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Till in heaven ye sing before him,
Glory be to God most high!


S. M.


1 BEHOLD! the grace appears,
The blessing promised long;
Angels announce the Saviour near,
In this triumphant song:

2 "Glory to God on high,

And heavenly peace on earth; Good-will to men-to angels joy, At the Redeemer's birth!"

3 In worship so divine

Let men employ their tongues; With the celestial host we join, And loud repeat their songs

4 "Glory to God on high,

And heavenly peace on earth; Good-will to men-to angels joy, At our Redeemer's birth!"


S. M.


1 WE come with joyful song,
To hail this happy morn:

Glad tidings from an angel's tongue,
"This day is Jesus born!"

2 What transports doth his name
To sinful men afford!

His glorious titles we proclaim-
A Saviour-Christ-the Lord!

3 Glory to God on high,

All hail the happy morn:

We join the anthems of the sky-
And sing "The Saviour's born!"



1 HARK! the glad sound! the Saviour comes, The Saviour proinised long!

Let every heart prepare a throne,
And every voice a song.

2 He comes the prisoner to release,
In Satan's bondage held:

The gates of brass before him burst,'
The iron fetters yield.

3 He comes-from thickest films of vice
To clear the mental ray;

And on the eyes oppressed with night-
To pour celestial day.

4 He comes the broken heart to bind,
The bleeding soul to cure;
And, with the treasures of his grace,
T'enrich the humble poor.



1 HARK! what celestial sounds,
What music fills the air!
Soft warbling to the morn,
It strikes the ravished ear:

Now all is still,
Now wild it floats

In tuneful notes,
Loud, sweet, and shrill,

2 Th' angelic hosts descend,

With harmony divine:

See how from heaven they bend
And in full chorus join.

Fear not, say they, Jesus, your king
Great joy we bring: Is born to-day.

3 He comes, your souls to save
From death's eternal gloom;
To realms of bliss and light
He lifts you from the tomb.

Your voices raise,

With sons of light,

Your songs unite
Of endless praise.

Glory to God on high!

Ye mortals, spread the sound,
And let your raptures fly
To earth's remotest bound.

For peace on earth,

To man is given,
From God in heaven, At Jesus' birth.
1 BEHOLD my servant; see him rise
Exalted in my might!

Him have I chosen, and in him
I place supreme delight.

2 On him, in rich effusion poured,
My Spirit shall descend;

My truths and judgment he shall show
To earth's remotest end.

3 Gentle and still shall be his voice;
No threats from him proceed;
The smoking flax shall he not quench,
Nor break the bruised reed.

4 The feeble spark to flames he 'll raise;
The weak will not despise;

Judgment he shall bring forth to truth,
And make the fallen rise.

5 The progress of his zeal and power
Shall never know decline,

Till foreign lands and distant isles
Receive the law divine.



The Baptism of Jesus.

1 SEE from on high a light divine
On Jesus' head descend;

And hear the sacred voice of heaven,
That bids us all attend.

2 "This is my well-beloved Son,"
Proclaimed the voice divine;
"Hear him," his heavenly Father said,
"For all his words are mine."

3 His mission thus confirmed from heaven, The great Messiah came,

And heavenly wisdom taught to man,
In God his Father's name.

4 The path of heavenly peace he showed,
That leads to bliss on high,
Where all his faithful followers here,
Shall live, no more to die.

may we then who own him Lord,

his loved name profess,

our words and actions prove

we his mind possess !



Divine Glory displayed in Christ. 1 NOW to the Lord a noble song! Awake, each soul-awake, each tongue; Hosanna to th' eternal name,

And all his boundless love proclaim. 2 See where it shines in Jesus' face, The brightest image of his grace; God, in the person of his Son,

Has all his mightiest works outdone. 3 Grace! 'tis a sweet, a charming themeOur thougnts rejoice at Jesus' name! Ye angels, dwell upon the sound; Ye heavens, reflect it to the ground! 4 Oh! may we reach that happy place Where he unveils his lovely face! Where all his beauties to behold, And sing his name with harps of gold!



Glorying in Christ.

1 IS there on earth a nobler name
Than Jesus to be found?

Who can assert a higher claim,
Or more with truth abound?

2 The Son of God, adorned with grace
Commissioned from above,

He bears to our rebellious race
The messages of love.

3 How noble were the truths he taught
How pure the life he led!

And shall another Lord be sought,
And we disown our Head?

4 Ashamed of Jesus! shall we let
Our heavenly prospects go?
And, madly, at defiance set
The threats of future wo!

5 Forbid it, Lord! nor let us yield
To this unworthy shame;

But each, with holy courage filled,
Rejoice in Jesus' name.



Character of Christ.

1 WITH warm delight and grateful jɔy Let all our best affections move,

When we on Christ our thoughts employ,On him, whom, though unseen, we love. 2 How bright a pattern, and how pure, Hath he in all things kindly given, To make our path of duty sure,

And guide our wandering steps to heaven! 3 What constancy, what pious zeal, To do his heavenly Father's will, His law and mercy to reveal, And his all-gracious plans fulfil! 4 In all, with gratitude we view The steady purpose of his soul, Our wordly passions to subdue, And all the powers of sin control. 5 Father of all! his God and ours! Accept the humble, joyful praise, Which, with our souls' united powers, For thy rich grace, through him, we raise.



God's Miracles in Christ.

1 BEHOLD the blind their sight receive! Behold the dead awake and live!

The dumb speak wonders! and the lame
Leap like the hart, and bless his name.
2 Thus doth the eternal Father own
And seal the mission of his Son;
This power vindicates his cause,
While he hangs bleeding on the cross.

3 He dies! the heavens in mourning stood;
He rises! and appears with God:
Behold the Lord ascending high,
No more to bleed, no more to die!
4 Hence and for ever from each heart
We bid our doubts and fears depart;
And to those hands our souls resign,
Which bear credentials so divine.

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