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Arcuna imperii.---State secrets.-The mysteries of government.
Arcanum. --- A secret.--The grand arcanum--the philosopher's storie.
Argumentum ad crumenam.-An argument to the purse.
Argumentum ad hominem.-An argument to the man.
Argumentum ad judicium.----An argument to the judgment.
Assumpsit.--He assumed--he took upon him to pay.
Audi alteram partem.-Hear the other party.
Aula Regis.-The king's court.
Beau monde. Fr.-The gay world.-The world of fashion.
Bona fide.-In good faith.-Actually, in reality.
Bonhommic. Fr.-Goodnature.
Bon mot. Fr.--A good word.--A witticism.
Bonus.-A consideration for something received.
Cætera desunt.--The remainder is wanting.
Canaille. Fr.-The rabble--the swinish multitude.
Cap à pié. Norm. Fr.-From head to foot.
Capias.--You may take.
Capias ad respondendum.-You take to answer.
Capias ad satisfaciendum.-You take to satisfy.
Carte blanche. Fr.-A blank sheet of paper.
Casus omissus.-An omitted case.
Cavcat actor.-Let the actor or doer beware.
Caveat emptor.–Let the buyer beware.
Chef d'auvre. Fr.-A master piece.-An unrivalled performance.
Cognovit actionem. He has acknowledged the action.
Comitas inter gentes.--Politeness between natious.
Compos mentis.-A man of a sound and composed mind.
Consensus facit legem.--Consent makes the law.
Coran nobis.--Before us.
Corps diplomatique. Fr.--The diplomatic body.
Coup d'essai. Fr.-A first essay.-- An attempt.
Coup de main. Fr.---A sudden or bold enterprise.
Cui bono?-To what (or for whose) good--sc. will it tend?
Cui malo?--To what evil-Sc. Will it tend?
Data.- Things granted.
Début. Fr.-- First appearance-on the stage, in public life, &c. &c.
De die in diem.-From day to day.
Dedimus potestatem. We have given power.
De facto.-From the fact.
De jure.-From the law.
De mal en pis. Fr.-From bad to worse.
De novo.-Anw.-To commence de novo.
Depót. Fr.-A store or magazine.
Dernier resort. Fr.-The last resource.
Desideratum.-A thing desired.
Desperandum.--A thing, or event, to be despaired of.
Dictum de dicto.-Report upon hearsay.--Vague report.
Dies datus.--The day given.
Dies faustus.-A lucky day.
Dies infaustus.---An unlucky day.
Distringas.—You may distriin.
Droit des gens. Fr.---The law of nations.
Ducit amor patriæ.--The love of my country leads me.
Durante bene placito.-During our good pleasure.
Durante vita.-During life.--A clause in letters patent.
E converso.-Reversing the order --of a proposition.

Elegit.--He has chosen.
En ami. Fr.-As a friend.
En avant! Fr.-Forward !--March on.
En masse. Fr.-In a body.- En foule.- In a crowd.
Eo instanti.--At that instant.
Eo nomine.-By that name.-Under that description.

E pluribus ullum.-One of many.—The motto of the United States of America.

Erratum.-An error.- Errata.-Errors.
Esprit de corps. Fr.–The spirit of the body.
Esto perpetua.-Be thou perpetual.
Et cetera.-And the rest.
Er.-Out.-Ex-minister, a minister out of office
Ex cathedra.-From the chair.
Ercelsior.--More elevated.-Motto of the state of New York

Exceptio probat regulam.-The exception proves the existence of the rule.

Ercerpta.-Extracts.-Abridged notices taken from a work.
Excessus in jure reprobatur.--All excess is condemned by the law.
Ex concesso.-From what has been granted.
Ex curid.-Out of court.
Et delicto.-From the crime.
Exempli gratia. Ex. gr.--As an example,-for instance.
Ex facto jus oritur.-The law arises out of the fact
Er mero motu.-From a mere motion.
Er necessitate rei.- From the necessity of the case.
Ec officio.-By virtue of his office.--As a matter of duty.
Ex parte.-On one side.
Er post facto.-A law niade to punish an act previously committed.
Ex tempore.---Out of hand-without premeditation.
Fac simile.-Do the like.-A close imitation.
Faut pas. Fr.-A false step.-A mistake, a deviation from rectitude.
Felo de se.-A felon of himself.
Femme couverte. Fr.--A covered, or married woman.
Femme sole. Fr.-A spinster-woman unmarried.
Fiat.-Let it be done.
Fiat luz.--Let there be light.
Fieri facias.-Cause it to be done.
Fille de chambre. Fr.-A chambermaid.
Finem respice,

-Look to the end.
Fort. Fr.-Chief excellence.
Fugam fecit.-Ile has taken to flight.
Functus officio.-Discharged of duty.
Gratis.--For nothing.--Free of cost.
Gratis dictum.-Said for nothing.
Habeas corpus.-You may have the body.

Habeas corpus ad prosequendum.-You may have the body in order to prosecute.

Habeas corpus ad respondendum. -You may have the body to answer.
Habeas corpus ad satisfaciendum. You may have the budiy to satisfy.
Habere facias possessionem.--You shall cause to take possession.
Habere facias visam.--You shall cause a view to be taken.
Hors de combat. Fr.-Out of condition to fight.
Ibidem.--Ibid.--- In the same place. --A note of reference.
1. . an abbreviation of ad. est.--'That is.
Ignis fatuus.--A foolish fire.-Will o' the Wisp.

Ignoramus.--We are ignorant.-An uninformed blockhead.
Ignorantia facti excusat.-Ignorance of the fact excuses.

1. H. S.-An abbreviation of Jesus Hominum Salvator. Jesus the Saviour of mankind.

Imperium in imporio.--A government existing within another govern. ment-as Pennsylvania within the general government of the U. States.

Imprimatur.- Let it be printed..
Impromptu. In readiness.-A witticism made out of hand.
In capite.-In the head.
Incognito.-Unknown.-In disguise
In curia.- In the court.
In dubiis.-In matters of doubt.-In cases of uncertainty.
In equilibrio.-In an even poise.
In esse.-In being.-In existence.
In extenso.--At large--in full.
In foro conscientie.-Before the tribunal of conscience.
In futuro.--In future.-Henceforth.
In loco.-In the place.--In the proper place.-Upon the spot.
Innuendo.-By signifying.–Thereby intimating
In presenti.--At the present time.
In rerum natura.--In the nature of things.
Instar omnium.--Like all the rest.
In statu quo.--In the state in which it was.

Interregnum.--The interval between the death of one king, and tho succession of another.

In terrorem.-In terror.--As a warning.
In toto.--In the whole-altogether-entirely.
In transitu.-On the passage.

Ipse dixit.-He said it himself.-On his ipse dixit-on his mere asser tion.

Ipsisima verba.-The very words--the literal meaning.
Ipso facto.- In the fact itself.
Ipso jure.-By the law itself.
Ita lex scripta est.-Thus the law is written.
Judicium Dei.—The judgment of God.

Judicium parium, aut leges terre.-The judgment of our peers, or the law of the land.

Jure humano.-By human law.
Jure divino.-By divine law.
Jus civile.-The civil law.
Jus gentium.-The law of nations.
Lapsus lingue.--A slip of the tongue.
Latitat.-He lurks.
Levari facias.-Cause a levy to be made.
Lex loci.-The law, or custom of the place.

Ler neminem cogit ad impossibilia.-The law compels no man to inzpossibilities.

Lex non scripta.--The unwritten law.
Lex scripta.--The written or statute law.
Lex talionis.-The law of retaliation.
Ler terre.-The law of the land.
Litera scripta manel.--The written letter remains.
Literatim.-Letter by letter.
Locum tenens. One who holds the place of another,
Locus sigilli.-The place of the scal-denoted by L. S.

Lusus natura.--A play or freak of nature.
Magna Charta.-The great Charter.
Magna est veritas et prævalebit.-Truth is most powerful, and will
ultimately prevail.

Mala fide.-In bad faith. -With a design to deceive.
Malum in se. -A thing evil in itself.
Mandamus.--We order.
Mauvaise honte. Fr.-False shame.
Marimum.-The greatest possible.
Mediocria firma. - The middle station is the safest.
Memento mori. Remember death.
Memorid in æternd.-In eternal remembrance.
Minimum.-The smallest possible.
Minutie.--Trifles.-To enter into minutiæ.
Mirabile dictul-Wonderful to tell !
Mirabile visu!-Wonderful to behold!
Mirum !-Wonderful!
Mirum in modum.-In a wonderful manner.
Misnomer. Fr.--The mistake of a name; or using one name for another.
Modus operandi.-The method or manner of operating.
Multum in parvo.-Much in little. A great deal said in a few words.
Necessitas non habet legem.-Necessity has no law.
Ne ereat.-Let him not go out.
Nem. con. for nemine contradicente, and,

Nem. diss. for nemine dissentiente.- No person opposing or disagreeing.-These two phrases are synonymous.

Ne plus ultra.-Nothing more beyond.
Nil debet.-He owes nothing.--The usual plea in an action of debto
Nil dicit.-He says nothing.
Nisi prius.--Unless before.
Nolens, volens.-Willing or unwilling.
Noli me tangere. -Do not touch me.
Nolle prosequi.-To be unwilling to proceed.
Non assumpsit.--He did not assume, or take to himself.
Non compos mentis.-Not of sound mind.-In a delirium of lunacy.
Non conscire sibi.-Conscious of no fault.
Non constat.-It does not appear.
Non est inventus.--He has not been found.
Non nobis solum.-Not merely for ourselves,
Non obstante.- Notwithstanding.
Non sequitur.-It does not follow.
Nosce teipsum.--Know thyself.
Nota bene.-Mark well.
Nucleus.-The kernel.
Nudum pactum.-A naked agreement.
Nulla bona.-No goods.
Nunc aut nunquam.--Now or never.
On dit. Fr.-It is said. It is an on dit. - It is merely a loose report.
Onus probandi. - The burden of proving.
Operæ pretium est.-" It is worth while" to hear or to attend.
Ore tenus.-From the mouth. The testimony was ore tenus.
O tempora! O mores!-Oh the times and the manners.
Pacta conventa.--Conditions agreed upon.
Panacea. From the Greek.-X remedy for all diseases.
Par excellence. Fr.-By way of eminence.
Pari passu..With an equal pace. -By a similar gradation.

per se.


Paritur pax bello. Corn. NEP.-Peace is produced by war.
Particeps criminis.--A partaker in the crime-an accessary
Passim.--Every where.-In various places.
Pater noster. Our father.
Pater patriæ.-The father of his country,
Penchant. Fr.--Propensity, inclination, desire.
Per annum,Per diem.-By the year--by the day.
Per se.--By itself.--No man likes mustard
Perseverando.-By perseverance.
Pluries.--At several times.
Posse comitatûs.--The power of the county.
Posse videor.---The appearance of being able.
Postea.- Afterwards.

Post factum, nullum consilium.--After the deed is done, there is no use in consultation.

Post mortem. After death.
Postulata.--Things required.
Primum mobile.--The first cause of motion.
Primus inter pares.--The first amongst his equals.
Principia non homines.--Principles--not Men.
Pro bono publico.--For the public good.
Pro confesso.--As if conceded.
Pro et con.--For and against.
Pro hac vice.--For this turn.
Pro libertate patriæ.-For the liberty of my country.
Pro patria.--For my country.
Promenade, Fr.--A walk--a fashionable place for walking.
Pro tempore.---For the time.
Quantum.--How much.--The quantum.--The due proportion.
Quantum libet.--As much as you please.
Quantum meruit.-As much as he has deserved.
Quantum sufficit.-A sufficient quantity.
Quid nunc.-What now?-What is the news at present?
Quid pro quo.--What for what.--An equivalent.

Qui facit per aliun, facit per se.—What a man does by another, he does by or through himself.

Qui non negal, fatetur.--He who does not deny, virtually confesses.
Qui non proficii, deficit.--He who does not advance, goes backward.

Qui prior est tempore, potior est jure.---He who is first in point of time, has the advantage in point of law.

Qui tam.-Who as well.
Quoad hoc.--As far as this. Or, as relates to this matter
Quo animo?-With what mind?
Quo jure.-By what right.
Quorum.--Of whom, or-a sufficient number to proceed in business.
Quorum pars fui.--Of whom I was one.--In which I have participatech
Quota.--How much-how many.
Quo warranto.--By what warrant.
Respondeat superior.-Let the principal answer.
Respublica.--The common-weal.- The general interest.
Salvo jure.--Saving the right.---A clause of exception.
Sanctum Sanctorum.--The Holy of Holies.
Sang froid. Fr.--Cold blood.-- Indifference, apathy.
Sans changer. Fr.--Without changing
Scire facias.--Cause it to be known.
Secundum artem.According to art.

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