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PSALM LXXXVI. Common Metre,

Ver. 8-13. A general fong of praise to God. ị AMONG the princes, earthly gods,

A There's none hath pow'r divine ;
Nor is their nature, mighty Lord,

Nor are their works like thine. % The nations thou hat made, shall bring

Their off rings round thy throne ;
For thou alone doft wond'roys things, -

For thou art God alone.
3 Lord, I would walk with holy feet;

Teach me thy heav'nly ways,
And my poor scatter'd thoughts unitę.

In God my Father's praile.
4 Great is thy mercy, and my tongue

Shall those sweet wonders tell,
How by thy grace my finking foul

Rose from the deeps of hell.
PSALM LXXXVII. · Long Metre.
The church the birthplace of the saints ; or, Jews

and Gentiles united in the christian church. ĮM OD in his earthly temple lays

Foundations for his heav'nly praise : He likes the tents of Jacob well, ..

But still in Zion loves to dwell, 2 His mercy visits ey'ry house

That pay their night and morning vows;
But makes a more delightful stay
Where churches meet to praise and pray
3 What glories were deferib'd of old ?

What wonders are of Zion told ?
Thou city of our God below,
Tky fame shall Tyre and Egypt know

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