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5.According as her labours rise,
So her rewards increase;

Her ways are ways of pleasantness,
And all her paths are peace.



True and false Zeal.

1 ZEAL is that pure and heavenly flame The fire of love supplies;

While that which often bears the name, Is self, in a disguise.

2 True zeal is merciful and mild, Can pity and forbear;

The false is headstrong, fierce and wild, And breathes revenge and war.

3 While zeal for truth the Christian warms, He knows the worth of peace;

But self contends for names and forms, Its party to increase.

4 Self may its poor reward obtain,
And be applauded here;

But zeal the best applause will gain
When Jesus shall appear.

5 O God, the idol self dethrone,
And from our hearts remove;
And let no zeal by us be shown,
But that which springs from love.



Zeal tempered by Charity.

1 GREAT God! whose all-pervading eye
Sees every passion in each soul!

When sunk too low, or raised too high,
Teach us those passions to control.

2 Temper the fervours of each frame;
Be charity their constant spring;
And O let no unhallowed flame
Pollute the offerings which we bring!

3 Let love with piety unite

To mend the bias of each will;

While hope and heaven-eyed faith excit And wisdom regulates, our zeal;


4 That wisdom which to meekness turns,-
Wisdom descending from above;
And let our zeal, whene'er it burns,
Be kindled by the fire of love.



8s, 8s and 6s.

Attendance upon Religious Institutions.
1 WE'LL bless Jehovah's glorious name,
Whose goodness heaven and earth proclaim,
With every morning light;
And at the close of every day,

To him our cheerful homage pay,
Who guards us through the night.
2 Then in his churches to appear,
And pay our humble worship there,
Shall be our sweet employ:
The day that saw the Saviour rise,
Shall dawn on our delighted eyes
With pure and holy joy.

3 With grateful sorrow in each breast,
We'll celebrate the dying feast
Of our departing Lord;

And while his perfect love we view,
His bright example we'll pursue,
And meditate his word.


S. M.


Safety of the Church.

1 HOW honoured is the place,
Where we adoring stand,
Zion, the glory of the earth,
And beauty of the land!

2 Bulwarks of grace defend

The city where we dwell;
While walls, of strong salvation made,
Defy the assaults of hell.

3 Lift up th' eternal gates,

The doors wide open fling;
Enter, ye nations that obey
The statutes of your King.

4 Here taste unmingled joys,
And live in perfect peace;-
You that have known Jehovah's name,
And ventured on his grace.

5 Trust in the Lord, ye saints,
And banish all your fears:
Strength in the Lord Jehovah dwells,
Eternal as his years.



1 HAPPY the church, thou sacred place,
The seat of thy Creator's grace;
Thy holy courts are his abode,
Thou earthly palace of our God.

2 Thy walls are strength-and at thy gates
A guard of heavenly warriors waits;
Nor shall thy deep foundation move,
Fixed on his counsels and his love.

3 Thy foes in vain designs engage,
Against thy throne in vain they rage;
Like rising waves with angry roar,
That break and die upon the shore.
4 Then let our souls in Zion dwell,

Nor fear the wrath of earth and hell;
His arms embrace this happy ground,
Like brazen bulwarks built around.
.5 God is our shield-and God our sun;
Swift as the fleeting moments run,
On us he sheds new beams of grace,
And we reflect his brightest praise.


P. M. CowPER.

Peace and glory of the Church.

1 HEAR what God, the Lord, hath spoken, O my people! faint and few, Comfortless, afflicted, broken;

Fair abodes I build for you:
Themes of heartfelt tribulation

Shall no more perplex your ways;
You shall name your walls, salvation,
And your gates shall all be praise.

2 There, like streams that teed the garden,
Pleasures, without end, shall flow;
For the Lord, your faith rewarding,
All his bounty shall bestow;
Still in undisturb'd possession,

Peace and righteousness shall reign;
Never shall you feel oppression,
Hear the voice of war again.

3 Ye, no more your suns descending,
Waning moons no more shall see;
But, your griefs for ever ending,
Find eternal noon in me:

God shall rise, and shining o'er you,
Change to day the gloom of night;
He, the Lord, shall be your glory,
God your everlasting light.

416. L. M.


On the reception of Members.

1 LORD, we adore thy wondrous grace, Who crown'st the gospel with success; Subjecting rebels to thy yoke,

And bringing to the fold thy flock.

2 May those who have thy truth confess'd,
As their own faith, and hope, and rest,
From day to day still more increase,
In faith, in love, and holiness.

3 As living members may they share
The joys and griefs which others bear,
And active in their stations prove,
In all the offices of love.

4 From all temptations now defend,
And keep them steadfast to the end;
While in thy house they still improve,
Until they join the church above.



The parting of Church Members.
THY presence, everlasting God,
Wide o'er all nature spreads abroad;
Thy watchful eyes, which cannot sleep,
in every place thy children keep.

2 While near each other we remain, Thou dost our lives and souls sustain; When absent, happy if we share Thy grace, thy teaching, and thy care. 3 To thee we all our ways commit, And seek our comforts near thy feet; Still on our souls vouchsafe to shine, And guard and guide us still as thine. 4 O grant that we may meet again, To join in praises to thy name; Or, if that joy no more be known, Give us to meet around thy throne. 418.


At the ordination of Deacons. 1 LORD, let thy presence now attend Him whom we to thy grace commend; Nor let him as a pilgrim rove, Without the conduct of thy love.

2 Thy promise stands upon record,

To be with those who preach thy word: Be with him, Lord! the work is thine; Support him with thy strength divine. 3 Inflame his zeal, enlarge his heart, Courage and utterance impart; His love be ardent, pure his aim, The great salvation be his theme. 4 While thronging multitudes around Hear from his lips the joyful sound, Thy power impart, thy gospel bless, And crown his labours with success. 5 O may his eyes with joy behold Thy grace, as in the days of old; May sinners tremble at thy word, Believe and turn unto the Lord. 419.

112th. FELLOWES.

Christ baptized in Jordan. 1 IN Jordan's tide the Baptist stands, Immersing the repenting Jews; The Son of God the rite demands, Nor dares the holy man refuse: Jesus descends beneath the wave, The emblem of his future grave.

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