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1 BE still, our hearts! these anxious cares To you are burdens, thorns and snares; They cast dishonour on our Lord, And contradict his gracious word. 2 Brought safely by his hand thus far, Why will you now give place to fear? How can you want if he provide, Or lose your way with such a guide? 3 Did ever trouble yet befall,

And he refuse to hear your call;
And has he not his promise past,
That you shall overcome at last?
4 He who has helped us hitherto
Will help us all our journey through,
And give us daily cause to raise
New trophies to his endless praise.





Christian Unity.

LET party names no more
The Christian world o'erspread;

Gentile and Jew, and bond and free
Are one in Christ their head.

Among the saints on earth
Let mutual love be found;

Heirs of the same inheritance,

With mutual blessings crowned.

3 Let envy, and ill will


Be banished far away;

Those should in holy friendship dwell,
Who the same Lord obey.

Thus will the church below

Resemble that above;

Where streams of pleasure always flow,
And every heart is love.



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LET strife for ever cease,

And envy quit the field;

Come join and live in love and peace,

And to the gospel yield.


Let bitter words no more
Among the saints remain;
Let every member, every hour
Submit to Jesus' reign.

3 When bitter words arise,
Then Satan has his ends;


We would the heart and hands of Christ,
Amidst his chosen friends.

Then why should we contend
For meat and drink and dress,
And crucify the Lord again,

And pierce his wounds afresh ?

5 No more we'll feed the flame, Nor judge ourselves too wise;


But search with care to find the beam
That lurks within our eyes.

Unto the world we'll prove

That we disciples are;

They shall behold us walk in love,
And say the Lord is there.



Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace,

1 THE glorious universe around,

The heavens with all their train,

Sun, moon and stars, are firmly bound
In one mysterious chain.

2 The earth, the ocean, and the sky
To form one world agree;
Where all that walk, or swim, or fly,
Compose one family.

3 God in creation thus displays
His wisdom and his might,

While all his works with all his ways
Harmoniously unite.

4 In one fraternal bond of love,
One fellowship of mind,

The saints below and saints above
Their bliss and glory find.

5 Here, in their house of pilgrimage,
Thy statutes are their song;

There, through one bright, eternal age,
Thy praises they prolong.



6 Lord, may our union form a part,
Of that thrice happy whole;
Derive its pulse from thee the heart,
Its life from thee the soul.



1 HOW blest the sacred tie that binds, In union sweet, according minds! How swift the heavenly course they run, Whose hearts and faith and hopes are one! 2 To each, the soul of each, how dear! What jealous love, what holy fear! How doth the generous flame within Refine from earth, and cleanse from sin! 3 Their streaming eyes together flow For human guilt and mortal wo; Their ardent prayers together rise Like mingling flames in sacrifice. 4 Together shall they seek the place Where God reveals his awful face: How high, how strong, their raptures swell, There's none but kindred souls can tell. 5 Nor shall the glowing flame expire, When nature droops her sickening fire; Then shall they meet in realms above, A heaven of joy-because of love.



Personal virtues.

1 AWAKE. my soul! rouse every power,
Thy native dignity display:

Let lust and passion reign no more,
No longer own their lawless sway.
Thy temper meek and humble be,
Content and pleased with every state;
From dire revenge and envy free,
And wild ambition to be great.

3 Confine thy roving appetites;

From this vain world withdraw thine eyes,
Fix them on those divine delights,
Reserved for saints above the skies.

With eager zeal pursue the prize;
Each fleeting hour of life improve:

This course will speak thee truly wise,
And raise thee to the world above.




1 WE want a principle within

Of jealous, godly fear;

A sensibility of sin,

A pain to find it near.

2 We want the first approach to feel
Of pride, or fond desire;

To catch the wandering of the will,
And quench the kindling fire.

3 From thee that we no more may part,
No more thy goodness grieve,
The filial awe, the fleshly heart,
The tender conscience give.

4 Quick as the apple of an eye,

O God, our conscience make! Awake our souls, when sin is nigh, And keep them still awake.



1 AWAKE, our drowsy souls, awake,
And view the threatening scene:
Legions of foes encamp around,
And treachery lurks within.

2 'Tis not this mortal life alone
These enemies assail;

How can you hope for future bliss,
If their attempts prevail?

3 Then to the work of God awake-
Behold your Master near-
The various, arduous task pursue
With vigour, and with fear.

4 The awful register goes on,

The account will surely come; And opening day, or closing night May bear us to our doom.

5 Tremendous thought! how deep it strikes! Yet like a dream it flies,

Till God's own voice the slumbers chase
From these deluded eyes.

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And her rewards more precious are, VT
Than is the gain of gold.

With 3 In her right hand she holds to view
eft hand A length of happy days;
des the yoy Biches, with splendid honours joined,
easure's pq a'sHer left hand full displays.

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sa guides the young, with innocence gea pe 20 a pleasure's paths to tread; U poug pupurown of glory she bestows aheads Upon the hoary head.

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