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Ansivers to Charades, 22, 217, Lines on the Spring, 96 Song for Spring, 30

241, 297, 371

Lines, by H. E. A. T., 115 Song, written on the Arrival of

Answer to Enigma, 329 Lines, by I. H. I., 115

Espartero in England, 31

Alpine Hunter, the, and his Lines, written after a Visit to Song of the Pearl Diver, 51

Mother, 78

Ulleswater, 151

Student of Heidelberg, 23

Amelotte, 292

Lines, by G. H., 221

Sonnets, 51, 99, 167, 182, 233,

Acacia Tree, the, 339

Linden Tree, the, 112

284, 297, 363

Bridal Feast of Lord Ronald, Love, 209

Songs, 79, 205, 339, 319


Lines, by H. C., 285

Stanzas, 99, 265, 364

Burial, the, at Sea, 167

Lires from “ Literary Leaves,” i Spanish Lyric, 100

Ballad, 206


Song of Sadness, 183

Broken-hearted, the, 272 Lines, by Fanny U., 341 Song for September, 205

Cabalist's last Dream, the, 14 Love Quarrels, 341

Song of the Autumn Leaves,

Confession, the, 31

Love's Confession, 370


Creatures of Circumstance, 79 Mirage, the, 23

Seventeen Hundred and Forty-

Comparison, the, 96

Memory, the Spell of, 133 five, 217

Charade, 133, 242, 297

Memories of my Childhood, 166 Summer's last Lay, 279

Coma Berenices, 270

Midnight Thoughts, 272 Song of December, 336

Dream, the, 143

Midnight Musings, 328 Serenade, 370

Day, the, before Marriage, 170 Minstrel's Farewell, 371 To E. C. C., 9

Devotee, the, 242

Nairla, 111

To Augusta, 90

Emblems of Life, 183

Night, 266

To a Fair Friend, with some

Enigma, 278

Orphan Boy, the, 47

Violets, 90

Early Flowers, 304

One lone Star, 141

To Lucy, 279

Evening, 341

Oh! what a World it might be! To a Young Lady indisposed,

Factories, the, 8



First Love, 14

Old Mansion, an, 213

To L., 364

Fragment, 100

Our National Hymn, 287 Tribute to the Memory of Sir

Farewell to Friends, 167 Old Christmas and Happiness, William Webb Follett, 235

First Love, 302


Two Bridals, the, 290

Grave, the, of Madame de Gen- On Seeing a Lily in a Ball. They seek to bind my Hair

lis, 78

room, 352

with Flowers, 302

Go not forth, 279

Parent's Lament, a, 36

The Return, 328

Hearts, 77

Poesy, 47

Thou dost not love me, 339

Homeward bound, 164

Peace, 164

True Riches, 370

Hope on, 182
Parting, the, 176

Widower's Dream, the, 78
Heat Shower, the, 221

Paraphrase from the Koran, West Indian Creole, the, 170
Impromptu, 176

233, 266, 363

Who is the Poor Man? 205
Impulse of Humanity, 209 Rival Flowers, 39

When I am dead, 2:29
Lay of the Convent Bell, 9 Railway Violet, 46

Windermere, 242

Lay, the last, 79

Rose Harvest, the, 47

Ye feather'd Songsters, cease

Lines, by Justina L., 96 Remember, and forget, 302 that Strain, 51
Lines on being asked “ When Reply to Lucy, 371

would you like to die ?” Spring Song to Mary, 9

Printed 1 y Joseph Rogerson, 24, Norfolk-street, Strand, Londoni,



The Church of England Magazine.

Vol. XVIII., with Fifty-two Engravings, Imperial 8vo., Price 5s. 6d., Embossed Cloth.

It contains Original Sermons and other Papers by the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, the Ven. C. J. Hoare; the Rev. Henry Melville, B.D.; Rev. H. Woodward, of Fethard ; Canons Stevenson, Jacob, Townsend, Garbett; the Dean of Sarum ; the Revs. T. Bissland, B. Addison, W. Buswell, J. Sandford, J. Scholefield, R. W. Browne, &c., &c., &c. Descriptions of Remarkable Places, with views (24 Nos.). Sketches in Natural History, with numerous Illustrations on Wood. Missionary Records. BIOGRAPHY:-Hugh Cressy, the Earl of Derby, Sir T. S. Raffles, Bishop Fox, &c., &c. Parochial Incidents. Juvenile Reading-Instructive Narratives, &c., for the young (5 Nos.); with a large variety of Miscel. laneous Pieces, Narratives, Poetry, Anecdotes, &c., suited for Sunday or week-day reading.

Part CIX., for July, commencing Vol. XIX., will appear on the 30th, and intending subscribers are requested to give their orders as soon as possible to their booksellers, as only a few copies are printed beyond the number required. The Proprietors think it right to say, that all the Sermons which appear in this work are printed from the MSS. of their respective Authors.

Published for the Proprietors by Edwards and Hughes, 12, Ave Maria Lane, London; and specimens may be seen at every bookseller's in town and country.

Now ready, with Eighty Engravings on Steel and Wood, elegantly printed in 4to.,

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