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Of inward joys, and sins forgiven.
While they are slaves to lust!
2 Vain are our fancy's airy flights,
If faith be cold and dead;
None but a living power unites
To Christ, the living head.

3 "Tis faith that purifies the heart;
'Tis faith that works by love;
That bids all sinful joys depart,
And lifts the thoughts above.

4 This faith shall every fear control
By its celestial power:
With holy triumph fill the soul
In death's approaching hour.



Faith of the Ancients.

1 RISE, O our souls, pursue the path By ancient heroes trod : Ambitious view those holy men,

Who liv'd and walk'd with God.

2 Though dead, they speak in reason's ear,
And in example live;

Their faith, and hope, and mighty deeds,
Still fresh instruction give.

3 'Twas through the Lamb's most precious They conquered ev'ry foe;


And to his power and matchless grace,
Their crowns and honour owe.

4 Lord, may we ever keep in view
The patterns thou hast giv'n;
And ne'er forsake the blessed road,
Which led them safe to heav'n.



Instability without Faith.

1 ATTEND, our souls, and trembling hear, This awful truth demands your fear: Persisting still to disbelieve,

No hope nor grace can you receive.

2 Attend to what th' Eternal saith, And pray incessantly for faith;

Lest in an awful hast'ning hour,
We fall to be restor'd no more.

3 Pray for that faith which stands sincere,
Which strives till death to persevere;
That faith which treads the tempter down,
Which apprehends the heav'nly crown.
4 That faith which gladdens all the heart,
Cleansing the soul through ev'ry part;
That faith which justifies, which draws
The will t' obey Jehovah's laws.

5 O precious faith !-may we be found
Establish'd on its happy ground;
Instruct us, Jesus, from above,
And build us up in faith and love.
6 Then let the rising billows roll,
Faith is the anchor of each soul;
We're well secur'd on ev'ry side,
Fix'd firm in Christ, our rock, our guide.


S. M.


Faith prevailing in Trouble.

1 IF, through unruffled seas,

Toward heaven we calmly sail, With grateful hearts, O God, to thee, We'll own the fostering gale.

2 But should the surges rise,
And rest delay to come,

Blest be the sorrow-kind the storm,
Which drives us nearer home.

3 Soon shall our doubts and fears
All yield to thy control:
Thy tender mercies shall illume
The midnight of the soul.

4 Teach us, in every state,

To make thy will our own;

And when the joys of sense depart
To live by faith alone.



Fortitude founded on Godly Fear.

1 BLEST is the man who fears the Lord; His well established mind,

In every varying scene of life,
Shall true composure find.

2 Oft through the deep and stormy sea
The heavenly footsteps lie;

But on a glorious world beyond
His faith can fix its eye.

3 Though dark his present prospects be,
And sorrows round him dwell,
Yet hope can whisper to his soul,
That all shall issue well.

4 Full in the presence of his God,
Through every scene he goes,
And, fearing him, no other fear
His steadfast bosom knows,



The Fear of God.

1 GREAT Author of all nature's frame !
Holy and reverend is thy name;
Thou Lord of life, and Lord of death!
Worlds rise and vanish at thy breath.
2 But blest are they, O gracious Lord!
Who fear thy name and keep thy word;
Thy wisdom guides, thy power defends
Their life, till life its journey ends.
3 0 that our sonls with awful sense
Of thy transcendent excellence,
May close the day, the day begin,
Watchful against each darling sin!
4 Never, O never from the heart,
May this great principle depart,
But act with unabating power
Within us to our latest hour!




1 HOW vast the blessings, how divine,
From Godliness which flow!

Not men, nor angels, should they join,
Can half its value show;

2 Ten thousand comforts it procures
To Christians, while on earth;

It endless happiness secures,
And frees from endless death.

3 God, for himself, hath set apart
The godly, whom he loves:
They have a place within his heart;
Their conduct he approves

4 A glorious kingdom, and a crown,
Christ will on such bestow;

In them the seeds of bliss are sown,
And fruits of glory grow.




1 YE saints of ev'ry rank, with joy,
To God your off'rings bring;
Let towns and cities, hills, and vales,
With loud hosannas ring.

2 Let him receive the glory due
To his exalted name;

With thankful hearts and voices rais'd,
His wond'rous deeds proclaim.

3 Praise him in elevated strains
And make the world to know,
How great the Master whom you serve,
And yet how gracious too.



Gratitude to Christ.

1 TO him who on the fatal cross,
Pour'd out his blood, his life, for us;
In grateful strains our voice we'll raise,
And in his service spend our days.

2 To list'ning multitudes we'll tell
How he redeem'd our souls from hell;
And how, reposing on his breast,
We lost our cares, and found our rest.

3 Through him our sins are all forgiv'n,
He ever pleads our cause in heav'n;
We'll build an altar to his name,
And to the world his grace proclaim,

356. L. M. BEDDOME.

Growing in Grace.

1 FATHER of spirits, grant that we
May more and more resemble thee;
Daily from strength to strength proceed,
Christians in name and so in deed.

2 In our whole lives may we express,
The truth and energy of grace;
A lively faith, an humble fear,
And be in truth what we appear.
3 By our exact obedience show,
What we to thy rich mercy owe;
And thus a bright example give,
To teach the world how they should live.
4 Not tire nor stop, but still press on,
To finish well the course begun;
And then receive the great reward,
For such and only such prepared.



Hope in the Covenant.

1 HOW oft have sin and Satan strove To rend our souls from thee, our God! But everlasting is thy love,

And Jesus seal'd it with his blood.

2 The oath and promise of the Lord,
Join to confirm the wond'rous grace;
Eternal pow'r performs the word,
And fills all heav'n with endless praise.
3 Amidst temptations sharp and long,
Our souls to this dear refuge fly;
Hope is our anchor firm and strong,
Till tempests cease and billows die."
4 The gospel bears our spirits up:
A faithful and unchanging God
Laid the foundation for our hope,
In oaths, and promises, and blood,


Hope of heaven by the resurrection of Christ. 1 BLESS'D be the everlasting God

The Father of our Lord:

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