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3 To thee, O our unerring Guide!
We would ourselves resign;
In all our ways acknowledge thee,
And form our will to thine.



1 AUTHOR of good-to thee we turn:
Thine ever-wakeful eye

Alone can all our wants discern-
Thy hand alone supply.

2 Oh let thy love within us dwell,
Thy fear our footsteps guide;
That love shall vainer love expel,
That fear all fears beside.

3 Not what we wish-but what we want, Let mercy still supply:

The good we ask not, Father, grant→→→
The ill we ask-deny.



Imploring the constant Presence of God.
1 WHEN Israel, of the Lord beloved,
Out from the land of bondage came,
Her father's God before her moved,
An awful guide in smoke and flame.
2 By day, along the astonished lands
The cloudy pillar glided slow;
By night, Arabia's crimsoned sands
Returned the fiery column's glow.

3 Thus present still, though now unseen,
When brightly shines the prosperous day,
Be thoughts of thee a cloudy screen,
To temper the deceitful ray!

4 And O, when gathers on our path
In shade and storm the frequent night,
Be thou, long suffering, slow to wrath,
A burning and a shining light!



For General Mercies.

1 FATHER of all our mercies,-thou, In whom we move and live,

Hear us in heaven, thy dwelling, now,
And answer, and forgive.

2 When harassed by ten thousand foes,
Our helplessness we feel,
O give the weary souls repose,
Our wounded spirits heal.

3 When dire temptations gather round,
And threaten or allure,

By storm or calm, in thee is found
A refuge strong and sure.

4 When age advances, may we grow
In faith, in hope, and love;

And walk in holiness below

To holiness above.

5 When earthly joys and cares depart,
Desire and envy cease,

Be thou the portion of each heart,
In thee may we have peace.



Divine Aid Implored.

1 THINE influence, mighty God! is felt, Through nature's ample round;

In heaven, on earth, through air, and skies, Thy energy is found.

2 Thy sacred influence, Lord! we need
To form our hearts anew;

O cleanse our souls from every sin,
And thy salvation show!

3 Father of light! thine aid impart
To guide our doubtful way;
Thy truth shall scatter every cloud,
And make a glorious day.

4 Supported by thy heavenly grace,
We'll do and bear thy will;

That grace shall make each burden light,
every murmur still.

5 Cheer'd by thy smiles, we'll fearless tread The gloomy path of death;

And with the hopes of endless bliss,
To thee resign our breath.



Divine Light and Guidance Implored.

1 THOU Source of uncreated light!

By whom the worlds were raised from night,
Come, visit every pious mind;

Come, pour thy joys on human kind.
2 Plenteous in grace, descend from high,
Rich in thy matchless energy;

From sin and sorrow set us free,
And make us temples worthy thee.
3 Chase from our path each noxious foe,
And peace, the fruit of love, bestow;
And, lest our feet should step astray,
Protect and guide us in our way.



Steadfastness and Watchfulness Implored. 1 GREAT God! our Father and our Friend, On whom we cast our constant care, On whom for all things we depend! To thee we raise our humble prayer. 2 Endue us with a holy fear;

The frailty of our hearts reveal;
Sin and its snares are always near,
Thee may we always nearer feel.
3 0 that to thee the constant mind,
May with a steady flame aspire;
Pride in its earliest motions find,
And check the rise of wrong desire!
4 0 that our watchful souls may fly
The first perceived approach of sin;
Look up to thee when danger's nigh,
And feel thy fear control within!

5 Search, gracious God! each inmost heart; From guilt and error set us free;

Thy light and truth and peace impart,
And guide us safe to heaven and thee.



Wisdom and Virtue sought from God.

1 SUPREME and universal light! Fountain of reason! judge of right!

Parent of good! whose blessings flow
On all above, and all below:

2 Assist us, Lord! to act, to be,
What nature and thy laws decree;
Worthy that intellectual flame,
Which from thy breathing spirit came.
3 No slave to profit, shame, or fear,
O may our steadfast bosoms bear
The stamp of heaven, an upright heart,
Above the mean disguise of art!

4 May our expanded souls disclaim
The narrow view, the selfish aim;
But with a Christian zeal embrace
Whate'er is friendly to our race.

5 O Father! grace and virtue grant;
No more we wish, no more we want:
To know, to serve thee, and to love,
Is peace below,-is bliss above.



Lord, remember me.

1 O THOU, from whom all goodness flows, I lift my soul to thee;

In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes,
Good Lord, remember me.

2 When on my aching burdened heart
My sins lie heavily,

Thy pardon grant, new peace impart:
Good Lord, remember me.

3 When trials sore obstruct my way
And ills I cannot flee,

O let my strength be as my day:
Good Lord, remember me.

4 When worn with pain, disease, and grief, This feeble body see;

Grant patience, rest, and kind relief;
Good Lord, remember me.

5 When in the solemn hour of death
I wait thy just decree,

Be this the prayer of my last breath,
Good Lord, remember me.

276. L. M. CHRISTIAN PSALMIST. For the continued Help of God.

1 BE with us, Lord, where'er we go;
Teach us what thou wouldst have us do;
Suggest whate'er we think or say;
Direct us in thy narrow way.

2 Prevent us, lest we harbour pride,
Lest we in our own strength confide;
Show us our weakness, let us see
We have our power, our all from thee.
3 Enrich us alway with thy love;
Our kind protection ever prove;
Thy signet put upon each breast,
And let thy spirit on us rest.

4 Assist and teach us how to pray;
Incline our natures to obey;
What thou abhorrest let us flee,
And only love what pleases thee.
5 0 may we never do our will,
But thine and only thine fulfil;
Let all our time, and all our ways
Be spent and ended to thy praise.


Solomon's prayer for Wisdom.

1 ALMIGHTY God, in humble prayer
To thee our souls we lift;

Do thou our waiting minds prepare
For thy most needful gift.

2 We ask not golden streams of wealth
Along our path to flow;
We ask not undecaying health,
Nor length of years below.

3 We ask not honours, which an hour
May bring and take away;

We ask not pleasure, pomp and power,
Lest we should go astray.

4 We ask for wisdom :-Lord, impart
The knowledge how to live;
A wise and understanding heart
To all before thee give.

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