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5 let us indulge a cheerful frame,

For joy becomes a feast ;
We love the mem'ry of his name

More than the wine we taite.
HYMN XXV. Common Merre.

Divine Glories and Graces. ILIOW are thy glories here display'd,

11 Great God, how bright they shine, While at thy word we break the bread,

And pour the flowing wine !
2 Here thy revenging justice stands,

And pleads its dreadful cause ;
Here saving mercy fpreads her hands,

Like Jesus on the cross.
3 Thy faints attend, with ev'ry grace,

On this great facrifice ;
And love appears with cheerful face,

And faith with fixed eyes.
4. Our hope in waiting posture "fits,

To heav'n directs her fight ; Here ev'ry warmer paffion meets,

And warmer pow'rs unite.
5 Zeal and revenge perform their part,

And rising fin destroy ;
Repentance comes with aching heart,

Yet not forbids the joy. 6 Dear Saviour, change qurb to fighti.

Ler fin fowever die ;
Then shall our souls be all delight,

And ev'ry tear be dry.

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Sumptum ad DOXOLOGIES.
A Song of Praise to the ever-blessed them,

God the FATHER, Son, and Spirit.

XXVI. Firf Long Metre. 1 DLESS'D be the Father, and his love, :D To whose celestial fource we owe

Rivers of endless joys above,

And rills of comfort here below.
2 Glory to thee, great Son of God !

From whose dear wounded body rolls
A precious stream of vital blood,

Pardon and life for dying souls.
3 We give thee facred Spirit, praife,

Who, in our hearts of fin and wo,
Mak't living springs of grace arise,

And into boundless glory down
4 Thus God the Father, Song
And God the Spirit, we adore,
That fea of life and love unknown,
Without a bottom or a fhore.

XXVII. First Common Metre. InLORY to God the Father's name,

Who, from our finful race,
Chose out his fav’rites to proclaim

The honours of his grace.
2 Glory to the Son be paid,

Who dwelt in humble clay, · 'And, to redeem us from tha dead,

Gave his own life away..

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