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Pure Worship.

1 THE offerings to thy throne which rise,
Of mingled praise and prayer,
Are but a worthless sacrifice
Unless the heart is there.

2 Upon thine all discerning ear
Let no vain words intrude;
No tribute, but the vow sincere,
The tribute of the good.

3 Our offerings will indeed be blest,
If sanctified by thee;

If thy pure Spirit touch the breast
With its own purity.

4 O may that Spirit warm each heart
To piety and love,

And to life's lowly vale impart
Some rays from heaven above.


7s. J. TAYLOR.

1 LORD, before thy presence come,
Bow we down with holy fear;
Call our erring footsteps home,
Let us feel that thou art near.

2 Wandering thoughts and languid powers
Come not where devotion kneels;
Let the soul expand her stores,
Glowing with the joy she feels.

3.At the portals of thy house,

We resign our earth-born cares:
Nobler thoughts our souls engross,
Songs of praise and fervent prayers.



1 WHEREWITH shall we approach the Lord, And bow before his throne?

Oh! how procure his kind regard,
And for our guilt atone?

2 Shall altars flame, and victims bleed,
And spicy fumes ascend?

Will these our earnest wish succeed,
And make our God our friend?

3 O no, our souls! 't were fruitless all; Such offerings are vain:

No fatlings from the field or stall
His favour can obtain.

4 To men their rights we must allow,
And proofs of kindness give;

To God with humble reverence bow,
And to his glory live.



1 BEFORE the awful throne we bow
Of heaven's almighty king:

Here we present the solemn vow,
And hymns of praise we sing.

2 Thee we adore; and, Lord, to thee
Our filial duty pay:

Thy service, unconstrained and free,
Conducts to endless day.

3 While in thy house of prayer we kneel
With trust and holy fear,
Thy mercy and thy truth reveal,
And lend a gracious ear.

4 With fervour teach our hearts to pray, And tune our lips to sing;

Nor from thy presence cast away
The sacrifice we bring.



Invitation to the House of God.

1 COME to the house of prayer,
O thou afflicted, come;

The God of peace shall meet thee there,
He makes that house his home.

2 Come to the house of praise,

Ye who are happy now;

In sweet accord your voices raise,
In kindred homage bow.

3 Ye aged, hither come,

For ye have felt his love;

Soon shall your trembling tongues be
Your lips forget to move.


4 Ye young, before his throne,
Come, bow; your voices raise;
Let not your hearts his praise disown,
Who gives the power to praise.



Delight in Worship.

1 FAR from our thoughts, vain world, be gone; Let our religious hours alone;

Fain would our eyes our Saviour see;
We wait a visit, Lord! from thee.

2 Oh! warm our hearts with holy fire,
And kindle there a pure desire:
Come, sacred Spirit, from above,
And fill our souls with heavenly love.
3 Blest Jesus, what delicious fare!
How sweet thine entertainments are!
Never did angels taste above
Redeeming grace and dying love.
4 Hail, great Immanuel, all divine!
In thee thy Father's glories shine;
Thy glorious name shall be adored,
And every tongue confess thee Lord.
1 WHAT pleasure, Lord! thy house attends,
When the whole heart to heaven ascends;
One day thus spent with thee on earth,
Exceeds a thousand days of mirth.

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2 While we can have the meanest place
Within thy house, O God of grace!
We would not absent from thee live
For all a tempting world can give.
3 God is our sun-he makes our day;
God is our shield-he guides our way;
Our future hopes, our present joys,
All from his boundless goodness rise.
To men of pure and pious hearts,
All real good their God imparts:
With grace he crowns thein here below,
And endless glory will bestow.

5 Author of good! whose sovereign sway
All worlds, all beings must obey;
How happy must thy children be,
Whose spirits firmly trust in thee!



1 WHEN to his temple God descends,
He holds communion with his friends,
His grace and glory there displays,
And shines with bright, but friendly rays.
2 While hovering o'er the happy place,
The Spirit sheds his heavenly grace;
To fix our thoughts-our hearts to raise,
And tune our souls to love and praise.
3 'Tis here we learn the blessed skill
To know and do our Maker's will;
And, while we hear, and sing, and pray,
With heavenly joy we soar away.

4 Oh! dearest hours of all we know-
Oh! sweetest joys of all below:

Here would we choose our fixed abode, And dwell for ever near our God.


S. M.


1 HOW charming is the place
Where our Redeemer God
Unveils the glories of his face,
And sheds his love abroad!

2 Here, on the mercy-seat,
With radiant glory crowned,
Our joyful eyes behold him sit,
And smile on all around.

3 To him their prayers and cries
Each contrite soul presents:

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And while he hears their humble sighs, He grants them all their wants.

4 Give us, O Lord, a place

Within thy blest abode;

Among the children of thy grace,
The servants of our God.



1 HAPPY the souls in Jesus joined, And saved by grace alone:


Walking in all his ways, they find
Their heaven on earth begun.
2 The church triumphant in thy love,
Their mighty joys we know:

They sing the Lamb in hymns above,
And we in hymns below.

⚫ 3 Thee, in thy glorious realm, they praise;
And bow before thy throne:
We in the kingdom of thy grace;
The kingdoms are but one.

4 The holy to the holiest leads;
From hence our spirits rise:
And he who in thy statutes treads,
Shall meet thee in the skies.



The presence of God sought in his house. 1 GREAT Shepherd of thy people, hear! Thy presence now display:

We kneel within thy house of prayer,
Oh! give us hearts to pray.

2 The clouds, which veil thee from our sight, In pity, Lord, remove;

Dispose our minds to hear aright

The message of thy love.

3 Help us, with holy fear and joy,
To kneel before thy face;

Oh make us creatures of thy power,
The children of thy grace.



1 AGAIN our earthly cares we leave,
And to thy courts repair;

Again with joyful feet we come,
To meet our Saviour here.

2 Within these walls let holy peace,
And love and concord dwell:

Here give the troubled conscience ease,
The wounded spirit heal.

The feeling heart-the melting eye,

The humble mind bestow;

And shine upon us from on high,

To make our graces grow.

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