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190. 78. ANONYMOUS.

Star of Bethlehem.
I SONS of men, behold from far,

Hail the long-expected star!
Star of truth that gilds the night,

And guides bewildered men aright. 2 Mild it shines on all beneath,

Piercing through the shades of death;
Scattering error's wide-spread night;

Kindling darkness into light. 3 Nations all, remote and near,

Haste to see your Lord appear;
Haste, for him your hearts prepare,

Meet him manifested there!
4 There behold the day-spring rise,

Pouring light on mortal eyes;
See it chase the shades away,

Shining to the perfect day!
191. L. M. H. K. WHITE.
I WHEN marshall'd on the mighty plain,

The glittering host bestud the sky; One star alone, of all the train,

Can fix the sinner's wandering eye. 2 Hark! hark! to God the chorus breaks,

From every host, from every gem; But one alone the Saviour speaks,

It is the star of Bethlehem. 3 Once on the raging seas we rode,

The storm was loud--the night was dark, The ocean yawn'd-and rudely blow'd

The wind that toss'd our foundering bark. 4 Deep horror then our vitals froze,

Death-struck, we ceas'd the tide to stem; When suddenly a star arose,

It was the star of Bethlehem. 5 It was our guide, our light, our all,

It bade our dark forebodings cease; And through the storm, and danger's thrali,

It led us to the port of peace. 6 Now safely moor’d-our perils o'er,

We'll sing, first in night's diadem,

For ever and for evermore,

The Star ! The Star of Bethlehem! 192. S. M. BEDDOME.

1 JESUS, we bless thy name,

Thou teacher sent from heaven;
How sweet, how infinitely sweet,

The lessons thou hast given !
2 When storms and tempests rise,

Thy word creates a calm ;
Where sin its mortal wounds has made,

It proves a healing balm. 3 Never did angels' tongue

So charm the human ear,
So animate the trembling soul,

And chase away its fear.
4 When plunged in deep distress,

This eased the killing pain;
And what before had this effect,

We long to hear again. 193.


Hosanna to the Son of David.
1 WHAT are those soul-reviving strains,

Which echo thus from Salem's plains ?
What anthems loud, and louder still,

So sweetly sound from Zion's hill 3 2 Lo! 'tis an infant chorus sings,

Hosanna to the King of kings :
The Saviour comes and babes proclaim

Salvation, sent in Jesus' name.
3 Nor these alone their voice shall raise,

For we will join this song of praise;
Still Israel's children forward press

To hail the Lord their righteousness. 4 Messiah's name shall joy impart

Alike to Jew and Gentile heart:
He bled for us-he bled for you,

And we will sing hosanna too.
5 Proclaim hogannas loud and clear;

See David's Son and Lord appear!

All praise on earth to him be given,

And glory shout through highest heaven!
194. 148th. Warts.
1 HOSANNA to the King

Of David's ancient blood;
Behold he's come to bring

Forgiving grace from God :
Let old and young attend his way,

And at his feet their honours lay. 2 Glory to God on high,

Salvation to the Lamb ;
Let earth, and sea, and sky,
His wond'rous love proclaim :
Upon his head shall honours rest,
And ev'ry age pronounce him blest.


195. L. M. WATTS.

The broad and narrow Ways.
1 BROAD is the road that leads to death,

And thousands walk together there;
But wisdom shows a narrow path,

With here and there a traveller. 2 “Deny thyself, and take thy cross,

Is the Redeemer's great command;
Nature must count her gold but dross,

If she would gain this heavenly land. 3 The fearful soul, that tires and faints,

And walks the ways of God no more,
Is but esteemed almost a saint,

And makes his own destruction sure. 4 Lord, let not all our hopes be vain;

Create our hearts entirely new;
Which hypocrites could ne'er attain;

Which false apostates never knew. 196. C. M. WATTS. 1 STRAIGHT is the way-the door is straight,

That leads to joys on high :
'Tis but a few that find the gate,

While crowds mistake and die.


2 Beloved self must be denied,

The mind and will renewed,
Passion suppressed—and patience tried,

And yain desires subdued.
3 Lord, can a feeble, helpless worm

Fulfil a task so hard
Thy grace must all the work perform,

And give the free reward. 197. L. M. PRATT'S COLL.

Danger of rejecting Christ. 1 HARK! from the cross a voice of

peace Bids Sinai's awful thunders cease! Sinner! that voice of love obey,

From Christ, the true, the living way. 2 How else his presence wilt thou bear,

When he in judgment shall appear ?
When slighted love to wrath shall turn,

And all the earth like Sinai burn?
3 Now from the cross a voice of peace

Bids Sinai's awful thunder cease-
O sinner, while 'tis called to-day,

That voice of saving love obey. 198. S. M. PRATT'S COLL.

The way of Sin not the way to Heaven. I CAN sinners hope for heaven,

Who love this world so well ? Or dream of future happiness,

While on the road to hell? 2 Can sin's deceitful way

Conduct to Zion's hill ?
Or those expect with God to reign

Who disregard his will ? 3 Shall they hosannas sing,

With an unhallowed tongue ? Shall palms adorn the guilty hand

Which does its neighbour wrong? À Thy grace, O God, alone,

Good hopes can e'er afford !

pardoned and renewed shall see
The glory of the Lord.


The one Thing Needful. 1 WHY will you waste on trifling cares

That life which God's compassion spares? While, in the various range of thought,

The one thing needful is forgot? 2 Shall God invite you from above?

Shall Jesus urge his dying love ?
Shall troubled conscience give you pain ?

And all these pleas unite in vain ? 3 Not so your eyes will always view

Those objects which you now pursue:
Not so will heaven and hell appear,

When death's decisive hour draws near. 4 Almighty God! thy grace impart;

Fix deep conviction on each heart:
Nor let us waste on trifing cares

That life which thy compassion spares. 200. 8s 7 & 4s. REED. I HEAR, O sinner !--mercy hails you,

Now with sweetest voice she calls; Bids you haste to seek the Saviour, Ere the hand of justice falls ;

Hear, O Sinner ! 'Tis the voice of mercy calls. 2 See! the storm of vengeance gathering

O'er the path you dare to tread;
Hark! the awful thunder 's rolling
Loud, and louder o'er your head;

Turn, O sinner!
Lest the lightnings strike you dead.
3 Haste ! O sinner! to the Saviour,

Seek his mercy while you may;
Soon the day of grace is over;
Soon your life will pass away;

Haste, O sinner !
You must perrish--if you stay.

The strong persuasion of Grace. 1 O SINNERS, fly to Jesus' arms,

Enjoy his everlasting charms!

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