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5 The young remember thee in youth.
Before the evil days!

The old be guided by thy truth
In wisdom's pleasant ways



To be made perfect in love.

10 THAT my heart was right with thee,
And loved thee with a perfect love;
O that my Lord would dwell in me.
And never from his seat remove!
2 Father, I dwell in mournful night,
Till thou dost in my heart appear;
Arise, propitious sun! and light
An everlasting morning there.
3 0 let my prayer acceptance find,
And bring the mighty blessing down
Eye-sight impart, for I am blind;
And seal me thine adopted son.



Choosing the better part.

1 BLEST with snares on every hand,
In life's uncertain path we stand:
Father divine! diffuse thy light,
To guide our doubtful footsteps right.
2 Engage each roving, treacherous heart,
Wisely to choose the better part;
To scorn the trifles of a day,
For joys that none can take away.
3 Then let the wildest storms arise;
Let tempests mingle earth and skies;
No fatal shipwreck shall we fear,
But all our treasures with us bear.
4 If thou, our Father, still be nigh,
Cheerful we live, and joyful die;
Secure, when mortal comforts flee,
To find ten thousand words in thee.



For Guidance and Protection. 1 GOD of our fathers! by whose hand Thy people still are blessed,

Be with us through our pilgrimage,
Conduct us to our rest.

2 Through each perplexing path of life
Our wandering footsteps guide:
Give us each day our daily bread,
And raiment fit provide.

4 O spread thy sheltering wings around,
Till all our wanderings cease,
And at our Father's loved abode
Our souls arrive in peace.

4 Such blessings from thy gracious hand
Our humble prayers implore;

And thou, O Lord, shalt be our God,
And portion evermore.


L. M.


The Cup of Affliction.

1 IS this unpleasing cup now given
By thee, our Father, Lord of heaven?
O let us then in silence stand,
And meekly take it at thy hand.

2 If thou wilt help us to believe
We can this bitter draught receive;
Though mix'd with wormwood and with gall,
Our souls in faith can drink it all.

3 Thou know'st we are but feeble dust,
Too apt thy goodness to distrust;
But let not darkness veil our mind,
Let us not think our God unkind.
4 Still, Saviour, let us see thy face,
And rest our souls in thine embrace;
Send down fresh cordials from above,
And mix this wo with signs of love.



S. M. RoscOE.
Song of Adoration.

1 LET one loud song of praise arise

To God, whose goodness ceaseless flows; Who dwells enthroned above the skies, And life and breath on all bestows.

2 Let all of good this bosom fires,
To him, sole good, give praises due;
Let all the truth himself inspires,
Unite to sing him only true.
3 In ardent adoration joined,
Obedient to thy holy will,
Let all our faculties combined,

Thy just commands, O God! fulfil.
4 O! may the solemn-breathing sound
Like incense rise before thy throne,
Where thou, whose glory knows no bound,
Great Cause of all things, dwell'st alone.


Praise the peculiar Duty of Man.

1 LORD of the world's majestic frame !
Stupendous are thy ways;

Thy various works declare thy name,
And all resound thy praise.

2 Those mighty orbs proclaim thy power,
Whose motions speak thy skill;
And on the wings of every hour,
We read thy glory still.

3 And while these radiant globes of light,
That shine from pole to pole,

In silent harmony unite

To praise thee as they roll;

4 Oh! shall not we of human race,
The glorious concert join?
Shall not the children of thy grace
Attempt the theme divine?

5 Yes, this shall be our best employ
Through life's uncertain days:
Till in the realms of boundless joy,
We join in loftier praise.

284. C. M. Liv. OLD. COLL.

Devout Contemplation of the Creation.

LOOK round, O man! survey this globe;

Speak of creating power;

nature gives a different robe

every herb and flower.

2 See various beings fill the air,
And people earth and sea;

What grateful changes form the year!
How constant night and day!

3 Next raise thine eye; th' expanse above
A power unbounded shows;
See round the sun the planets move,
And various worlds compose.
4 Then turn into thyself, O man!
With wonder view thy soul;
Confess his power who laid each plan,
And still directs the whole.

5 And let obedience to his laws
Thy gratitude proclaim,

To him the first, almighty cause,-
JEHOVAH is his name.



Ascription of Praise.

1 BLEST be our everlasting Lord,
Our Father, God and King!
Thy sovereign goodness we record,
Thy glorious power we sing.

2 By thee the victory is given;
The majesty divine,


And strength and might, and earth and hea

And all therein is thine.

3 The kingdom, Lord, is thine alone,

Who dost thy right maintain,
And high on thy eternal throne
O'er men and angels reign.

4 Riches, as seemeth good to thee,
Thou dost and honour give;
And kings their power and dignity
Out of thy hand receive.

5 Thou hast on us the grace bestowed
Thy greatness to proclaim;

And therefore now we thank our God,
And praise thy glorious name.



Praise to the Lord of Nature.

1 O THOU! through all thy works adored, Great power supreme, almighty Lord!

Author of life, whose sovereign sway
Creatures of every tribe obey!

2 To thee, most high, to thee belong
The suppliant prayer, the joyful song;
To thee we will attune our voice,
And in thy wondrous works rejoice.
3 Planets, those wandering worlds above,
Guided by thee, incessant move;
Suns, kindled by a ray divine,

In honour of their Maker shine.

4 From thee proceed heaven's varied store, The changing wind, the fruitful shower, The flying cloud, the colored bow, The moulded hail, the feathered snow. 5 Tempests obey thy mighty will; Thine awful mandate to fulfil,

The forked lightnings dart around, And rive the oak, and blast the ground. 6 Yet pleased to bless, kind to supply, Thy hand supports thy family,

And fosters, with a parent's care, The tribes of earth, and sea, and air. 287. C. M. HEGINBOTHAM.

Praising God in all Changes.

1 FATHER of mercies, God of love,
Our Father and our God;

We'll sing the honours of thy name,
And spread thy praise abroad.

2 In every period of our lives

Thy thoughts of love appear; Thy mercies gild each transient scene, And crown each lengthening year.

3 In all these mercies may our souls
A father's bounty see;

Nor let the gifts thy grace bestows
Estrange our hearts from thee.

4 Teach us in time of deep distress
To own thy hand, O God!
And in submissive silence bear
The lessons of thy rod.

ry changing state of life,
bright, each gloomy scene,

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