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Christian Privileges and Obligations.
1 WHAT countless myriads draw their breath
In lands of ignorance and death,
While God allots our share of time,
Within his Gospel's favoured clime!
2 Shall we receive this grace in vain
Shall we our great vocation stain?"
Away, ye works in darkness wrought;
Away, each sensual, earthly thought!
3 Our souls! we charge you to excel
In thinking right and acting well;
Deep let our searching powers engage,
Unbiassed, in the sacred page.

4 Heighten the force of good desire,
To deeds of shining worth aspire;
More firm in fortitude, despise
The world's seducing vanities.

5 Strong and more strong our passions rule,
Advancing still in virtue's school;
Contending still, with noble strife,
To imitate our Saviour's life.


L. M.


Grace proclaimed.

1 COME, trembling souls, forget your fear,
For your eternal friend is near;
O bow your souls before his face,
And share in his redeeming grace.

2 Long time he's called your souls in vain,
And yet behold he calls again;

Once more in love he's come to try;
Say, sinners, will you live or die?

3 Though long you have his grace abus'd,
And all his calls of love refus'd,

Yet even now he will forgive,
O sinners, hear his voice and live.

4 Or will you crowd him from your door,
That he may never call you more?
Then think, O souls, how can you bear
To sink in death and long despair?

5 O sinners, hear, he calls again,
And do not linger on the plain;
Leave all, and fly to Jesus' arms,
And taste, O taste his heav'nly charms.



The Rich Provisions of the Gospel.
1 GREAT God, thy blessings are not few,
Nor is thy gospel weak;

Thy grace can melt the stubborn Jew,
And heal the dying Greek.

2 Wide as the reach of Satan's rage
Does thy salvation flow;

It's not confin'd to sex or age,
The lofty or the low.

3 While grace is offer'd to the prince,
The poor may take their share;
No mortal has a just pretence
To perish in despair.

4 Come, all ye wretched sinners, come,
He'll form your souls anew;
His gospel and his heart have room
For rebels such as you.

5 His doctrine is almighty love;
There's virtue in his name

To turn a raven to a dove,

The lion to a lamb.

6 O could we raise a song of praise, Half equal to his love,


The heav'ns would ring while we should Through all the courts above.



1 ON Zion his most holy mount,
God will a feast prepare;
And Israel's sons, and Gentile lands,
Shall in the banquet share.

2 Marrow and fatness are the food
His bounteous hand bestows;
Wine on the lees and well refin'd,
In rich abundance flows.

? See to the vilest of the vile,

A free acceptance given;

See rebels, by adopting grace,
Sit with the heirs of heav'n.

4 The pain'd, the sick, the dying now,
To ease and health restor'd,
With eager appetites partake
The plenties of the board.

5 But O what draughts of bliss unknown,
What dainties shall be given,
When with the myriads round the throne,
We join the feast of heav'n.

6 There joys immeasurably high,
Shall overflow the soul,

And springs of life that never dry,
In thousand channels roll.



The Jubilee.

1 WHAT heavenly music do we hear?
Salvation sounding free!

Ye souls in bondage, lend an ear,
This is the Jubilee.

2 How sweetly do the tidings roll,
All round from sea to sea,

From land to land, from pole to pole;
This is the Jubilee.

3 Good news, good news to Adam's race,
Let Christians all agree,

To sing redeeming love and grace;
This is the Jubilee,

4 The gospel sounds a sweet release
To all in misery,

And bids them welcome home to peace;
This is the Jubilee.

5 Jesus is on the mercy-seat,

Before him bend the knee;

Let heav'n and earth his praise repeat,
This is the Jubilee.

6 Sinners, be wise, return, and come
Unto the Saviour free;

The Spirit bids you welcome home,
This is the Jubilee.

7 Come, ye redeem'd, your tribute bring,
With songs of harmony;

While on the road to glory sing,
This is the Jubilee.





Prepare ye the way of the Lord.

1 A VOICE from the desert comes awful and shrill;

The Lord is advancing! prepare ye the way!
The word of Jehovah he comes to fulfil,
And o'er the dark world pour the splendour
of day.

2 Bring down the proud mountain, though towering to heaven,

And be the low valley exalted on high: The rough path and crooked be made smooth and even,

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For, Zion! your King, your Redeemer is nigh. 3 The beams of salvation his progress illume; The lone drearywilderness sings of her Lord; The rose and the myrtle there suddenly bloom And the olive of peace spreads its branches abroad.


L. M.

Nativity of Christ.

1 WAKE, O my soul, and hail the morn,
For unto us a Saviour 's born;

See, how the angels wing their way,
To usher in the glorious day!

2 Hark! what sweet music-what a song-
Sounds from the bright, celestial throng!
Sweet song-whose melting sounds impart
Joy to each raptured, listening heart.

3 Come, join the angels in the sky,
Glory to God, who reigns on high
Let peace and love on earth abound,
While time revolves and years roll round.



1 MORTALS, awake, with angels join,
And chant the solemn lay;

Joy, love, and gratitude, combine
To hail th' auspicious day.

2 In heav'n the rapt'rous song began,
And sweet seraphic fire
Through all the shining legions ran,
And strung and tun'd the lyre.

3 Swift through the vast expanse it flew,
And loud the echo roll'd;

The theme, the song, the joy, was new,
'Twas more than heav'n could hold.

4 Hark! the cherubic armies shout,
And glory leads the song;

Good will and peace are heard throughout
Th' harmonious heav'nly throng.

5 Hail Prince of Life! for ever hail,
Redeemer, brother, friend!

Though earth, and time, and life should fall,
Thy praise shall never end.


8s & 7s. CAYWOOD.

1 HARK!-what mean those holy voices, Sweetly sounding through the skies? Lo! the angelic host rejoices;

Heavenly hallelujahs rise.

2 Hear them tell the wondrous story, Hear them chant in hymns of joy, "Glory in the highest-glory!

Glory be to God most high!

3 Peace on earth-good-will from heaven,
Reaching far as man is found."
"Souls redeemed, and sins forgiven"-
Loud our golden harps shall sound.

4 Christ is born, the great Anointed;
Heaven and earth his praises sing!
Oh receive whom God appointed.
For your Prophet, Priest, and King
5 Haste, ye mortals, to adore him;
Learn his name-and taste his jo

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