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And stormy winds that blow,
To execute his word.

When lightnings shine,
Or thunders roar,
Let earth adore

His hand divine.
7 Ye mountains near the skies,
With lofty cedars there,
And trees of humbler fize,
That fruit in plenty bear ;

Beasts wild and tame,
Birds, flies, and worms,
In various forms,

Exalt his name.
8 Ye kings, and judges, fear

The Lord, the fov'reign King ;
And while you rule us here,
His heav'nly honours sing.

Nor let the dream
Of pow'r and state,
Make you forget

His pow'r supreme.
9 Virgins, and youths, engage

To found his praise divine,
While infancy and age
Their feebler voices join.

Wide as he reigns
His name be sung
By ev'ry tongue -

In endless strains.
10 Let all the nations fear

The God that rules above ; i.
He brings his people near,
And makes them talte his love..

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