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whatsoever seemeth good in his sight. He is great in goodness and love. How inconceivably great the goodness he hath laid up for them that fear him! How wonderfully great the love wherewith he loved us, when dead in trespasses and sins! How very great are his mercies, which are extended to the most unworthy, and pardon the greatest transgressions! It is unnecessary to enlarge. This holy One declares his greatness, especially in the midst of his people, by the great, unsearchable, and marvellous things, without number, that he hath done for them, and among them. The wonderful works performed by the Lord, in all places, and in all ages, afford the most striking demonstrations of his excellent greatness. But the displays he gives of his grandeur to his people, in the inestimable favours which he confers upon theui, the glorious deliverances that he works for them, and the awful judgments which he inflicts upon their enemies, are truly illustrious and magnisicent. The holy One of Israel is not only in the midst of his people in general, by his gracious presence, to bless them, and to beautify their assemblies; but he is in the midst of every inhabitant of Zion: he is formed in him the hope of glory, dwelling in him by his word and Spirit, and abiding with him, to sanctify, strengthen, guide, and comfort him.

The greatness of Jehovah demands from you great praises, great services, great love, great fear, great honour, great facrisices, and great subjection. The Lord is great, and greatly to be praised. Give then, ye kindreds of the people, the glory due unto his name. Take heed that you act up to those principles which you profess to believe and acknowledge. It is an eaiy mailer verbally to consols the greatness of Jehovah, which we are invited to extol; but it is much more difficult to act up to this profession. Having acknowledged that the righteousness of God is very great, beware of arraigning the equitv and justice of his dispensations. Having adored him as the only wile

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God, be fully satissied with the conduct and distributions of his providence. Having praised the riches of his mercy and grace, beware os presuming on liis mercy to commit sin, and of turning his grace into wantonness. The celebration of the divine greatness is only an unmeaning compliment, if it hath not a happy influence upon practice: it is no more than empty sound, if we act not consistently with our acknowledgments and praises. Our actions are always the best exposition of what we believe and sneak.— Remember, Christians, that ye are the temple of the living God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you; that the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are. Remember that nothing can be more unseemly than to sing, in a new song, the praises of God with an old heart, or even with a heart not tuned for this celestial employment. If the voice of rejoicing and salvation be heard in the tabernacles of the righteous, how much more ought the voice of thanksgiving and praise to sill the living temples of God! Sing ye praises with understanding: publish the name of the Lord: ascribe ye greatness unto our God. Sing unto the Lord a new long, and his praise in the congregation of his saints. Let Israel rejoice in him that made him: let the inhabitants of Zion be joyful in their King, who taketh pleasure in his people, and will beautify the meek with salvation. Let every tiling that hath breath praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

Thi'/-, my brethren, through the continued gracious assistance of God, I have sinished my Lectures upon the sirst part of the Prophecies of Isaiah. With what success I leave you to determine. Frequently and seriously recollect what you have heard, and wherein you have prosited; and cease not earnestly to implore that the divine blessing may accompany my labours for your benesit. To my exposition of words, 'add your comment of good works. A living commentary on the Bible is insinitely preferable to the best that ever was written or spoken. I entreat that you will let me

4 Z havei have the pleasure of seeing you diligently carrying on this blessed work. 1 ask no more, and I can be satissied with no less than a comfortable answer to this request; which may God dispose you to grant, to

his glory, and your own benesit. 1 conclude with

the words of an eminent writer, which justly deserve your attentive practical regard: "The word of God "was written to give us not merely a speculative ap"prehension, but an experimental sense and feeling "of holy things, comfortable or terrifying, as our "spiritual state requires. I rejoice at thy word, as "one that sindeth great spoil, faith the psalmist. To "this man will I look, faith the Lord, even to him that "is poor, and of a contrite spirit, and that trembleth at "my word. Too many, alas! have no conception of "this efficacy in scripture; and no wonder, for they "have never seriously endeavoured to have any. But "let them try in earnest, and they will infallibly suc"ceed, if they use proper means. We read of some, '* what will be true of all in the fame condition, that "the word did not prosit them, not being mixed with "faith. God indeed can operate according to his "own pleasure; but, humanly speaking, persons will "not be influenced by what they disbelieve, or much "by what they believe but faintly. Nay, should they "labour to make the strongest impressions on their "own fouls, wilhout applying to him whose gift sav"ing faith is, their efforts would be vain. But let any "one jointly strive and pray, for a deep conviction "that the Bible is the appointed instrument or his re"ligious prosiciency: then let him read it, not as per"forming a talk he knows not why, from which he "had rather be excused; not .to outshine others in "readiness of quotation, or plausibility of interpret"ing, or oppositions of science, falsely so called; not "to furnish himself with weapons for debate and con"troversy, much less for uncharitableness and abuse;

"but to amend his inward state toward God. Let

"him accoidingly stop on sit occasions, and think;

"What "What consolations doth this passage administer to

"me? What acknowledgments to heaven doth this

'' declaration require from me? What fear for my

"self doth this.threatening call for? What duty doth

"this precept or pattern point out to me? Of what

"sin doth it convince me? Against what dangers

"doth it warn me? Is my character and behaviour

"suitable to this command or exhortation, this de

"icription or good example? Or do 1 fee myself here,

"under another name, reproved, condemned, stig

"matized? Have I acquired that sense of my own

"sinfulness and weakness, of God's holiness and

"justice, of my need of the merits of Christ and

** the grace of the divine Spirit, which the whole

"tenour of scripture inculcates? or am I still inclined

"to stand or fall by my own righteousness? Faithful

"pains taken for some time in such home questions,

"without forcing unnatural uses out of any text, but

** only dwelling on those that fairly present themselves,

"will make us experience a divine virtue in the

"sacred writings, piercing sirst, and healing after

"wards; which, provided we are not satissied with

"being piously moved at the time, and then relapsing

"into what we were before, but continue the inquiry

"steadily, and carry on every feeling into practice,

** will assuredly transform us into what we ought to

"be."——Let us e,ntreat the blessing of God on our

humble endeavours to understand the scriptures, that

receiving the feed of the word into good and honest

hearts, we may bring forth fruit with patience. The

grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God,

and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you

all. Amen.


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