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4 Lift up your hearts, ye soldiers bold, Redemption's drawing nigh;

We soon shall hear the trumpet sound,
That shakes both earth and sky.
In fiery chariots we shall ride,
And leave the world on fire,
And all surround the glorious throne,
And join the heavenly choir.


7s & 6s. ANONYMOUS.

Enlisting Orders.

1 O DON'T you hear the alarm!
Hark! how the trumpet sounds;
It is the God of glory,

He sends his gospel round:
Come and accept the offer
Before it is too late;

For Jesus is now calling you
Into a happy state.

2 Come let us walk together,
And join both heart and hand;
For Jesus is our Captain,

"Tis he who leads the band.
The trumpets are now blowing,
For all the volunteers,

Come be a valiant soldier,

And cast away your fears.

3 0 who will list for Jesus,
A soldier now to make,
And like a faithful subject,
His armour on you take:
Here's food and raiment plenty,
Enough and some to spare,
And all things else provided,
Which you shall need to wear.

4 And when the war is ended,
We'll lay our weapons by,
And soar aloft with Jesus,
To reign above the sky;
There we shall wear the laurel,
When all our foes are slain,

And take the large possession, where
Our Jesus ever reigns,


Meeting of Friends.

WELL, dear friends, we've met again,
Met with joy in friendship's reign:
Oft has glowing hope aspir'd,

Oft have we in love retir'd,

Oft has death and sorrow reign'd,
Yet through grace we've met again.

2 Though a length of time has past,
Since in love we parted last;

Though in climes far distant wide,
In our duty we have sighed ;
Yet we present oft have been,

Serving God through Christ his Son.

3 Bless the Lord, our God most high,
Who us made divinely nigh;
Nigh to him in heart and mind,
And in Christ our spirits join'd.
In this Gospel unity,
May we dwell eternally.




1 FAREWELL dear brethren in the Lord: The gospel sounds the jubilee ;

Our stammering tongues shall sound aloud,
From land to land, from sea to sea:
And as we preach from place to place,
We'll trust alone in God's free grace.

2 Farewell in bonds of union dear,

Like strings you twine about the heart; We humbly beg your earnest prayer, Till we shall meet no more to part; Till we shall meet in heaven above, Encircled in eternal love.

3 Farewell young people one and all,

While God will give us breath to breathe, We'll pray to the eternal All,

That our dear souls in Christ may live;
That our dear souls prepar'd may be,
To dwell in bliss eternally.

4 Farewell, farewell! we look above;
Jesus our friend, to thee we call;
Our joy, our crown, our only love,"
Our safeguard here, our heaven, our all
Our theme to preach, our song to sing,
Our only hope in death-Amen.



1 PILGRIMS with pleasure let us part,
Since we are of one mind and heart;
No length of days, nor distant place,
Can ever break these bands of grace.


2 Fare you well dear friends, we must be gone We have no home nor stay with you,

We'll take our staffs and travel on,

Till we a better world can view.

3 Travel on to blest eternity,

Where Jesus waits for us to come,

In death's dark gloom shout victory,
And rise to our eternal home.

4 Golden joys above, where Jesus dwells,
His love is full for every saint,

Fountain of life immortal flows,

Through heavenly worlds without restraint.

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C. M.


1 LORD, when together here we meet,
And taste thy heavenly grace,
Thy smiles are so divinely sweet,
We're loath to leave the place.
2 Yet, Father, since it is thy will
That we must part again,
O let thy precious presence still
With every one remain.

3 Thus let us all in Christ be one,
Bound with the cords of love,
Till we around thy glorious throne,
Shall joyous meet above:

4 Where sin and sorrow from each heart,
Shall then for ever fly,

And not one thought, that we shall part,
Once intercept our joy.




1 FAREWELL, my dear brethren, the time
is at hand,

That we must be parted from this social band:
Our sev'ral engagements do call us away,
Separation is needful, and we must obey."
2 Farewell, loving Christians, farewell for a-

We'll soon meet again if kind heaven should
And while we are parted and scatter'd abroad,
We'll pray for each other, and wrestle with

3 Farewell, faithful soldiers, you'll soon be discharg'd,

The war is just ended, the treasure's enlarg'd; With singing and shouting, tho' Jordan may roar,

We'll enter fair Canaan, and rest on the shore.
4 Farewell, ye young converts, who've listed
for war,

Sore trials await you, but Jesus is near;
And though you must walk through this dark
Your Captain's before you, he'll lead you to

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