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Like yesterday's departed light,
Or the last watch of ending night. )

s Death, like an overflowing stream,

Sweeps us away : our life's a dream;
An empty tale ; à morning flow'r,

Cut down and wither'd in an hour.
6 [Our age to feventy years, is fet :
How short the term ! how frail the state !
And if to eighty we arrive,
We rather figh and groan than live.
7 But O how oft thy wrath appears,
And cuts off our expected years ;
Thy wrath awakes our humble dread ;
We fear the pow'r that strikes us dead.]
8 Teach us, O Lord, how frail is man!
And kindly lengthen out our fpan,
Till a wife care of piety

Fit us to die and dwell with thee.. . Psalm XC. 11 Part. Com. Metre.

Ver. 1-5* Man frail, and God eternal. inUR God, our help in ages past,

Our hope for years to come,
Our shelter from the stormy blast,

And our eternal home,
2 Under the Thadow of thy throne

Thy faints have dwelt secure ; - Sufficient is thine arm alone, .

And, our defence is furę. 3 Before the hills in order ffoodto

Or earth receivid her frames, o

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