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to each of which it Is proper to speak something particularly.

The Lord our Cod did, in the Person os oor blefled Saviour, raife up unto his People a Prophet, like unto Moses, the greatest and most eminent Pro*phet of the Jewish Church: He put his Words inio his Mouth, that he might fpeak unto them whatfoever he commanded him; and held I is People under the strongest Injunction, upon their Peril, to hearken to the Words which this Prophet should fpeak in his Name, (c) And as our Lord Jesus thrifl was destined by God the Father unto the Prophetical Office, he chearfnily undertook it. Lo J come, (says he) in the Volume of thy Book it is written of me, I delight t-o do thy Will, 0 my Cod: Yea, ihy Law is within my Heart, (d) And as he chearsully undertook, so he diligently and Yrthsully discharged this sacred and important Trust. He, as a wonderful cunfeilor, -(e) preached constantly to the People, and made known the whole Mind and Will of God to them; and could make this Appeal to his heavenly Father, thave preached Righteoufnefs in the great Congregation. Lo, I have' not refrained my Lips, O Lord, thou hiowefl. I have not hid thy Righteoufnefs within my Heart. I have declared thy Faithfulnefs and thy Salvation, I have not concealed thy loving Kindnefs and thy Truth from the great Congregation, (f) He constantly preached among rhe People the blessed and joysul News of a glorious Salvation from their Sia, -Guilt, Danger and Misery. The Spirit of the Lord *was upon him, iecaufe the Lord had anointed him to preach good Tidings unto the Meek; he fent him to bind up t-he broken hearted; to proefaim Liberty to the Captives, and the opening of the Prifon t9

[s) DeM. i?. it, i^. Psal. 49. 7, 8. (e)Isa. §. 6*

{i) Psal. 40. 9, 10.

Dj them them that were bound, to proclaim the acceptalrj, Year of the Lord, to comfort all that mourn, to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, and to give unto them Beauty for Afties, the Oil of Joy for Mourning; and the Garment of Praife for the Spirit of Heaviness. (g) He exercised most tender Compassion to dark, doubting and tempted Souls. The bruifed Reed did he iiot break, and the fciornking Flax did he not quench, until he brought forth Judgment unto Truth. (h) He strengthened t£gi? ixieak Hands; and confirmed the seeble Knees; an I said tothem ofa saint Heart, be Jlrong,sear not. (i) —He warned the careless and secure Sinners of their Misery and Danger; and proclaimed unto them the Day of Vengeance of our God. (k) He warned them to be wife, to serve the Lord luitb Fear; and to kiss the Son, lest he foouldbe angry, and they perish by the Way, when his Wrath is kindled but a little. (l)—He made thePath-way of Salvation plain before the Eyes of all thofe who believe in him; like an high Way, where the Wayfaring I\$en, though Fools, could not err. (m) . . He considered his People as his Flock; and* took Care of them, as a most watchsul and caresul Shepherd. He sed his Flock like a Shepherd, he gathered his Lambs with his Arm, he carried them in his Bosom, and gently led thofe that were with young, (n) I next proceed to give you a View of our Lord Jesus Chris}, as the great High Priest of our Prosession. As such, he undertook to make an Atonement and Expiation for our Sins. He bore »ur Griess, and carried our Sorrows; the Chastifement of our Peace was upon him, and with his

(%) Isa.Gl. I, 2, 3. (h) Isa. 42. 3. {i)Isa. 3*. 3. {k)Isa. 61. z. Q)Psal.u Id, II, 12. [to)Is*. 3S- *• (nJ V"- 4o* **•


1 Stripes we are healed. Cod laid upon him the Iniquity of us all; and he made his Soul an Offering for our Sins. (o) Thus he finisted the Transgression^ made an End of Sin, and made Reconciliation for Iniquity, (p) He likewise wrought out a persect Righteousness for Sinners, whereby they should be justified before God, and accepted of him. God raised up this righteous Branch unto David, in whose Day Judah is saved, and Israel dwells sasely; and this is the Name whereby he is called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. (q) fie is one who speaks in Righteousness, mighty to save. {r) For he has brought in everla/ling Righteousness. (s) As a Priest likewise, he brings us into a Covenant- Relation to God. He is the Mejsenger or Angel of the Covenant. (t) The Lord in an accepted Time heard htm; and in a Day of Salvation has helped him, has preserved him, and given him for a Covenant of the People, to establish} the Earth. jtju) By the Blood of his Covenant, God has sent forth hi , Prifoners out of the Pit, wherein there is no Water; and God has promised that he will keep his Mercy for him for evermore; and that his Covenant shall stand fast with him. (w) Thus the Counsel of Peace was between God the Father End him.—-In a Word as our Priest, he is our Advocate with the Father, and makes Intercession for Transgressors. (x) Thus we see, that according to God's .Oath concerning him, he remaineth a Priest for ever, aster the Order of Melchifedec. (y)

This blessed Saviour sustained likeways the Office of a Kjng. God hath set this his Ring upon his holy Bill of Zioa. (z) The Throne of God (our

\o)lsa. fj. 4, r, 6, 10. (p) Dan. 9. 24. (q) Jer. 11. 6. (r) Isa. 63. 1. (s) Dan. 9. 24. (t) Mat. 3. 1. <u) Isa. 49. 8. (vi)Psal. 89. 28. {*)!/i>• *%• (yJJYa/. 110. 4. [z)PsaU i. 6,


Saviour) is for ever and ever; and the Scepter of hit

Kingdom is a right Scepter, (a") As a King

he reigns in the Hearts of his People, brings them into Subjection to himself-; and makes them "willing in the Day of his Power, (b) As a King he sits at God's right Hand; and rules in the mid ft of hit Enemies, (c) In his Majesty he rides forth prosperously; and his Arrows are sharp in the Heart as

the King's Enemies, (d) His regal Office was

not limitecLto the Time of his bodily Residence among us;fir of the Increafe of his Government and Peace there is no End. He fits upon the Throne of David, and in his Kingdom, to order it and lo cslablish it, with "judgment and with Juftice, from henceforth even for ever. (<)—Such Cade had Zion to rejoice greatly, and the Daughter *f Jerufatem to shout; for behold, her King came to her, jujlt and having Sal'aation. sf)

Having thus fhewn, from the prophetic Accotint of our blessed Saviour, the Time of his Manisestation, his Descent, the Place of his Birth, and the Place of his principal Residence, with the Circumstances of his appearing in the World, and the Characters in which he appeared, I proceed to observe some of his distinguishing Qualities, and the more remarkable Incidents of his Life and Death.

As to his personal Properties, he was persectly innocent, and most exemplarily holy both in Heart and Lise; and in that Respect fairer than the Chitdren of Men. Grace was poured into his Lips, therefore God hath blefed him fir ever, (g) He was God's righteous Servant, and there was no Deceit found in his Mnuth. (h) He was the Sun of Righteous.

(a) Psal. 45- 6. (b) Psal. no. 3. (c) Psal. no. r, u (d) f/al. 4J. 4, r. (e) Isa. 9. 7. (f) Zect. 9. 9. jfe) Psal. 4> ». {h) Ifa. 53. 9. U.

nefig Hefs, which arofe upon his People, with healing wider his Wings, or in his Rays, (i)

He was of a meek and lowly Disposition. This King o/Zion came to her, not only just and having Salvation, but.{hewed himself lowly, by most astonishing Condescensions, (k) He gave his Back

to the Smiters; and his Check to them who plucked ess the Hair; he hid not his Face from Shame and Spitting. (1) Though he was oppressed and afflicled, yet he opened not his Mouth, (m) He did not cry, nor lift up, nor caufe his Voice to be heard in the Streets, (n)

He was endowed with astonishing Wisdom and Capacity. The Spirit of the Lord rested upon him, the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, the Spirit of Counfel and Might, the Spirit of Kno^iiledge, and of the Fear of the Lord, (o) Thus did the Servant of the Lord deal prudently, he was exalted and extolled; and was very high, (p) He, and only he, of all the human Race, could say, Counfel is mine, and found Wijdom, 1 am Understanding, I have Strength, (q)

Previous to his entering upon his public Ministry, there was a Messenger fent before him, to prepare the Hearts of God's People for his Reception, whose Voice cried in the Wildernefs, Prepare ye the Way of the Lord, make straight in the Defart a high Way for our God. Every Valley stall be exalted; and every Mountain and Hill stall be made low; and the crooked stall be made straight, and the rough Places plain; and the Glory of the Lord stall be revealed; and all Flest shall fee it together: For the Mouth of the Lord hath fpoken it. (r) Thus God'sent one to his People in the Spirit of Elijah the Prophet, before the coming of the great and

(i) Mai. 4. 2. (k) Zab. 9. 9. (1) Isa. ;o. 6. (m) Isa. S3- 7-(n) Isa. 42. 2. (o) Isa. II. 1, 3. (p) Isa. Si. «. (j) Frov. 8. 14. (r) Isa. 40. 3, 4, 5.


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