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May our hearts burn, and all our powers

Confess, “ It is the Lord.” 51.

L. M.
Blessedness of worshipping God in his Temple.
1 HOW pleasant, how divinely fair,

O Lord of hosts, thy dwellings are !
With long desire my spirit faints

To meet th' assemblies of thy saints.
2 Blest are the saints, who dwell on high,
Around thy throne, above the sky;
Thy brightest glories shine above,

And all their work is praise and love.
3 Blest are the souls who find a place

Within the temple of thy grace ;
There they behold thy gentler rays,

And seek thy face, and learn thy praise. 4 Blest are the men whose hearts are set

To find the way to Zion's gate ;
God is their strength ; and, through the road,

They lean upon their helper, God.
5 Cheerful they walk, with growing strength,

Till all shall meet in heaven at length;
Till all before thy face appear,

And join in nobler worship there. 52.

C. M. PresbyteRIAN COLLO

Prayer for special Favor.
1 WITHIN thy house, O Lord, our God,

In glory now appear;
Make this a place of thine abode,

And shed thy blessings here.
2 When we thy mercy-seat surround,

Thy spirit, Lord, impart ;
And let thy gospel's joyful sound
With power reach every heart.

3 Here let the blind their sight obtain ;

Here give the mourners rest;
Let Jesus here triumphant reign,

Enthroned in every breast.
4 Here let the voice of sacred joy

And humble prayer arise,
Till higher strains our tongues employ

In realms beyond the skies.
7s. M.

BOWRING. Humble Worship. 1 WHEN before thy throne we kneel,

Filled with awe and holy fear,
Teach us, o our God, to feel

All thy sacred presence near.
2 Check each proud and wandering thought

When on thy great name we call ;
Man is naught, is less than naught;

Thou, our God, art all in all. 3 Weak, imperfect creatures, we

In this vale of darkness dwell,
Yet presume to look to thee

'Midst thy light ineffable.
4 0, receive the praise that dares

Seek thy heaven-exalted throne;
Bless our offerings, hear our prayers,

Infinite and Holy One !
C. P. M.

The Sabbath and the Sanctuary.
1 THE festal morn, my God, is come,
That calls me to thy sacred dome,

Thy presence to adore :
My feet the summons shall attend,
With willing steps thy courts ascend,

And tread the hallowed floor.

2 With holy joy I hail the day,
That warns my thirsting soul away ;

What transports fill my breast !
For, lo! my great Redeemer's power
Unfolds the everlasting door,

And leads me to his rest!
3 Hither, from earth's remotest end,
Lo! the redeemed of God ascend,

Their tribute hither bring ;
Here, crowned with everlasting joy,
In hymns of praise their tongues employ,

And hail th' immortal King. 55. .

L. M. New York Coll.

Sabbath Day.
1 WE bless thee for this sacred day,

Thou who hast every blessing given,
Which sends the dreams of earth away,

And yields a glimpse of opening heaven. 2 Lord, in this day of holy rest,

We would improve the calm repose ;
And, in thy service truly blest,

Forget the world, its joys and woes. 3 Lord, may thy truth upon the heart

Now fall and dwell as heavenly dew,
And flowers of grace in freshness start

Where once the weeds of error grew. 4 May prayer now lift her sacred wings,

Contented with that aim alone
Which bears her to the King of kings,

And rests her at his sheltering throne. 56.

L. M.

H. WARE, JR Supplication. 1 GREAT God, the followers of thy Son,

We bow before thy mercy-seat,

To worship thee, the Holy One,

And pour our wishes at thy feet. 2 O, grant thy blessing here to-day !

0, give thy people joy and peace !
The tokens of thy love display,

And favor that shall never cease.
3 We seek the truth which Jesus brought ;

His path of light we long to tread;
Here be his holy doctrines taught,

And here their purest influence shed. 4 May faith and hope and love abound;

Our sins and errors be forgiven ;
And we, in thy great day, be found

Children of God, and heirs of heaven.


C. M.

A Sabbath Morning.
1 HOW sweet, how calm, this Sabbath morn!

How pure the air that breathes,
And soft the sounds upon it borne,

And light its vapor wreaths !
2 It seems as if the Christian's prayer,

For peace and joy and love,
Were answered by the very air

That wafts its strain above.
3 Let each unholy passion cease,

Each evil thought be crushed,
Each anxious care that mars thy peace

In Faith and Love be hushed.

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7s. M.

H. K. White. Praise to God. 1 CHRISTIANS, brethren, ere we part,

Every voice and every heart
Join, and to our Father raise

One last hymn of grateful praise.
2 Though we here should meet no more,

Yet there is a brighter shore ;
There, released from toil and pain,

There we all may meet again.
3 Now to Him who reigns in heaven

Be eternal glory given !
Grateful for thy love divine,

0, may all our hearts be thine !
L. M.

WATTS. Ascription. I FROM all that dwell below the skies Let the Creator's praise arise ; Let the Redeemer's name be sung,

Through every land, by every tongue.
2 Eternal are thy mercies, Lord;

Eternal truth attends thy word :
Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore,

Till suns shall rise and set no more. 60. 8 & 7s., or 8, 7, & 4s. M. BURDER.

1 LORD, dismiss us with thy blessing;

Fill our hearts with joy and peace ;
Let us each, thy peace possessing,
Triumph in redeeming grace :

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