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Till all his active powers are lost,
And fainting life draws near the duft.
3 The glutton groans, and loathes to eat,

His loul abhors delicious meat ;
Nature, with heavy loads opprest,
Would yield to death to be releas'd.
4. Then how the frighted finners fly

To God for help, with earnest cry!
He hears their groans, prolongs their breath,

And faves them from approaching deatk. 5 No med'cine could effect the cure

So quick, so easy, or so fure :
The deadly sentence God repeals ;

He sends his fov'reign word, and heals. 60 may the sons of men record

The wond'rous goodness of the Lord !
And let their thankful off'rings prove

How they adore their Maker's love.
Psalm CVII. 4th Part. Long Metre.
Deliverance from storms and shipwreck : or, the

Seamen's fong.
I W OULD you behold the works of God,

V His wonders in the world abroad,
Go with the mariners, and trace

The unknown regions of the seas.
2 They leave their native shores behind,

And seize the favour of the wind,
'Till God commands, and tempests rise,

That heave the ocean to the skies.
3 Now to the heav'ns they mount amain ;

Now sink to dreadful deeps again ;
What strange affrights young failors feel,
And like a stagg'ring drunkard reel !

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