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Still richer blessings claim our praise,
The blessings of thy grace.

4 Yes, we adore thee, gracious Lord!
For favours more divine;

That we have known thy sacred word,
Where Jesus' glories shine.

5 Lord, when this mortal frame decays,
And death shall close our eyes,
Complete the triumphs of thy grace,
And raise us to the skies.

6 Then shall our joyful pow'rs unite,
In more exalted lays,

And join the happy sons of light,
In everlasting praise.



God the Christian's Refuge.

1 WHEN storms hang o'er the Christian's He flies unto his God;

And under his refreshing shade

Finds a secure abode.


2 When foes without, and fears within,
Seek to disturb his peace,

To God he makes his sorrows known,
And straight his sorrows cease.

3 When winds of strong temptation blow, And floods of trouble roll,

God is the help, and refuge too,
Of his distressed soul.

4 But when tremendous terrors seize,
Where will the sinner fly?

He feels a thousand agonies,
And no deliverer nigh!


L. M.


Paternal Providence of God.

1 THROUGH all the various shifting scene
Of life's mistaken ill or good,
Thy hand, O God! conducts unseen,
The beautiful vicissitude.

2 Thou givest with paternal care,

Howe'er unjustly we complain,

To all their necessary share

Of joy and sorrow, health and pain. 3 All things on earth, and all in heaven, On thine eternal will depend;

And all for greater good were given,
Would man pursue the appointed end.
4 Be this our care!-to all beside
Indifferent let our wishes be;

Passion be calm, and dead be pride,
And fix our souls, great God! on thee.



Dependence of all creatures on Providence.

1 O LORD of earth, and seas, and skies!
Thy wealth the needy world supplies;
All that is good thou wilt impart,
And all impending ill avert.

2 Supplied from thine unbounded store,
How much we owe,-yet need we more:
Still on that care our hopes depend,
Which will to every want extend.

3 What though alarms our peace invade?
Our refuge is beneath thy shade;
Our trust in thine almighty love
Bids every groundless fear remove.
4 Nor to the human race alone,
Is thy paternal goodness shown;
The tribes of earth, and sea, and air,
Partake the universal care.

5 Not e'en a sparrow yields its breath,
Till God permit the stroke of death:
He hears the ravens when they call,
The Father and the Friend of all.



The Vicissitudes of Providence. 1 THE gifts indulgent heaven bestows, Are variously conveyed;

The human mind, like nature, know
Alternate light and shade.

2 While changing aspect all things w
Can we expect to find

Unclouded sunshine all the year,

Or constant peace of mind?

3 More gaily smiles the blooming spring,
When wintry storms are o'er;
Retreating sorrow thus may bring
Delights unknown before.

4 Then, Christian! send thy fears away,
Nor sink in gloomy care;

Though clouds o'erspread the scene to-day, To-morrow may be fair.


C. M.


Universal Presence and Providence of God.
1 GREAT God, how vast is thine abode !
Mysterious are thy ways!
Unseen thy footsteps in the air,

And trackless in the seas.

2 Yet, the whole peopled world bespeaks
Thy being and thy power,
'Mid the resplendent blaze of day
And awful midnight hour.

3 Nor all the peopled world alone,
Rich fields and verdant plains,
But lonely wilds by man untrod,
Where silent horror reigns.

4 The howling wind, the beating rain,
The sea's tumultuous roar,
These in tremendous concert joined,
Proclaim thy boundless power.

5 Through all creation's widest range,
The hand of Heaven is near:
Where'er we wander in the world,
Lo! God is present there.

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Equity of the Divine Dispensations. 1 WHO, Gracious Father! shall complain Under thy mild and equal reign? Who does a weight of duty share, More than his aids and powers can bear? ith differing climes and differing lands, h fertile plains and barren sands,

Thy hand hath framed this earthly round,
And set each nation in its bound.

3 Varied alike, thy moral ray
Here sheds a full, there fainter day;
The God of all, unkind to none,
To all the path of life has shown.
4 O the abounding grace which brought
To us, the words by Jesus taught!
So blest and with such hopes inspired,
How much is given, how much required!


God no respecter of Persons.

1 WITH eye impartial, heaven's high King
Surveys each human tribe;

No earthly pomp thine eyes can charm,
Nor wealth thy favour bribe.

2 The rich and poor, of equal clay
Thy powerful hand did frame;
All souls are thine, and thee alike
Their common Parent claim.

3 Thou oft dost visit in thy love
The captive's lonely cell;
And with the penitent who mourns,
'Tis thy delight to dwell.

4 the downcast spirit to revive,
The sorrowful to cheer;

And from the bed of dust, to raise
The man of heart sincere.

5 With thee, dwells no relentless wrath
Against the human race:

The souls which thou hast formed shall find A refuge in thy grace.

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Revelation Welcomed.

1 HAIL, sacred truth! whose piercing rays
Dispel the shades of night;
Diffusing o'er the mental world,
The healing beams of light.

2 Jesus, thy word, with friendly aid,
Restores our wandering feet;
Converts the sorrows of the mind
To joys divinely sweet.

3 Oh! send thy light and truth abroad,
In all their radiant blaze;

And bid th' admiring world adore
The glories of thy grace.



Divine Authority of the Bible.

1 'TWAS by an order from the Lord, The ancient prophets spoke his word; His Spirit did their tongues inspire,

And warm'd their hearts with heavenly fire.
2 Great God! our eyes with pleasure look
On the dear volume of thy book;
There our Redeemer's face we see,
That died for us upon the tree.

3 Let the false raptures of the mind
Be lost and vanish in the wind;
Here we can fix our hope secure;
This is thy word-and inust endure.


Divine Teachings and their consequences. 1 BRIGHT Source of intellectual rays, Father of spirits and of grace,

O dart, with energy unknown, Celestial beamings from thy throne. 2 Thy sacred book we would survey, Enlightened with that heavenly day; And ask thy Spirit with the word, To teach our souls to know the Lord. 3 So shall our children learn the road That leads them to their father, God: And, formed by lessons so divine, Shall infant minds with knowledge shine. 4 So shall the haughtiest soul submit, With children placed at Jesus' feet; The rising swell of pride shall cease, And thy sweet voice be heard in peace.

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