by considering funds of the society upon the next what benevolent efforts are still annual Thanksgiving. made in various parts of our coun- ! Voted, That the above report zry, and in various parts of Eu- be printed and sent to each Minrope, to spread the light of divine ifter of the society or, if vacant, truth and enlarge the borders of to the deaçon of the church, with Christ's kingdom--by considering | a request to read it publicly to what large numbers are employed the congregation. · in it--how cheerfully they con . SAMUEL HOPKINS, tribute towards it--how harmoni.

Vice President. ously they pursue the work-how

* It was after proposed and voted, ardently and incessantly they be that the committee fhould report to fiege the throne of grace for di the Society on the fecond Thursday in rection and success, and how re January next. That the committee markably their designs and labors

Thould confift of feven. That Rev. have been owned of their Father

Messrs. Dr. Lathrop, Dr. Lyman, S. in heaven, and how wonderfully

Williams, Hastings, Billings, Phelps

and Jonathan E. Porter, Esq'rs, fhould the God of hope causes them to l be the committee.


A. MONIES received by the Hampshire Miflionary Society, since the report of the Trustees A. D. 1802. D. C.

D. c. Amherst, ift parish, . . 37 97 Norwich, .. Ashfield, . . . . . . . 77

Palmer, ... Bernarditon,

Plainfield, Belchertown; .. ·

20 Rowe, .... Buckland, ......

26 20 Shelburne, . . . . . 30 Charlemont, . . . . . . 8

Southampton, . . . . . 37 75 Chesterfield, . .

South-Hadley, ..... 35 36 Conway, . . . . . .

Springfield, ift par.... 118 Cummington, ..

Sunderland, ...... 46 Deerfield, ...

Westhampton, ..... 25 25 Easthampton, · · · · · ·! 50

Weft-Springfield, ist par. · 29 29 Granby, ..

Whatelty, . . . . . . 10 50 Greenfield,..... 4 Williamiburgh, .... 54 45 Granville, middle par. . 13 50 Worthington, ·67 Hadley, ....... 51 38

By Missionaries, • ... 29 591 Hatfield, · · · · ·

of Henry Lord, of KillingHawley, ....10 50 worth, Con. . . . Heath, . . . . . . . 17

Profits on Mr. Williams' ConLeverett, . . . . . . 8

vention Sermon, · · · 6 595 Longmeadow, . . . . . 47 33 Montgomery, · · · · · 2 50

TOTAL, .... 1073 96 Northampton, ..... 61 8 1

MONIES received by the Hampshire Missionary Society, from August 1802, to August 1803.

Annuity 1802, - - - 432 42

1803, - - - 4

[blocks in formation]

B. THE Committee appointed by the Hampshire Missionary Soci.

ety, at their meeting at Northampton, on the twenty-sixth day of August last, to examine into, and report to the Society the state of their Treasurer's accounts-alk leave to report as follows :

The Committee find that all the monies for which the Treasurer has become chargeable up to this day amount to twenty-two hundred fifty-four dollars fix and an half cents. Thirteen hundred forty-four dollars twenty and an half cents he has by regular and proper documents proved to have been duly expended, under the direction of the Committee of the Trustees, for the purposes of the society. Eight hundred thirteen dollars and fixty-two cents are loaned to sundry persons and secured with interest, for the benefit of the society. There are now in the Treasurer's hands in cash ninety-six dollars and twenty-four cents.

The three last mentioned sums make in the whole the sum of twentytwo hundred fifty-four dollars fix and an half cents, for which the Treasurer was accountable.

D. C.
Expended, ...... 1344 207
Loaned, . . . . . . 813 62
On hand, . . . . . . . 96 24
· The whole amount received, · 2254 61 .

! Committee. ... JONATHAN E. PORTER, Hadley, August 19, 1803.

C. EXPENDITURES of the Hampshire Missionary Society, since

the Report A. D. 1802.

To complete the pay of Missionaries A. D. 1802.
. D. c. 1

D. c.
To Rev. Samuel Taggart, . 68 Nov. To Mr. Taggart, poft-
To Rev. Jonathan Grout, . 71 43 age of letters, .... 88
To Rev. John Taylor, .. 46 To Mr. Grout, do. . .: 33
To Rev. Enoch Hale, .. 42 57

To Mr. Taylor do. and carriA. D. 1803, in advance,"

age of books, . . . . 767 To Rev. Peter Fish, ... 72 A. D. 1803, May. To Mr. To Rev. Timothy M. Cooley, go

Williams do. and printing 2 To Rev. Joshua Crosby, · · 64 letters, . . . . . . 982 To Rev. Joseph Strong, · · 56 Aug. To Dr. Lyman, carriage For books. Four Bibles, · · 3

of books &c. . . . . II 399 15 Select Sermons, .; . iš To Mr. Williams, postage and I Dr Lathrop’s do. on Ephesians, 1 871 , 2 trunks for the deposit of 416 's fix Sermons, 45 145 books, . . . . . . . 6 937 15-- 's God's challenge, I 20° | To Mr. Hale, paper and ado

's On Stedfastness, 72 vertisement, . . . . 3 40 Dr. Lyman's—to che society, 3 20 į To Mr. E. Cook, for entertain 11 Mr. Williams' do. ... 88 ing a committees and treaf1700 Sheets of small Tradis, 44 72 urer, . . . . . . . 2 50 42 Dr. Doddrige's Rise &č. 38 For printing letter and plan of . * 200 Trustees' Report, A. D.

a female Association, .. 13 1802.

For wrapping paper and wafers, 25 40 Dr. Lathrop's sermon be

To Dr. Nathaniel Ely, to aid fore the society.

in educating two Indian lads, 50 1400

's on the chrif. tian sabbath,


769 60

. * In the foregoing account are several books, valued 10 dollars and 871 cents, which, being donations, are not brought into the account of the Treasurer. Allo 18 dollars of the charge for Doddridge's Rise, are yet due from the Society, and may be paid by a return of the books. The other 20 dollars were sent to Albany expecting to purchase 18 of Doddridge's Rise, and 12 of Fuller's Gospel its own wirness. The result is not yet known. The books to which no price is affixed, it is expected, 'will be of no expense to the society, being paid for, by printing large impressions of Dr. Lathrop's sermons on the sabbath, his fix fermons, and his sernion before the society. Large sums have been paid out of the treasury to the printer, but, being due from subscribers and purchasers, will be replaced as soon as collected.

| Bridport, Addison, Hynesburgh,

| Sudbury, Brandon, Duxbury, Je. Religious Intelligence.

richo, and I have heard of late

| that there is some attention in Extra&t of a Letter from Rev.

| Tinmouth, Ruport and Sandgate. Jedidiah Bushnell, to one of the

But it must be remembered that · Editors, dated Cornwall, Ver.

in some of these towns the atten. mont, December 5th, 1803.

tion is small; in some of them RESPECTING the state of but a few persons have given eviZion in this country in general, dence of a change of heart. A I have good news to write. It holy sprinkling appears in all the is probable I never had better places mentioned, and in some of news. There has been much re- then showers. It is, therefore, a ligious attention in this country time of the most gracious vifitawithin a year, and is much now tion among us ; Oh, that we had in many places. It is much the a heart to give God the glory! greatest in Rutland and Benning. ton counties. Two years ago it

Extrae of a Letter from Rev. was great in the northern coun. ties, and of late much greater in

Thomas Robbins, Missionary to

New Connecticut, to one of the the southern counties. You doubt. less have heard of the glorious re

Editors, dated Canfield, Decem vivals in Pittsford, Rutland and

ber 7, 1803. Bennington; the attention began THE custom of Presbyterians in those towns, and has been very in this western country of meeting great. Since, it has been great in large numbers on facramental in Dorsét, and of late, very great | occafions, is an invariable practice. in Benfon, probably more power. Dr. Nefbit, of Carlisle, told me it fal than in almost any part of our was introduced in Scotland, in land. I was there a few days the reign of Charles I. when a ágó, and more than one hundred great number of their minifters persons had then united with the were silenced. One or two would church, fince the commencement adminifter to several churches. of the revival, and the work ftill 1 The present practice is, to have continues. The work has been a facrament at every congregation more fudden in that place than once and sometimes twice in a common; it is but three months year : Generally twice in a mina fince it began. It seemed to ister's charge. Three or four overpower the town at once, and ministers attend, and the most of a number of bold enemies have the people within 12, 15 or 20 been cut down, and bowed to al miles, and some much further. mighty grace. I have seen many | Their ordinary custom is to preach glorious awakenings, but have Saturday afternoon, twice on the never seen a more powerful work Sabbath, with the administration than in some towns in this State. between, a praying meeting on Besides the towns mentioned, Sabbath evening, and a sermon where the attention has been the on Monday. After which the greatest, its happy influence has people disperse. In these times been experienced in the following of awakening they are not confintowns ; Hubberton, Castleton, ed to their usual mode as to the Orwell, Shoreham, Weybridge, duration of the meeting. The Vol. IV. No. 8.


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