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THIS Work is with great propriety inscribed to you, who have adorned it with a FRONTISPIECE defigned and etched by yourself, which would do honour to the elegant pencil of Pietro di Cortona.

A learned Prelate* of our times has in one of his fermons declaimed against

*See Dr. Hurd's Sermons.


the cultivation of the fine arts. Had he known the application that you make of your taste and talents in one of them, you could not poffibly have been obnoxious to his cenfure. The most severe Afcetic will not only allow, but must admire the efforts of the pencil employed in extending the best affections of the heart, in purifying the paffions, and in adding motives to virtue by embellishing the illuftrious examples of it in other ages, and prefenting them to our eyes in the most impressive manner.

I have the honour to remain, with great respect,


Your obliged and obedient fervant,



THE favourable reception of the ANECDOTES OF DISTINGUISHED PERSONS, and the very liberal conduct of the prefent Publisher, have induced the Compiler to appear again before the Public. This Volume has been conducted nearly upon the fame plan as the laft; and if now and then an Anecdote fhould appear that has been told before, the Compiler hopes it is here better told, or that its merit, or the remarks it may have given rife to, will plead in its favour.

To two YOUNG LADIES this Volume is indebted for its principal Embellishments; the one having honoured it with an elegant Frontifpiece; the other having combined for it a congeries of Notes that would "lap a foul in Elyfium,” and, if

if any Sounds could effect her benevolent purpose, "compose the jarring "world to peace and harmony."

One Living Character only is introduced, that of the Saviour of the extenfive and important dominions of INDIA for that country which has alone ungratefully refused to acknowledge the obligation.

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