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She turn'd, and vanish'd ere he could reply,
But his glance followed far with eager eye:
And gathering, as he could, the links that bound
His form, to curl their length, and curb their sound,
Since bar and bolt no more his steps preclude,
He, fast as fetter'd limbs allow, pursued.
'Twas dark and winding, and he knew not where
That passage led; nor lamp nor guard were there :
He sees a dusky glimmering-shall he seek
Or shun that ray so indistinct and weak?
Chance guides his steps—a freshness seems to bear
Full on his brow, as if from morning air-
He reach'd an open gallery-on his eye
Gleam'd the last star of night, the clearing sky;
Yet scarcely heeded these --another light
From a lone chamber struck upon his sight.
Towards it he moved; a scarcely closing door
Reveal'd the ray within, but nothing more.
With hasty step a figure outward past,
Then paused—and turned-and paused ---'tis She at last!
No poniard in that hand-or sign of ill---
Thanks to that softening heart-she could not kill!"
Again he look’d, the wildness of her eye
Starts from the day abrupt and fearfully.
She stopp'd-threw back her dark far-floating hair,
That nearly veil'd her face and bosom fair;
As if she late had bent her leaning licad
Above some object of her doubt or dread.
They meet-upon her brow—unknown-forgot-
Her hurrying hand had left-.'twas but a spot-
Its hue was all he saw, and scarce withstood -
Oh! slight but certain pledge of crime— tis blood !


The nave,

Hereford cathedral is a cruciform edifice, the parliamentary soldiers occupied the city, in 1645, great tower rising from the intersection. It a hundred and seventy brasses were removed was formerly surmounted by a spire, which has, and several monuments defaced, but marks of however, been taken down. The western tower them still remain. Many brasses were likewise fell down in 1786. The event is thus recorded displaced when the cathedral underwent repairs, in a periodical of that time: “Hereford, April after the fall of the west end in 1786; Mr. 20, 1786.- About nine days ago a small part of Britton says no less than two tons weight. There the stone-work of the inside roof under the west is a noble monument of Dr. Tyler, Bishop of tower of the cathedral church in this city fell, Llandaff, and dean of Hereford; and another of and continued frequently so to do till Monday Sir R. Pembridge, knight of the garter, in the afternoon, between six and seven o'clock, at reign of Edward III. The tomb of bishop Canwhich time all that beautiful and magnificent telupe is also here, who died August 25, 1282, structure fell down, and with it part of the body travelling to or from Rome, to obtain the coof the church. No person has received any operation of the pope against Gilbert Clare, earl hurt, nor has any damage been done to any of of Gloucester, and John Peckham, archbishop the buildings near it, except the music room, of Canterbury, with both of whom he was at which it has considerably injured. There was a variance : he was seized with illness at Civita great number of people in the church-yard, it Vecchia, in Italy. His heart was brought to being a remarkably fine day. This tower, which Hereford, and buried in the cathedral. He was is now a heap of rubbish, has been deemed by canonized in 1310. The tomb, now mutilated, most of the antiquarians to be as beautiful and is curiously adorned with effigies. It was a magnificent a piece of building as any in the place of great repute for the miraculous powers kingdom. The height of it was 125 ft." The it possessed; four hundred and twenty-five west end was rebuilt from the designs of Mr. miracles, according to the legend, having been James Wyatt, in a style which Mr. Britton con- wrought at it. It was the resort of pilgrims demns in no measured terms.

from all quarters. In consequence of the great of Norman architecture, is separated notoriety of the saint, the bishops of Hereford from the aisles by massive circular columns and those of St. Ethelbert, and adopted those of

relinquished their ancient arms, which were arches. The north transept presents a rich specimen of the early English, with large deco- Cantelupe, viz., Gu. three leopards' heads jes

with rated windows. The choir is Norman, inter

sant, a fleur-de-lis issuing from the mixed with early English. The episcopal throne,

mouth, or. and the fifty stalls for the members of the cathe- The bishop's palace is an ancient building at dral, are surmounted by ornamented canopies the west of the cathedral, containing several of tabernacle work. A copy, by Leeming, of elegant rooms, with a fine garden, and grounds the celebrated painting of the Saviour hearing attached. The deanery is near the church, and the cross, in Magdalene college chapel, Oxford, four houses adjacent are appropriated to the rewas, in 1816, erected over the communion table. sidentiaries. The east window, 40 feet high and 20 wide, re

Previous to the recent ecclesiastical changes, presents the Lord's the figures, painted

supper; by Mr. Backler from West's celebrated picture, residentiaries, a chancellor of the church, pre

the officers of the cathedral were a dean, five are 15 feet in height. Eastward of the choir is the Lady chapel, in the early English style. It centor, treasurer, two archdeacons, prelector, is now used as a library, which calls forth Mr. twenty-three prebendaries, the college of vicars Britton's animadversion; and beneath is the consisting of twelve members. The diocese crypt, termed Golgotha. There are some beau bishop's income, calculated at 25161., is fixed at

comprehends the county of Hereford. The tiful chapels in the later style of English archi- 42001. In 1837, the diocese comprehended 360 tecture. The chapter room is an ancient part of churches and chapels, 346 parishes. the edifice, and contains a very


of the world, referred to the

age of Henry III., The college, where the vicars choral reside, esteemed a very great curiosity. Of the old is a brick building of the time of Edward IV. It chapter house a very small portion remains :- stands east of the cathedral, with which it com

municates by a cloister, leading to the south end The length of the cathedral, from east to west, is......

of the eastern transept. It contains a chapel, 325 ft.

hall, dining-room, and dormitories. In 1820 Length of the great transept from

some incendiary set fire to the college, but the north to south .


flames were extinguished before they had made Height from the pavement to the vault- much progress. The beams, where the fire ing

91 commenced, had been saturated with spirit of Height of the central tower

244 turpentine; and a quantity of brushwood, straw,

and matches were laid, to add fury to the flames. The cathedral contains many monuments to Two respectable gentlemen were imprisoned on the memory of various bishops and others, of suspicion of being engaged in the affair, but were which the most ancient is that of bishop Walter. discharged as perfectly innocent. Similar atThe sepulchral memorials of several have been tempts were made at different times--the indestroyed, and others much injured. When the cendiary was never discovered.

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JULY, 1845.



Younger sisters are considered to be very was pretty and clever, and although I might have unfortunately situated in society: elder sisters, enjoyed the privilege of being idle if I pleased, in my opinion, are much more so; and instead I was naturally eager to acquire knowledge, of enjoying the consolation of the world's sym- and very fond of the accomplished and amiable pathy, they are invariably visited by its asper- governess who had been procured for me. When sions. Even the fairy lore which constitutes I was sixteen years old, the excellencies of my the favourite study of our childhood constantly governess were discovered by another person represents elder sisters as envious and tyrannical besides myself; she received an eligible offer, beings. Cinderella's elder sisters degrade and and left me to be married. My mother was mortify her; the elder sisters of Beauty are not somewhat discomposed by this circumstance; even to be conciliated by her bounty and kind- it had been a rule in her family that all the ness, when she returns to them laden with the young ladies in it were introduced into society riches of the munificent Beast; and in the story at eighteen : she did not wish to antedate this of Diamonds and Toads, the ill-treated younger period, neither did she like the idea that my imsister receives from the disguised fairy the power provement should be suspended for two years, (which excites the envy of all poetical tempera- when I ought to be imbibing a large additional ments) of dropping flowers or jewels from her quantity of arts and sciences, wherewith to mouth at every word she utters, while the ter- astonish the world which I was hereafter to magant elder sister is punished by the obligation enter. My ex-governess settled the difficulty ; (from which even the severest of critical censors she had a married sister, who received a small would shrink) of embodying her malicious number of young ladies at a healthful watering thoughts by the circulating medium of vipers place; she thought it would be very beneficial to and toads. Novelists and dramatists also delight me if I passed with her the time which was to in the reprobation of elder sisters. How odious elapse before my introduction. All parties were is the elder sister of Clarissa Harlowe! How does pleased with this suggestion, and much as my the vulgarity of the shrewish Miss Sterling in parents lamented the necessity of separating the Clandestine Marriage contrast with the meek- from me, they delighted themselves with the idea ness and refinement of her sweet younger sister of seeing me return with new accomplishments Fanny! The French writers likewise commonly and improved bloom. My only source of unintroduce in their tales and dramatic pieces an easiness was that I fancied my mother had for elder sister, who not only domineers over her some time looked very ill : I mentioned the ciryounger ones, but gains so undue an ascendancy cumstance privately to my father, and he hastily over her parents, that no offer is to be accepted turned the conversation. I then imparted my for the junior branches, till the Princess Royal fears to an amie de famille ; she smiled, and of the family is provided for in the matrimonial with a look of peculiar meaning, told me “not market.

to make myself uneasy, for that my mother Having now shown my antiquarian research would be sure to grow well again in good time.” (which I believe is the most approved method of A few months after my arrival at Mrs. Burbeginning a story), I will proceed to inform my nett's establishment, I was summoned to attend readers that it was many years before I found her in the drawing-room, and she told me that out the disadvantages of being an elder sister; she had some intelligence to communicate to me, for I was an only daughter for so long a period, in so mournful a tone, that my fancy immediately that neither my parents, the world, nor myself conjured up an express from home, sent to sumbelieved that I should ever have a rival near the mon me to the death-bed of my mother. throne. I was the sole object of undivided and “Tell me the worst, I implore you; is my doating affection to my father and mother; I mother in danger?” I exclaimed,


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