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5 'Midst rising winds and beating storms, Reclining on thy breast,

We find in thee a hiding-place,
And here securely rest.



Head of the Church.

1 JESUS, we sing thy matchless grace,
That calls a worm thine own;
Give us among thy saints a place
To make thy glories known.

2 Allied to thee, our vital head,

We live, and grow, and thrive;
From thee divided, each is dead,
When most he seems alive.

3 Thy saints on earth, and those above,
Here join in sweet accord;
One body all in mutual love,

And thou our common Lord.

4 O, may our faith each hour derive,
Thy spirit with delight;

While death and hell in vain shall strive
This bond to disunite.

5 Thou the whole body will present
Before the Father's face;
Nor shall a wrinkle or a spot
Its beauteous form disgrace.



High Priest.

1 WITH joy we meditate the grace
Of our High Priest above;
His heart is made of tenderness,
His bowels melt with love.

2 Touched with a sympathy within,
He knows our feeble frame;
He knows what sore temptations mean,
For he has felt the same.

3 He, in the days of feeble flesh,
Poured out his cries and tears,
And in his measure feels afresh
What every member bears.

4 Then let our humble faith address
His mercy and his power;
We shall obtain delivering grace
In each distressing hour.

[blocks in formation]

1 THOU, Lord, by mortal eyes unseen, And by thine offspring here unknown, To manifest thyself to men,

Hast set thine image in thy Son.

2 As the bright sun's meridian blaze
O'erwhelms and pains our feeble sight,
But cheers us with his softer rays
When shining with reflected light,-
3 So in thy Son, thy power divine,
Thy wisdom, justice, truth and love,
With mild and pleasing lustre shine,
Reflected from thy throne above.

4 Though Jews who granted not his claim,
Contemptuous turned away their face;
Yet those who trusted in his name,
Beheld in him thy truth and grace.
5 O Thou! at whose almighty word,
Fair light at first from darkness shone,
Teach us to know our glorious Lord,
And trace the Father in the Son.

6 While we thine image there displayed,
With love and admiration view,
Form us in likeness to our head,
That we may bear thine image too.

[blocks in formation]


King of Saints.

1 LISTEN, ye mortals, whilst we sing,
The glories of our heavenly King;
With transport dwell upon his name,
To distant nations spread his fame.

2 Jesus our Lord, divinely fair,
No seraph can with him compare;
Nor saints below, nor saints above,
Can equal his stupendous love.

3 He loved us first, he loves us still,
Subdued our souls, inclined our will,
Taught us to choose the better part,
And stamped his image on each heart.
4 With steady feet we still would tread,
The path in which he deigns to lead;
His life transcribe and make our own,
'Till all his will in us be done.

5 But oh, how oft we step aside,
How apt to stray without a guide!
Fix us, dear Lord, and let us be
Afraid of sin, and true to thee.







[blocks in formation]

Light of the World.

BEHOLD the Prince of Peace
The chosen of the Lord,

God's well-beloved Son, fulfils

The sure prophetic word.

No royal pomp adorns

This King of Righteousness:

Meekness and patience, truth and love
Compose his princely dress.

The Spirit of the Lord,

In rich abundance shed,

On this great prophet gently lights,
And rests upon his head.

Jesus, the light of men!

His doctrine life imparts;

O may we feel its quickening power
To warm and glad our hearts!

Cheered by its beams, our souls
Shall run the heavenly way:

The path which Christ has marked and trod,
Will lead to endless day.


[blocks in formation]

The Way, Truth, and Life.

1 THOU art the WAY to thee alone
From sin and death we flee;
And he who would the Father seek,
Must seek him, Lord, by thee.

2 Thou art the TRUTH-thy word alone
True wisdom can impart;

Thou only canst inform the mind,
And purify the heart.

3 Thou art the LIFE-the rending tomb
Proclaims thy conquering arm,
And those who put their trust in thee
Nor death, nor hell shall harm.

4 Thou art the way-the truth-the life; Grant us that way to know,

That truth to keep that life to win,
Whose joys eternal flow.



Life of his People.

1 OH what a treasure all divine
Is hid in Christ the Lord!
From him what rays of glory shine,
What peace his paths afford.

2 In him our light and life are found,
Though we were dead before;
And now he makes our joys abound,
Who all our sorrows bore.

3 When sore distressed, he to our aid,
On rapid pinions flies;

And to the wounds which sin has made,
A healing balm applies.

4 'Tis from his fulness we receive,
And daily, grace for grace;
That to his glory we may live,
And see him face to face.



Lamb of God.

1 BEHOLD the glories of the Lamb,
Amid his Father's throne;
Prepare new honours for his name,
And songs before unknown.

2 Let elders worship at his feet,
The church adore around,
With vials full of odours sweet,
And harps of sweeter sound.

Those are the prayers of all the saints,
And these the hymns they raise:
Jesus is kind to our complaints,
He loves to hear our praise.

Thou hast redeemed our souls with blood,
Hast set the prisoners free,

Hast made us kings and priests to God,
And we shall reign with thee.

5 Now to the Lamb that once was slain,
Be endless blessings paid;
Salvation, glory, joy, remain
For ever on his head.


C. M.


Lord of All.

1 ALL hail the great Immanuel's name!
Let angels prostrate fall:
Bring forth the royal diadem,

And crown him Lord of all.

2 Crown him, ye martyrs of our Gcl
Who from his altar call;
Praise him who shed for you his blood,
And crown him Lord of all.

3 Ye chosen seed of Israel's race,
A remnant week and small,
Hail him who saves you by his grace,
And crown him Lord of all.

4 Ye Gentile sinners, ne'er forget
The wormwood and the gall;
Go spread your trophies at his feet,
And crown him Lord of all.

5 Let every kindred-every tribe,
On this terrestrial ball,
To him all majesty_ascribe,

And crown him Lord of all.

6 Oh! that with yonder sacred throng,
We at his feet may fall;

And join the everlasting song,
And crown him Lord of all.


8s 7s & 4s. KELLY.

1 LOOK! ye saints-the sight is glorious; See the man of sorrows now,

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