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Makes the dead sinner live:
His work completes the great design,

And fills the soul with joy divine.
CE give immortal praise

4 Almighty God, to thee, For all our comforts here,

Be endless honors done, And all our hopes above;

The sacred Persons Three, He sent his own eternal Son,

The Godhead only One: To die for sins that man had done. Where reason fails, with all her powers,

There faith prevails, and love adores. 2 To God the Son belongs

Immortal glory too, Who saved us by his blood,


From everlasting wo:
And now he lives, and now he reigns,
And sees the fruit of all his pains.

TES, the Redeemer rose,

And o'er our hellish foes 3 To God the Spirit, praise

High raised his conquering head; And endless worship give,

In wild dismay, the guards around Whose new-creating power

Fall to the ground, and sink away.


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2 Lo! the angelic bands

13 Here, gracious God, do thou In full assembly meet,

Forevermore draw nigh;
To wait his high commands,

Accept each faithful vow,
And worship at his feet;

And mark each suppliant sigh. Joyful they come, and wing their way In copious shower on all, we pray,

From realms of day to Jesus' tomb. Each holy day thy blessing pour! 3 All hail, triumphant Lord,

4 Here may we gain from heaven Who sav'st us with thy blood !

The grace which we implore; Wide be thy name adored,

And may that grace once given,
Thou rising, reigning God;

Be with us evermore,
With thee we rise, with thee we reign, Until that day, when all the blest

And empires gain beyond the skies. To endless rest are called away.

EJOICE, the Lord is King,


PWARD I lift my eyes,

From God is all my aid;
Mortals, give thanks and sing,

The God that built the skies,
And triumph evermore :

And earth and nature made;
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice,

God is the tower to which I fly; Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice.

His grace is nigh in every hour. 2 Rejoice, the Saviour reigns, The God of truth and love;

2 My feet shall never slide,

And fall in fatal snares,
When he had purged our stains,

Since God, my guard and guide,
He took his seat above:

Defends me from my fears.
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice,

Those wakeful eyes that never sleep Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice.

Shall Isreel keep when dangers rise. 3 His kingdom cannot fail,

3 Hast thou not given thy word He rules o'er earth and heaven;

To save my soul from death?
The keys of death and hell

And I can trust my Lord
Are to our Jesus given ;

To keep my mortal breath :
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice,

I'll go and come, nor fear to die, Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice.

Till from on high thou call me home. 4 Rejoice in glorious hope; Jesus the Judge shall come, 380

And take his servants up
To their eternal home :

ZION, tune thy voice,

Tell all the world thy joys, The trump of God shall sound, Rejoice. And shout salvation nigh;

Cheerful in God, arise and shine, 378 II.

While rays divine stream all abroad. CHORI YHRIST is our Corner Stone; 2 He gilds thy mourning face On bim alone we build;

With beams that cannot fade; With his true saints above

His all-resplendent grace The courts of heaven are filled. He pours around thy head : On his great love our hopes we place, The nations round thy form shall view,

Of present grace, and joys above. With lustre new divinely crowned. 2 O then with hymns of praise 3 In honor to his name

These hallowed courts shall ring; Reflect that sacred light,
Our voices we will raise,

And loud that grace proclaim
The Three in One to sing,

Which makes thy darkness bright: And thus proclaim in joyful song, Pursue his praise till sovereign love Both

loud and long, that glorious name. In worlds above thy glory raise.

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Beneath thy full control :
Come, my Redeemer, quickly come,

And make my heart thy lasting home. NOME, my Redeemer, come,

4 Then shall my days be thine, Come, and thy right assume,

And all my heart be love, And bid thy rivals fice:

And joy and peace be mine, Come, my Redeemer, quickly come, Such as are known above: And make my heart thy lasting home. Come, my Redeemer, quickly come,

And make my heart thy lasting home. 2 Exert thy mighty power,

And bảnish all my sin; In this auspicious hour,


I, Bring all thy graces in: , my

NOME, every pious heart,

3 Rule thou in every thought

And passion of my soul,
Till all my powers are brought

Your noblest powers exert,

To celebrate his fame :
Tell all above, and all below,
The debt of love to him you owe.

2 Such was his zeal for God,

O happy men that

pay And such his love for you,

Their constant service there! He freely undertook

They praise thee still; and happy they, What angels could not do:

That love the way to Zion's hill. His mighty deeds of love and grace, All words exceed, and tho'ts surpass.

3 They go from strength to strength,

Through this dark veil of tears, 3 He left his starry crown,

Till each arrives at length, And laid his robes aside;

Till each in heaven appears; On wings of love came down,

O glorious seat, when God our King And wept, and bled, and died:

Shall thither bring our willing feet! What he endured O! who can tell,

To save our souls from death and hell! 4 The Lord his people loves ; 4 From the dark grave he rose,

His hand no good withholds The mansions of the dead;

From those bis heart approves ; And thence his mighty foes,

From pure and pious souls: In glorious triumph led :

Thrice happy he, O God of hosts, Up thro' the sky the Conqueror rode,

Whose spirit trusts alone in thee. And reigns on high, the Saviour God. 5 Jesus, we ne'er can pay

FOR SOCIAL AND PRIVATE WORSHIP, The debt we owe thy love, Yet tell us how we may, Our gratitude approve:

385 Our hearts, our all, to thee we give; The gift, tho' small, thou wilt receive. Tworks, not mine, o Christ !

They tell me all is done; 383

They bid my fear depart:

To whom, save thee who canst alone Before the world began;

For sin atone, Lord! shall I flee. To him that bore the curse,

2 Thy tears, not mine, O Christ, To save rebellious man :

Have wept my guilt away; To him that formed our hearts anew, And turned this night of mine

Are endless praise and glory due. Into a blessed day: 2 The Father's love shall run

To whom, save thee, &c. Through our immortal songs:

3 Thy wounds, not mine, O Christ, We bring to God the Son Hosannas on our tongues:

Čan heal my bruised soul;

Thy stripes, not mine, contain Our lips address the Spirit's name The balm that makes me whole : With equal praise, and zeal the same.

To whom, save thee, &c. 3 Let every saint above, And angel round the throne,

4 Thy cross, not mine, O Christ, For ever bless and love

Has borne the awful load The sacred Three in One:

Of sins that none could bear Thus heaven shall raise his honors high

But the incarnate God: When earth and time grow old and die. To whom, save thee, &c.

15 Thy death, not mine, O Christ,

Has paid the ransom due;
ORD of the worlds above,

Ten thousand deaths like mine

Would have been all too few : The dwellings of thy love,

To whom, save thee, &c. Thy earthly temples are !

6 Thy righteousness alone To thine abode my heart aspires,

Can clothe and beautify; With warm desires, to see my God.

I wrap it round my soul; 2 O happy souls that pray,

In this I 'll live and die: Where God appoints to hear ! To whom, save thee, &c.

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2 from every tongue Join, my soul, with every creature,

Come, and I will give you rest;" Join the universal song.

Glad the gracious call obeying, Father, Source of all compassion

See, I hasten to thy breast. Pure, unbounded grace is thine:

Grant, oh, grant thy Spirit's teaching, Hail the God of our salvation !

That I may not go astray, Praise him for his love divine.

Till, the gate of heaven reaching,

Earth and sin are passed away! 2 For ten thousand blessings given,

For the hope of future joy, [heaven,
Sound his praise through earth and

Sound Jehovah's praise on high. 388
Joyfully on earth adore him,
Till in heaven our song we raise;

There, enraptured, fall before him,

AVIOUR, breathe an evening bless

Ere repose our spirits seal: [ing, Lost to wonder, love, and praise.

Sin and want we come confessing,

Thou canst save and thou canst heal. Though destruction walk around us,

Though the arrow near us fly, For SOCIAL AND PRIVATE WORSHIP.

Angel-guards from thee surround us,

We are safe if thou art nigh. 387

2 Though the night be dark and dreary,

Darkness cannot hide from thee; ESUS! who on Calv'ry's mountain Thou art he who, never weary,

Poured thy precious blood for me, Watchest where thy people be. [us, Wash me in its flowing fountain, Should swift death this night o'ertake That my soul may spotless be.

And our couch become our tomb, I have sinned, but, oh, restore me; May the morn in heaven awake us, For, unless thou smile on me,

Clad in light and deathless bloom.


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