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1LORD, hear us when without disguise
Our words to thee ascend;
And when our meditations rise,
Oh graciously attend.

2 Before thy throne we'll humbly fall,
And all our troubles bring;
On thee alone for help we'll call,
Our righteous God and King.

3 Soon as the morning rays appear.
We'll lift our eyes above;

Our voice shall reach thy listening ear,
And supplicate thy love.

4 Within thy house our voice shall rise
Before thy mercy-seat;

There will we fix our steadfast eyes,
And worship at thy feet.

5 In righteousness thy strength display,
And our protection be;

Teach us to know that only way,
Which leads to heaven and thee.

6. FIRST PART. L. M. PRATT'S COLL. Severe Chastisements deprecated.

1 LORD, we can suffer thy rebukes,
When thou with kindness dost chastise;
But thy fierce wrath we cannot bear
Oh let it not against us rise.

2 Pity our languishing estate,

And ease the sorrow that we feel;
The wounds thy heavy hand hath made,
O Lord, in tender mercy heal.

3 Look how the powers of nature mourn!
How long, almighty God, how long?
When shall thine hour of grace return?
When shall we make thy grace our song?



1 IN mercy, not in wrath, rebuke,
Thy feeble worm, our God;

Our spirit dreads thine angry look,
And trembles at thy rod.

2 Have mercy, Lord, for we are weak;
Regard our humble cry:

Oh let thy voice of comfort speak,
And bring salvation nigh.

3 Oh come, and show thy power to save,
And spare our fainting breath;
For who can praise thee in the grave,
Or sing thy name in death?

4 Satan, our cruel, envious foe,
Insults us in our pain;

He smiles to see us brought so low,
And tells us hope is vain :-

5 But hence, thou enemy, depart,
Nor tempt us to despair;


Our Saviour comes to cheer our heart; The Lord has heard our prayer.

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God the Righteous Judge.

1 THE Lord is judge-before his throne All nations shall his justice own: Oh may our souls be found sincere, And stand approved with courage there. 2 The Lord, in righteousness arrayed, Surveys the world his hands have made; Pierces the heart, and tries the reins, And judgment from on high ordains. 3 Our God, our shield, around us place The shelter of the Saviour's grace: Then, when thine arm the just shall save, Our life shall triumph o'er the grave. 8. FIRST PART. C. M. TATE BRADY.

Condescending Grace.

10 THOU, to whom all creatures bow, Within this earthly frame,

Through all the world, how great art thou!
How glorious is thy name!

2 When heaven, thy glorious work on high,
Employs our wondering sight;
The moon that nightly rules the sky,
With stars of feebler light;-

Lord, what is man! that thou shouldst choose To keep him in thy mind!

Or what his race! that thou shouldst prove To them so wondrous kind!

10 thou, to whom all creatures bow, Within this earthly frame;

Through all the world, how great art thou! How glorious is thy name!

SECOND PART. C. M. Mrs. STEELE. God's distinguishing goodness to man. THY wisdom, power, and goodness, Lord, In all thy works appear;

But most thy praise should man record,
Man, thy distinguished care.

From thee the breath of life he drew;
That breath thy pow'r maintains;
Thy tender mercy, ever new,
His brittle frame sustains.

3 Thy providence, his constant guard
When threat'ning ills impend,
Or will th' impending dangers ward,
Or timely succours lend.

4 Yet nobler favours claim his praise,
Of reason's light possest;
By revelation's brighter rays
Still more divinely blest.

5 All-bounteous Lord, thy grace impart;
O teach us to improve

Thy gifts with ever grateful heart,
And crown them with thy love.

9. FIRST PART. C. M. TATE & BRADY. Delight in Praising God.

1 To celebrate thy praise, O Lord,
We will our hearts prepare;
To all the listening world, thy works,
Thy wondrous works declare.

2 The thought of them shall to our souls
Exalted pleasures bring;

While to thy name, O thou Most High,
Triumphant praise we sing.



Thou art, O Lord, a sure defence
Against oppressing rage;

As troubles rise, thy needful aid
In our behalf engage.

To celebrate thy praise, O Lord,
We will our hearts prepare;
To all the listening world, thy works,
Thy wondrous works, declare.

9. SECOND PART. C. M. WRAGHAM. God Glorious as a Judge and Deliverer. 1 TO God, who dwells on Zion's mount, Your lofty voices raise;

Through all the earth his works recount, In solemn hymns of praise.

2 The Lord in righteousness is known,
In judgment seen by all;

The wicked, who his name disown,
By their own works shall fall.

3 O Lord, in majesty arise,

The heathen's power assail; Exalt thyself above the skies, And let not man prevail.

4 Thou art, O God, the righteous Lord, Thy name shall still endure;


Thy throne of judgment, and thy word,
Shall stand for ever sure.



1 WITH our whole hearts we'll raise our song

Thy wonders we'll proclaim:

Thou, sovereign Judge of right and wrong, Will put our foes to shame.

2 We'll sing thy majesty and grace;
Our God prepares his throne,

To judge the world in righteousness,
And make his vengeance known.

3 Then shall the Lord a refuge prove
For all the poor oppressed,

To save the people of his love,

And give the weary rest.

The men, who know thy name, will trust In thine abundant grace;

For thou hast ne'er forsook the just,
Who humbly sought thy face.

Sing praises to the righteous Lord,
Who dwells on Zion's hill,

Who executes his threatening word,
And doth his grace fulfil.



Jehovah the Avenger of the Oppressed.
JEHOVAH reigns-your tribute bring;
Proclaim the Lord, th' eternal King:
Crown him, ye saints, with holy joy,
His arm shall all your foes destroy.
Thou, Lord, ere yet the humble mind
Had formed to prayer the wish designed,
Hast heard the secret sigh arise,
While, swift to aid, thy mercy flies.

3 Thy Spirit shall our hearts prepare;
Thine ear shall listen to our prayer:
Thou, righteous Judge! thou Power divine
On thee the fatherless recline.

4 The Lord shall save th' afflicted breast,
His arm shall vindicate th' oppressed;
Earth's mightiest tyrant feel his power,
Nor sin, nor Satan grieve them more.

God's Retributions.

1 WHEN all bespeak a Father's love,
Oh wherefore, fearful as the dove,
Should we in times of peril flee
To any refuge, Lord, but Thee?

2 In vain the wicked bend their bow,
And seek to lay the righteous low;
Thou from thine everlasting throne
With watchful care regard'st thine own.
3 Thy voice shall seal the sinner's fate;
Just vengeance shall his crimes await;
While the bright beams of grace divine
Shall on thy faithful servants shine.

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