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Required. as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Col. 4. 5. Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.

1 Th. 5. 6. Let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.

2 Tim. 4. 5. Watch thou in all things, endure affictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.

1 Pet. 4. 7. The end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. [See 21 and 459.)



From the Rev. Dr. Ide, Medway, Mass. The first edition of the Scripture Manual, by Rev. Charles Simmons, is a work of no little merit. In proportion to its size, it is more valuable than any thing of the kind which I have seen.

But his second and enlarged edition, the manuscript of which I have to some extent perused, is in my estimation, a great improvement upon the other. The Author has with great care revised and corrected the whole, added many new sụbjects to his former list, arranged the work in a more perspicuous and advantageous manner, and greatly increased the number of appropriate texts in answer to his numerous questions. The diligent Author deserves the thanks of the Christian public, for his seasonable and valuable work, so well suited, not only to aid Christians and ministers in the investigation and defence of the truth, but to meet and counteract a host of destructive errors, now prevalent in our land. It is hoped that he will receive the liberal patronage of the public in this very commendable effort to do good.

JACOB IDE. West Medway, 18th Aug. 1843.

The subscriber being acquainted with the first edition of Mr. Simmons' Scripture Manual,” and having had an opportunity to see the improvements made in his second edition, fully concurs in the opinion above expressed by Rev. Dr. Ide. JONAS PERKINS.

From the Rev. Dr. Storrs, Braintree, Mass. The Scripture Manual is a work of unquestionable value. None of the questions it proposes are unimpoyo tant, and the answers given to them in the words ofthe Holy Spirit, are select, full, and judicious. A rapid glance at every page of the manuscript, and a somewhat familiar acquaintance with the first and smaller edition of the work, have satisfied me that as a “Family Book,” and an aid to all who make the Word of God the subject of earnest study, whether in the closet, the Sabbath School or the Bible class, the “ Manual” will be found an invaluable companion. It shares no doubt in the imperfections of all other works of human device; but I know no other compilation of God's truth, prepared by uninspired mind, that I should so heartily rejoice to find in the hands of every family of my charge -indeed in every family of the land.

R, S. STORRS. Braintree, Feb. 13th, 1844.

From the Rev. Dr. Weeks, Newark, N. J.

Having had opportunity to examine a part of the second edition of Mr. Simmons' “Scripture Manual," I am happy to state that I regard it as a great improvement upon the first edition, and have no doubt it will prove, to the lovers of the Bible, a rich store of gospel truth, well adapted to the different circumstances of life, full of instruction, admonition, and consolation; and as such I cordially recommend it.

WM. R. WEEKS. Newark, March 22, 1844.

From the Rev. Mr. Waterman, Providence, R. I. The “Scripture Manual" furnishes invaluable evidence of the fullness of the word of God, and of its wonderful adaptedness to all the possible exigencies of intellectual and responsible existence-affords, moreover, by its arrangement of passages similar in import, a concentration and power of effect, which, like the rank

and file of military force, best proclaims unity and strength. These characteristics, with its other excellencies, will, it is believed, cause this work to appear fair as the moon-clear as the sun-and terrible to error, as an army with banners.

T. T. WATERMAN, Providence, April 17th, 1844.


From the Boston Recorder, December 18, 1840. The preparation of this volume is a good work for Zion, for which the author will not lose his reward. The man who studies the Bible with a view to use it as the “sword of the Spirit,” in defeating error, and confirming the minds of men in the truth, will find it an important auxiliary. Here he may more easily fill his quiver with sharp arrows, than by turning over the pages of the Bible to hunt them for himself.

The low price of the book (62 1-2 cents,) evinces it to be no money-making concern. It must have cost considerable labor in the preparation; and yet the sale of the whole edition can do little more than defray the expense of printing and sale. It is certainly worth more than it costs to the purchaser, allowing that it has no higher value than books in general of the same size. But such an allowance cannot fairly be made. It is worthy of a place in every Christian library. Success to the Scripture Manual!

From the New York Evangelist, May 15, 1841. SCRIPTURE MANUAL, BY CHARLES SIMMONS.—The object of this book is to afford important aid in referring to the sacred Scriptures on important subjects. Mr. Simmons has arranged the subjects in alphabetical order, and on some controverted topics has given, side by side, the passages quoted by the different parties. The various reforms which the condition of society demands, and for which the philanthropist prays, are presented in the blaze of inspiration, and sustained by its testimony. The Author has aimed at usefulness, and has accomplished his object.


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