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pp. pp. Hymns
Universal Diffusion of the Gospel,398 -406, 18

Life, Death, Resurrection, Judg.

ment and Eternity,

406–433, 55


358-414, 16


414-420, 13


420424, 8





427-433, 12

Various Occasions,

433—458, 59





436- 140 8

Funeral Hymns, 440_446, 11




Ox opening a place for


446-449, 5


458_470, 25

471-472, 12


Spiritual Songs,

473-552, 114

Whole number of Metrical Pieces,



C, M.

Comon Metre,
L. M. Long Metre,
S. M.

Short Metre,
H.M. Hallelujah Metre,
P. M. Particular Metre;
C. P. M.

Common Particular Metre;
L. P. M. Long Particular Metre,
S. P. M. Short Particular Metre,
L. M. 6 L. Long Metre Six Lines,
6s & 4s. Six and Fours Metre.

Five and Sixes Metre,
7s & 6s. Sevens and Sixes Metre,
8s & 7s. Eight and Sevens Metre,
8s, 8s & 6s. Eight, Eights and Sixes Metre,
5s,5s &lls. Five, Fives and Elevens Metre,
5s, 6s & 9s. Five, Six and Nines Metre,
9s & 8s.

Nine and Eights Metre,
ios & 11s. Tens and Elevens Metre,
IS & Ss. Ten and Eights Metre,
* S 10s. Eleven and Tens Metre,

Elevens Metre.

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The Righteous and the Wicked.
1 HOW blest is he, who ne'er consents

By ill advice to walk;
Nor stands in sinners' ways, nor sits

Where men profanely talk :
2 But makes the perfect law of God

His business and delight;
Devoutly reads therein by day,

And meditates by night,
3 Like some fair tree, which, fed by streams

With timely fruit does bend,
He still shall flourish, and success

All his designs attend.
4 Ungodly men, and their attempts,

No lasting root shall find;
Untimely blasted, and dispersed,

Like chaff before the wind.
5 For God approves the just man's ways ;

To happiness they tend;
But sinners, and the paths they tread,

Shall both in ruin end.
1 BLEST is the man, who shuns the place,

Where sinners love to meet;
Who fears to tread their wicked ways;

And hates the scoffer's seat :-
2 But in the statutes of the Lord

Has placed his chief delight;
By day, he reads or hears the word,
And meditates by night.

3 He, like a plant of generous kind,

By living waters set,
Safe from the storm and blasting wind,

Enjoys a peaceful state.
4 Green as the leaf, and ever fair,

Shall his profession shine ; While fruits of holiness appear,

Like clusters on the vine.
5 Not so the impious and unjust :-

What vain designs they form!
Their hopes are blown away like dust,

Or chaff, before the storm.
6 Sinners in judgment shall not stand,

Among the sons of grace When Christ, the Judge, at his right hand

Appoints his saints a place. 1. THIRD PART. S. M. WATTS. 1 THE man is ever blest,

Who shuns the sinner's ways; Among their councils never stands,

Nor takes the scorner's place :2 But makes the law of God

His study and delight,
Amidst the labours of the day

And watches of the night. 3 He, like a tree, shall thrive,

With waters near the root;
Fresh as the leaf, his name shall live;

His works are heavenly fruit. 4 Not so th' ungodly race;

They no such blessings find :
Their hopes shall flee like empty chaff

Before the driving wind. 2.

C. M. TATE & BRADY. Christ exalted and his enemies warned. 1 ATTEND, O earth, when God declares

His uncontrolled decree:
“ Thou art my Son--this day, my heir,

Have I begotten thee.

2 "Ask-and receive thy full demands

Thine shall the heathen be; The utmost limits of the lands

Shall be possessed by thee." 3 Learn, then, ye princes—and give ear,

Ye judges of the earth; Worship the Lord with holy fear,

Rejoice with awful mirth.
3. C. M. TATE & BRADY.

God our defence. Morning.
I THOU, gracious Lord, art our defence;

On thee our hopes rely;
Thou art our glory, and shalt yet

Lift up our heads on high.
2 Guarded by him, we laid us down,

Our sweet repose to take;
For we through him securely sleep,

Through him in safety wake. 3 Salvation to the Lord belongs;

He only can defend;
His blessings he extends to all,

That on his power depend. 4. FIRST PART. L. M. SPIRIT OF THE PSALMS.

True Riches.
I AMIDST unsatisfied desires,
Or trouble's overwhelming flood,
Eager the doubting heart inquires,

O who will show us any good ?
2 But happy they who serve the Lord,

And in his holy name believe;
They know, from his all-gracious word,
That he will every want relieve.
3 When humbly offering at his shrine

The grateful homage of the heart,
The Lord will hear, and grace divine

In rich and copious streams impart. 4 Worldlings, who wealth and honours love

Full many a weary vigil keep;
But he whose treasure is above,
Shall rest secure, and sweetly sleep


Rest and Peace in God. 1 LORD, Thou wilt hear us when we pray;

We are for ever thine:
We fear before thee all the day,

Nor would we dare to sin.
2 And while we rest our weary heads,

From care and business free, 'Tis sweet conversing on our beds

With our own hearts and thee. 3 We pay this evening sacrifice;

And when our work is done,
Great God, our faith, our hope relies

Upon thy grace alone. 4 Thus, with our thoughts composed to peace,

We'll give our eyes to sleep ;.
Thy hand in safety keeps our days,

And will our slumbers keep.

Communion with God. Morning. 1 LORD, in the morning thou shalt hear

Our voice ascending high;
To thee we will direct our prayer,

To thee lift up our eye.
2 Thou art a God, before whose sight

The wicked shall not stand : Sinners shall ne'er be thy delight,

Nor dwell at thy right hand. 3 But to thy house will we resort,

To taste thy mercies there; We will frequent thy holy court,

And worship in thy fear.
4 0 may thy Spirit guide our feet

In ways of righteousness !
Make every path of duty straight

And plain before our face.
5 The men, who love and fear thy name,

Shall see their hopes fulfilled;
The mighty God will compass them

With favour as a shield

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