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PREFACES are seldom read, unless the reading can be done with a mere glance of the eye. In order that this may be done, they must be short. The Author of the following pages is anxious that this Preface should be read, and to secure that, will therefore make it very short. But why anxious that it should be read? Simply that the reader may know the history of the book, and why and wherefore it is published.

First, then, these Reflections, for the most part, have been written some few years, and are, indeed, the substance of sermons which have been preached by the Author during twenty-five years of pastoral ministrations.

They were laid aside for a year or two, and then taken down and read in the Author's own family, as forming part of the morning's domestic service. A brother minister and other friends have occasionally been present, and have expressed their judgment and opinion about them, and have advised their publication.

In the hope, therefore that the good and gracious Lord will abundantly bless them to the souls of the household of faith," I send them forth with many prayers. I have advertised them in the title-page as a Short Sermon and a Short Song for every day in the year, for such they really are. The Reflections are the leading thoughts originally put forth in the Sermon, and the Song will be found to

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