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They wrestled hard, as we do now,

With sins, and doubts, and fears.
3 I ask them whence their victory came ;

They, with united breath,
Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb,

Their triumph to his death.
4 Our glorious Leader claims our praise,

For his own pattern given,
While the long cloud of witnesses

Shows the same path to heaven.

259. L. M.

RUSSELL. “ That ye through his Poverty might be rich." 1 O'ER the dark wave of Galilee

The gloom of twilight gathers fast,
And on the waters drearily

Descends the fitful evening blast. 2 The weary bird hath left the air,

And sunk into his sheltered nest;
The wandering beast has sought his lair,

And laid him down to welcome rest. 3 Still near the lake, with weary tread,

Lingers a form of human kind;
And on his lone, unsheltered head

Flows the chill night-damp of the wind. 4 Why seeks he not a home of rest ?

Why seeks he not a pillowed bed ?
Beasts have their dens, the bird its nest;

He hath not where to lay his head. 5 Such was the lot he freely chose,

To bless, to save the human race; And through his poverty there flows

A rich, full stream of heavenly grace.



C. M. ,
Singing the Song of the Redeemed.
1 SING we the song of those who stand

Around th' eternal throne,
Of every kindred, clime, and land,

A multitude unknown.
2 Life's poor distinctions vanish here ;

To-day, the young, the old,
Our Saviour and his flock, appear

One Shepherd and one fold. 3 Toil, trial, suffering, still await

On earth the pilgrim's throng ;
Yet learn we, in our low estate,

The church triumphant's song.
4.“ Worthy the Lamb, for sinners slain,"

Cry the redeemed above,
Blessing and honor to obtain,

And everlasting love.”
5 “ Worthy the Lamb,” on earth we sing,

" Who died our souls to save ; Henceforth, O Death, where is thy sting?

Thy victory, O Grave ?"
6 Then hallelujah! power and praise

To God in Christ be given ;
May all who now this anthem raise

Renew the song in heaven ! 261.

C. M.

Moses and Christ.
1 NOT to the terrors of the Lord,

The tempest, fire, and smoke ;
Not to the thunder of that word

Which God on Sinai spoke ;-
2 But we are come to Zion's hill,

The city of our God,


Where milder words declare his will,

And spread his love abroad.
3 Behold the great, the glorious host

Of angels, clothed in light ;
Behold the spirits of the just,

Whose faith is turned to sight ; -
4 Behold the blest assembly there,

Whose names are writ in heaven;
And God, the Judge of all, declares

Their sins to be forgiven.
5 The saints on earth, and all the dead,

But one communion make;
All join in Christ, their living Head,

And of his grace partake.
6 In such society as this

My weary soul would rest :
The man that dwells where Jesus is

Must be for ever blest.
L. M.

WATTS. Christ's Kingdom among the Gentiles. 1 JESUS shall reign where'er the sun

Does his successive journeys run ;
His kingdom stretch from shore to shore,

Till moons shall wax and wane no more. 2 For him shall endless prayer be made,

And endless praises crown his head ;
His name, like sweet perfume, shall rise

With every morning sacrifice.
3 People and realms of every tongue

Dwell on his love with sweetest song ;
And infant voices shall proclaim

Their early blessings on his name.
4 Blessings abound where'er he reigns ;

The joyful prisoner bursts his chains,

The weary find eternal rest,

And all the sons of want are blest. 5 Let every creature rise and bring

Peculiar honors to our King ;
Angels descend with songs again,

And earth repeat the loud Amen. 263.

L. M.

Sleeping in Jesus.
1 ASLEEP in Jesus ! blesséd sleep !

From which none ever wakes to weep;
A calm and undisturbed repose,
Unbroken by the dread of foes.
2 Asleep in Jesus ! peaceful rest,

Whose waking is supremely blest ;
No fear, no woes, shall dim that hour,

Which manifests the Saviour's power.
3 Asleep in Jesus ! time nor space

Debars this precious hiding-place ;
On Indian plains, or Lapland snows,

Believers find the same repose.
4 Asleep in Jesus ! far from thee

Thy kindred and their graves may be ;
But thine is still a blesséd sleep,

From which none ever wakes to weep. 264. L. M.

Example of the Saviour.
1 AND is the gospel peace and love?

So let our conversation be ;
The serpent blended with the dove,

Wisdom and meek simplicity.
2 Whene'er the angry passions rise,

And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife,
On Jesus let us fix our eyes,
Bright pattern of the Christian life !



20, how benevolent and kind !

How mild ! how ready to forgive !
Be this the temper of our mind,

And his the rules by which we live. 4 To do his Heavenly Father's will

Was his employment and delight :
Humanity and holy zeal

Shone through his life divinely bright! 5 Dispensing good where'er he came,

The labors of his life were love ;
If, then, we love our Saviour's name,

Thus let us our relation prove. 265.'

L. M.

Example of Christ.
1 MY dear Redeemer, and my Lord,

I read my duty in thy word ;
But in thy life the law appears

Drawn out in living characters.
2 Such was thy truth, and such thy zeal,

Such deference to thy Father's will,
Such love, and meekness so divine,

I would transcribe, and make them mine.
3 Cold mountains and the midnight air
Witnessed the fervor of thy prayer,
The desert thy temptations knew,

Thy conflict, and thy victory, too.
4 Be thou my pattern ; may I bear
More of thy gracious image here ;
Then God, the Judge, shall own my name

Among the followers of the Lamb.
S. M.

Attraction of the Cross.
1 BEHOLD th' amazing sight,
The Saviour lifted high !

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