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4..' ba be bi bo bu ab eb 'ib obub da de' di do du ac ec icocuc

ad ed id od ud ga ge gigó gu

if of uf ha he hi ho hu eg ig- og ug ja je ji jo ju ek ik ok uk

ka ke ki ko kual el il olul la le lilo luam im om um ma me mi mo

in on un na ne ni no ap ép ip op up pa pe pi po pu ar er ir orur ra re riro ru es is os use

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bla ble bli blo blu "fra fre, fri fro fru bra bre bri bro brugla gle gli glo glu cla clecliclo clu gra gre gri gro gru

cra cre cri cro cru pla ple pli plo plu - dra dre dri dro dru pra pre pri pro pru

fla fle fliflo flu sha she shi sho shu

.. . Words of Three Letters..

bad bed bid bog bug can,
bag - fed did dog tug fan
bat led lid fog hug man

lad red hid jog lug ; * pad wed kid log mug ran LESSON 2.

* den - din * fop gad ham jam hen sin lop * got hem jet men : pin: mop get him jew pen fin sop gab his job ten, kin top gap hid jot

** LESSON 3. act aptarm ear ill * * oak add. ant art - eye inn - oat age ask ark · * eelinkowe aidash are weat imp old aim asp' awe eve oaf ore

: ; LESSON 4. bit - cap cup diperr big car cut dot far boy cat day due fat bow cow dew elm few jar box cry dig end fig joy

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: : Words of Four Letters. in

o · LESSON 1.'. arch beat bold cake cart damp back beet bone calf cash daub balm bell book calm cask dead.. bank blow burn camp cold deaf . base blot cage cane comb dear

LESSON 2. ! debt - dumb face fish gird head deep each fail flaw goat heap. desk earn fear foam gulf high door ease feet gaze hard howl draw east fire gilt half hush

* Lesson 3. hymn kick lamb lock milk nigh inch knob lawn loud meek palm jail : knee lift mean nail.pawn join knot load melt nick pick keep know loaf mild next pray

LESSON 4. rail roll "sash shun slew sway: rain roof sear sigh soap swim real room seat sign soft talk rise. sack seam silk sour them roar salt shoe size suit toil

31171 11111 11111 litli

Words of Four Letters~-continued.

:: LESSON 5. tool vast void wall whip wrap tree vice vile i warm wise yard twig view urge ween wine yarn type vine walk weep. wool zeal

Words of One Syllable-containing more than Fours


LESSON 1. aught blaze blotch bread brick badge bleach boast breadth bridge · beast bleak booth breathe brook birth block bough breast brought black bloom bought breath: bruise blame blood brain" breeze build

A LESSON 2.. caught check corpse dearth drain . chaif .clause count death draught chair clean court.deign dream chance cleanse craft depth - drought charge cleave crouch ditch earth charm cloths crutch doubt eight

· LESSON 3. false flesh fresh, ghost. grasp feast flight friend". glean , grate. field flood fright glimpse grieve fierce forge frock gloom ground fight fought frown 'gnash fleece fraud fruit grace



unii dini intil thun

LESSON 4. guide horse league might , parch health joint learn mouth pearl hearse judge length myrrh pierce heart juice light noise plague hearth kneel loathe ought * plead height knife .match paint please

LESSON 5. pledge prince quick right scold plough prize quince round scorn plunge proudraise saint: scourge pound psalm 'range scale search praise. queen reach scheme Shake preach quench realm school sheaf

- LESSON 6. sheath-shrub smooth sound steam sheep sleep snail á south stealth shelf sloth snare speak storm shield slough' snatch speech straight shook sluice snow. spread strange shroud small sought square stræW

LESSON 7. .. stream sweet, tempts thread track strength swing thank threat truth strict sword thief t ithe vague strive taught thirst tongue verse. strong teach thought torch .voice swear teeth thrash touch watch

NOTE.-It is not absolutely necessary that the learner should be able to spell all the words of the above lessons before he proceeds to the easy reading. The pupil will generally learn much faster by spelling occasionally the lessons for reading.

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