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2 Thus low the Lord of life was brought,

Such wonders love can do !
Thus cold in death that bosom lay

Which throbbed and bled for you.
3 But dry your tears and tune your songs,

The Saviour lives again ;
Not all the bolts and bars of death

The conqueror could detain.
4 High o'er th' angelic band he rears

His once dishonored head ;
And through unnumbered years he reigns,

Who dwelt among the dead.

251. 7s. M. 6 L. C. Wesley.

Sun of Righteousness.
I CHRIST, whose glory fills the skies,

Christ, the true, the only light,
Sun of Righteousness, arise,

Triumph o'er the shades of night ;
Dayspring from on high, be near ;

Daystar, in my heart appear.
2 Dark and cheerless is the morn,

If thy light is hid from me ;
Joyless is the day's return,

Till thy mercy's beams I see ;
Till they inward light impart,
Warmth and gladness to my heart.
3 Visit, then, this soul of mine ;

Pierce the gloom of sin and grief;
Fill me, radiant Sun divine ;

Scatter all my unbelief ;
More and more thyself display,
Shining to the perfect day.


C. M. EpiscoPAL COLL. The Way, the Truth, and the Life. 1 THOU art the Way ; to thee alone

From sin and death we flee
And he who would the Father seek

Must seek him, Lord, through thee. 2 Thou art the Truth ; thy word alone

True wisdom can impart ;
Thou, only, canst instruct the mind,

And purify the heart.
3 Thou art the Life ; the rending tomb

Proclaims thy conquering arm ;
And those who put their trust in thee

Nor death nor hell shall harm.
4 Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Life ;

Grant us to know that way,
That truth to keep, that life to win,

Which lead to endless day. 253.

S. M.

H. MartineAU.
The Coming of Christ in the Power of his Gospel.
1 LORD Jesus, come ; for here

Our path through wilds is laid;
We watch, as for the dayspring near,

Amid the breaking shade.
2 Lord Jesus, come ; for hosts

Meet on the battle plain ;
The patriot mourns, the tyrant boasts,

And tears are shed like rain.
3 Lord Jesus, come ; for still

Vice shouts her maniac mirth;
The famished crave in vain their fill,

While teems the fruitful earth.
4 Hark! herald voices near,
Lead on thy happier day ;

Come, Lord, and our hosannas hear;

We wait to strow thy way.
5 Come, as in days of old,

With words of grace and power ;
Gather us all within thy fold,

And never leave us more.



C. M.
Jesus precious to them that believe.
1 JESUS, I love thy charming name;

'Tis music to my ear;
Fain would I sound it out so loud

That earth and heaven might hear.
2 Yes, thou art precious to my soul,

My transport and my trust :
Jewels to thee are gaudy toys,

And gold is sordid dust.
3 Whate'er my noblest powers can wish

In thee doth richly meet;
No light unto my eyes so dear,

No friendship half so sweet.
4 Thy grace shall dwell upon my heart,

And shed its fragrance there,
The noblest balm of all its wounds,

The cordial of its care.

255. C. P. M.

MEDLEY. Excellency of Christ. 1 0, COULD we speak the matchless worth, 0, could we sound the glories forth,

Which in our Saviour shine,
We'd soar, and touch the heavenly strings,
And vie with Gabriel, while he sings,
* In notes almost divine.

2 We'd sing the characters he bears,
And all the forms of love he wears,

Exalted on his throne :
In loftiest songs of sweetest praise,
We would, to everlasting days,

Make all his glories known. 3 O, the delightful day will come, When Christ, our Lord, will bring us home,

And we shall see his face :
Then, with our Saviour, Brother, Friend,
A blest eternity we 'll spend,

Triumphant in his grace. 256.


Christ's Manifestation.
1 WE meditate the day

Of triumph and of rest,
When, shown of God, and shaped in clay,

The Word was manifest.
2 Lord, give it gracious sweep,

And here its errand bless,
Whose mercy sent it o'er the deep,

To glad a wilderness.
3 Ray out its starry light,

To guide our pilgrim way, -
A sign of hope to this world's night,

And brighter than its day.
4 Again thy witness-voice !

Again thy spirit-dove !
That hearts may in its trust rejoice,

And soften with its love.
5 Send round its blesséd cup

As once in Galilee ;
And catch our dull affections up

To heaven, and Christ, and thee.

C. M.

BARBAuld. Christ's Precepts of Love. | BEHOLD, where, breathing love divine,

Our dying Master stands ;
His weeping followers, gathering round,

Receive his last commands.
2 From that mild Teacher's parling lips

What tender accents fell !
The gentle precept which he gave

Became its author well.
3 “ Blest is the man whose sostening heart

Feels all another's pain ;
To whom the supplicating eye

Was never raised in vain ; 4.66 Whose breast expands with generous warmıhı,

A stranger's woes to feel ;
And bleeds in pity o'er the wound

He wants the power to heal.
5 “ Peace from the bosom of his Lord,

My peace to him I give ;
And when he kneels before the throne,

His trembling soul shall live. 6 “ Himself, through Christ, hath mercy found,

Free mercy from above ;
That mercy moves him to fulfil

The perfect law of love."
C. M.

The Examples of Christ and the Saints.
1 GIVE me the wings of faith to rise

Within the veil and see
The saints above, how great their joys,

And bright their glories be.
2 Once they were mourners here below,

And wet their couch with tears ;

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