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3 There, if thy spirit touch the soul,
And grace her mean abode;

O with what peace, and joy, and love,
She communes with her God.

4 There, like the nightingale, she pours
Her solitary lays;

Nor asks a witness of her song,
Nor thirsts for human praise.


C. M.


He that hath the Son hath Life.

10 HAPPY Christian, who can boast
"The Son of God is mine!"

Happy, though humbled in the dust;
Rich in this gift divine.

2 He lives the life of heaven below,
And shall for ever live;

Eternal streams from Christ shall flow,
And endless vigour give.

3 That life we ask with bended knee,
Nor will the Lord deny ;
Nor will celestial mercy see
Its humble suppliants die.


C. M. CowPER.

Backsliding and Returning.

1 DEAR Lord, accept a sinful heart, Which of itself complains;

And mourns with much and frequent smart,
The evil it contains.

2 How eager are our thoughts to roam
In quest of what they love!
But ah! when duty calls us home,
How heavily they move!

3 Oh cleanse us in our Saviour's blood,
Transform us by thy power,

Make us, O Lord, thy blest abode,
And let us rove no more!


S. M.


Returning and choosing God.

OUR souls, review the time
In which our God we sought;

We cried aloud for aid divine,
And aid divine he brought.
2 Through all our fainting hearts
His secret vigour spread;
To us his strength he did impart,
And raised each drooping head.
3 Now will we raise our voice,
In loud and cheerful song;
With all the saints we will rejoice,
Who to his courts belong.

4 With them the path we'll trace,
Which leads to his abode;

With them we'll sing redeeming grace, Along the joyful road.

5 Within his sacred walls,

We shall be ever blest;

We'll follow where our Father calls,
And seek his heavenly rest.



1 AGAIN, indulgent Lord, return,
With sweet and quickening grace,
To cheer and warm our sluggish souls,
And speed us in our race.

2 Awake, our love, our faith, our hope, Our fortitude, and joy ;

Vain world, begone-let things above
Our happy thoughts employ.

3 Whilst thee, our Saviour, and our God, We would for ever own;

Drive each rebellious, rival lust,
Each traitor, from the throne.

4 Instruct our minds-our wills subdue,
To heaven our passions raise;
And let our lives for ever be

Devoted to thy praise.



The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.

1 NOW whilst we try our hearts
By thine unerring word,

Each conscience can assert
We truly fear the Lord.

We cannot tread the paths of sin, We long for holiness within. 2 Yes, holiness of heart,

We would more largely share; We mourn with inward smart The evils that are there.

We hate our thoughts when they are vain, We would from every sin abstain. 3 We hate our wretched pride,

Our covetous desires;
We'd have them crucified,

For God the heart requires.
Great God, do thou these foes subdue,
O make us more sincere and true.
4 We'd live alone to thee,

We love t' obey thy word,
Well pleas'd that thou shouldst be
Our Saviour and our Lord.

To thee we now resign each heart,
Renew it, Lord, in every part.



Jesus Christ, both theirs and ours.

1 SWEET are the gifts which gracious heav'n On true believers pours;

But the best gift is grace to know
That Jesus Christ is ours.

2 Our Jesus! what rich drops of bliss
Descend in copious show'rs,
When ruin'd sinners, such as we,
By faith can call him ours.

3 Differ we may in age and state,
Learning and mental powers,
But all the saints may join and shout,
Dear Jesus! thou art ours.

4 Let those who know our Jesus not,
Delight in earth's gay flowers;
We, glorying in our better lot,
Rejoice that he is ours.

5 When hope with elevated flight,
Toward heaven in rapture towers,
'Tis this supports our vent'rous wing,
We know that Christ is ours

6 Time, which this world with all its joys
With eager haste devours,
May take inferior things away,
But Jesus still is ours.



Strength equal to our day.

1 NOW let the feeble all be strong,
And make Jehovah's arm their song;
His shield is spread o'er every saint;
And, thus supported, who shall faint?
2 What though the hosts of hell engage
With mingled cruelty and rage!

A faithful God restrains their hands,
And chains them down in iron bands.
3 Bound by his word, he will display
A strength proportion'd to our day:
And, when united trials meet,
Will show a path of safe retreat.
4 Thus far we prove that promise good,
Which Jesus ratify'd with blood:
Still is he gracious, wise, and just;
And still, in him, let Israel trust.



Imitation of Christ's Beneficence.
1 WHEN Jesus dwelt in mortal clay,
What were his works from day to day,
But miracles of pow'r and grace,
That spread salvation through our race?
2 Teach us, O Lord, to keep in view
Thy pattern, and thy steps pursue;
Let alms bestow'd, let kindness done,
Be witness'd by each rolling sun.

3 That man may last but never lives,
Who much receives, but nothing gives;
Who none can love, whom none can thank,
Creation's blot, creation's blank:

4 But he who marks, from day to day,
In gen❜rous acts his radiant way,
Treads the same path his Saviour tr
The path to glory and to God.

[blocks in formation]

Against Persecution and Intolerance. 1 ABSURD and vain attempt! to bind With iron chains the free-born mind; To force conviction, and reclaim

The wand'ring, by destructive flame.
2 Bold arrogance! to snatch from heav'n
Dominion not to mortals giv'n;
O'er conscience to usurp the throne,
Accountable to God alone.

3 Jesus, thy gentle law of love
Doth no such cruelties approve;
Mild as thyself, thy doctrine wields
No arms but what persuasion yields.
4 By proofs divine, and reason strong,
It draws the willing mind along;
And conquests to thy church acquires
By eloquence which heaven inspires.



Integrity, fortitude, and joy.

1 THE man, whose firm and equal mind To solid glory is inclin'd,

Determin'd will his path pursue, And keep the godlike prize in view. 2 His calm, undaunted, manly breast, Of virtue, honour, truth possest, Will stem the torrent of the age, And fearless tread this mortal stage. 3 Amidst th' assailing ills of life, Pride, passion, malice, envy, strife; He'll act his part without disguise, Intrepid, generous, just and wise. 4 In conscious rectitude secure, This man, unshaken, shall endure Of human woes the num'rous train, Oppression, bondage, sickness, pain. 5 And when, at last, th' eternal Power Shall fix th' irrevocable hour; That solemn hour which none can fly, Since 'tis decreed that all must die:

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