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8s, 7s & 4s. ANONYMOUS.

1 LORD, dismiss us with thy blessing,
Fill our hearts with joy and peace;
Let us each, thy love possessing,
Triumph in redeeming grace:
O refresh us!

Trav'lling through this wilderness.

2 Thanks we give and adoration,
For the gospel's joyful sound;
May the fruits of thy salvation
In our hearts and lives abound:
May thy presence

With us evermore be found.


8s & 7s. ANONYMOUS.

LORD, dismiss us with thy blessing,
Bid us all depart in peace;
Still on gospel manna feeding,
Pure seraphic love increase:
Fill each breast with consolation,
While to thee our songs we raise;
When we reach the blissful station,
We will give thee nobler praise.





ONCE more, before we part,
We'll bless the Saviour's name;
Record his mercies every heart,
Sing every tongue the same.

O may we keep his word,

And feed thereon and grow;

Go on to seek and know the Lord,
And practise what we know.


C. M.


1 NOW to the Lamb that once was slain, Be endless blessings paid;

Salvation, glory, joy, remain
For ever on thy head.

2 Thou hast redeem'd us by thy blood, And set the pris'ners free;

Hast made us kings and priests to God,
And we shall reign with thee.


8s, 7s & 4s. KELLY.

1 GOD of our salvation, hear us;
Bless, oh bless us, ere we go;
When we join the world, be near us,
Lest we cold and careless grow:
Saviour keep us-

Keep us safe from every foe.
2 May we live in view of heaven,
Where we hope to see thy face;
Save us from unhallowed leaven,
All that might obscure thy grace;
Keep us walking

Each in his appointed place.
3 As our steps are drawing nearer
To the place we call our home,
May our view of heaven grow clearer,
Hope more bright of joys to come;
And, when dying,

May thy presence cheer the gloom.


1 NOW may he who from the dead
Brought the shepherd of the sheep,
Jesus Christ, our king and head,
All our souls in safety keep.
2 May he teach us to fulfil
What is pleasing in his sight;
Perfect us in all his will,
And preserve us day and night.

502. 8s & 7s. J. NEWTON.

1 MAY the grace of Christ our saviour, And the Father's boundless love, With the holy Spirit's favour,

Rest upon us from above.

2 Thus may we abide in union

With each other and the Lord,
And possess, in sweet communion,
Joys which earth cannot afford.

The Ministry of Divine Appointment.
1 FATHER of mercies, in thy house,
We pay our homage, and our vows,

While with most grateful hearts we share
These pledges of our Saviour's care.

2 The Saviour, when to heaven he rose
In splendid triumph o'er his foes,
Scattered his gifts on men below,
And wide his royal bounties flow.

3 Hence sprung th' apostle's honoured name, Sacred beyond all earthly fame;

In lowlier forms, to bless our eyes, Pastors from hence, and teachers run. 4 So shall the bright succession rise Through latest courses of the sun; While unborn churches, by their care, Shall rise and flourish, large and fair.



Christ's Commission to his Ministers. 1 "GO preach my gospel," saith the Lord; "Bid the whole earth my grace receive He shall be saved that trusts my word, And he condemned, who'll not believe.

2 "I'll make your great commission known;
And ye shall prove my gospel true,
By all the works that I have done,
By all the wonders ye shall do.

3 "Teach all the nations my commands;
I'm with you till the world shall end;
All power is trusted in my hands-
I can destroy--and I defend."

4 He spake and light shone round his head;
On a bright cloud to heaven he rode:
They to the farthest nations spread
The grace of their ascended Lord.

[blocks in formation]

Ministers the Bearers of glad Tidings.

1 HOW beauteous are their feet

Who stand on Zion's hill!

Who bring salvation on their tongues,
And words of peace reveal!


2 How charming is their voice! How sweet their tidings are! "Zion, behold thy Saviour King, He reigns and triumphs here." 3 How happy are our ears,

That hear this joyful sound,
Which kings and prophets waited for,
And sought, but never found!

4 How blessed are our eyes,

That see this heavenly light!
Prophets and kings desired it long,
But died without the sight.

5 The watchmen join their voice,
And tuneful notes employ;
Jerusalem breaks forth in songs,
And deserts learn the joy.

6 The Lord makes bare his arm
Through all the earth abroad!
Let every nation now behold
Their Saviour and their Lord.



8s, 7s & 4s. COTTERILL

Condition and Prospects of the Heathen. 1 O'ER the realms of Pagan darkness, Let the eye of pity gaze; See the kindred of the people Lost in sin's bewildering maze; Darkness brooding

On the face of all the earth.

2 Light of them that sit in darkness!
Rise and shine, thy blessings bring;
Light to lighten all the Gentiles!
Rise with healing in thy wing;
To thy brightness

Let all kings and nations come.
3 May the heathen, now adoring
Idol-gods of wood and stone,
Come, and, worshipping before him,
Serve the living God alone:
Let thy glory

Fill the earth as floods the sea.

4 Thou to whom all power is given, Speak the word;-at thy command, Let the company of preachers

Spread thy name from land to land;
Lord, be with them

Alway to the end of time.

507. 7s & 6s. BISHOP HEBER.
1 FROM Greeland's icy mountains,
From India's coral strand,
Where Afric's sunny fountains
Roll down their golden sand;
From many an ancient river,
From many a palmy plain,
They call us to deliver

Their land from error's chain.

2 What though the spicy breezes
Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle;
Though every prospect pleases,
And only man is vile;
In vain with lavish kindness
The gifts of God are strown;
The heathen in his blindness
Bows down to wood and stone.

3 Shall we, whose souls are lighted
By wisdom from on high,
Shall we to men benighted
The lamp of life deny?
Salvation! O salvation!
The joyful sound proclaim,
Till each remotest nation
Has learnt Messiah's name.



Prevalence of Christianity promised.

1 GREAT God, is not thy promise pledg'd To thine exalted Son,

That through the nations of the earth
Thy word of life shall run?

2 "Ask-and I give the heathen lands
For thine inheritance;

And to the world's remotest shores
Thine empire shall advance."

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