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5 Borne upon the latest breath,

Songs of praise shall conquer death ;
Then amidst eternal joy,

Songs of praise their powers employ. 294. C. M. HEGINBOTHAM.

Praising, God in Life and Death. 1 OUR souls shall praise thee, O our God !

Through all our mortal days; And to eternity prolong

Thy vast, thy boundless praise. 2 In each bright hour of peace and hope,

Be this our sweet employ: Devotion heightens all our bliss,

And sanctifies our joy.
3 When gloomy care or keen distress

Invades our throbbing breast,
Our tongues shall learn to speak thy praise,

And sooth our pains to rest.
4 Nor shall our tongues alone proclaim

The honours of our God.
Our lives, with all our active powers,

Shall spread thy praise abroad.
5 And though these lips shall cease to move,

Though death shall close these eyes, Yet shall our souls to nobler heights

Of joy and transport rise.
6 Then shall our powers in endless strains

Their grateful tribute pay:
The theme demands an angel's tongue,

And an eternal day.



1 BEHOLD! what wondrous grace

The Father has bestowed
sinners of a mortal race,
call them sons of God!

urprising thing, e should be unknown ;

The Jewish world knew not their King,

God's everlasting Son. 3 Nor doth it yet appear

How great we must be made:
But when we see our Saviour here,

We shall be like our Head. 4 A hope so much divine

May trials well endure; May purge our souls from sense and sin,

As Christ, the Lord, is pure. 5 If in our Father's love

We share a filial part,
Send down thy Spirit like a dove,

To rest upon each heart. 6 We would no longer lie

Like slaves beneath the throne;
Our faith shall Abba, Father, cry,

And thou the kindred own. 296. S. M. DODDRIDGE.

Vital union with Christ. 1 DEAR Saviour, we are thine

By everlasting bonds :
Our hearts, our souls we would resign,

Entirely to thy hands.
2 To thee we still would cleave

With ever-growing zeal;
If millions tempt us Christ to leave,

Oh let them ne'er prevail. 3 Thy Spirit shall unite

Our souls to thee, our head;
Shall form us to thine image bright,

And teach thy paths to tread. 4 Death may our souls divide

From these abodes of clay;
But love shall keep us near thy side,

Through all the gloomy way. 5 Since Christ and we are one,

Why should we doubt or fear;
If he in heaven hath fixed his thi

He'll fix his members there.

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297. S. M. FAWCETT.

Christian Fellowship. 1 BLEST is the tie that binds

Our hearts in Christian love!
The fellowship of kindred minds

Is like to that above.
2 Before our Father's throne

We pour our ardent prayers;
Our fears, our hopes, our aims, are one

Our comforts and our cares. 3 We share our mutual woes,

Our mutual burdens bear; And often for each other flows

The sympathizing tear.
4 When we are called to part,

It gives us mutual pain;
But we shall still be joined in heart,

And hope to meet again. 5 This glorious hope revives

Our courage by the way; While each in expectation lives,

And longs to see the day. 6 From sorrow, toil, and pain,

From sin we shall be free; And perfect love and friendship reign

In vast eternity. 298. C. M. EXETER. COLL. 1 WITH pure delight the bosom glows,

Where love to God resides; And blessed, and blessing, is his heart,

Where charity abides.
2 Prompted by love, to misery's call

He never shuts his ear;
And, o'er the sorrows others feel,

Oft sheds the silent tear.
3 Doth virtue in distress appear?

Doth grief the heart invade? Doth humble poverty complain,

And seek his friendly aid ? 4 Benevolence his bosom warms,

And love his actions guides;

A friend in him the poor man finds;

In him the heart confides.
From him, the sweet rewards of love

On earth, are kept in store;
And God will be his constant friend,

His portion everinore.
299. C. M. CENNICK.
1 BLEST is the dear, uniting love,
That will not let us part:

: Our bodies may far off remove;

We still are one in heart!,
2 Joined in one spirit to our Head,

Where he appoints we go;
We still in Jesus' footsteps tread,

And still his praise we show. 8 Oh may we ever walk in him,

And nothing know beside!
Nothing desire-nothing esteem,

But Jesus crucified ! 4 Richly we share the Saviour's grace,

We're one in mind and heart;
Not joy, nor grief-not time, nor place.

Not life, nor death can part. 300. S. M. HAWKER'S COLL 1 ONCE more, before we part,

Oh bless the Saviour's name;
Let every tongue and every heart

Adore and praise the same. 2 Lord, in thy grace we came,

That blessing still impart;
We meet in Jesus' sacred name,

In Jesus' name we part. 3 Still on thy holy word

We'll live, and feed, and grow,
And still go on to know the Lord,

And practise what we know. 4 Now, Lord, before we part,

Help us to bless thy name;
Let every tongue and every heart

Adore and praise the same.



Fellowship with God. I FROM all that 's mortal, all that 's vain,

And from this earthly clod ; Arise, our souls, and strive to gain

Sweet fellowship with God. 2 Not life, nor all the toys of art,

Nor pleasure's flow'ry road, Can to our souls such bliss impart

As fellowship with God. 3 Not health, nor friendship here below,

Nor wealth, that golden load, Can such delight or comfort show

As fellowship with God. 4 When we are made in love to bear

Affliction's needful rod, Light, sweet, and kind the strokes appear,

Through fellowship with God. 5 So when the icy hand of death

Shall chill our flowing blood;
With joy we'll yield our latest breath

In fellowship with God.
302. C. M. PRATT'S COLL.

Joining the Church of Christ. 1 YE men and angels, witness now,

Before the Lord we speak;
To him we make our solemn vow,

A vow we dare not break,
2 That, long as life itself shall last,

Ourselves to Christ we yield;
Nor from his cause will we depart,

Or ever quit the field.
3 We trust not in our native strength,

But on his grace rely;
May he with our returning wants,

All needful aid supply.
4 Oh guide our doubtful feet aright,

And keep us in thy ways;
And while we turn our vows to prayers,

Turn thou our prayers to praise.

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