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3 But trees, and fields, and skies,

Still praise a God unknown ;
For gratitude and love can rise

From living hearts alone.
4 These living hearts of ours

Thy holy name would bless ;
The blossoms of ten thousand flowers

Would please thee, Father, less.
5 While earth itself decays,

Our souls can never die ;
O, tune them all to sing thy praise

In better songs on high. 657.

C. M.

The Soul's Beauty unfading.
1 SWEET day! so cool, so calm, so bright,

Bridal of earth and sky,
The dew shall weep thy fall to-night,

For thou, alas ! must die.
2 Sweet rose ! in air whose odors wave,

And color charms the eye,
Thy root is ever in its grave,

And thou, alas ! must die.
3 Sweet spring ! of days and roses made,

Whose charms for beauty vie,
Thy days depart, thy roses fade;

Thou, too, alas ! must die.
4 Only a sweet and holy soul

Hath tints that never fly ;
While flowers decay, and seasons roll,

This lives, and cannot die. 658.

S. M.

ANONYMOUS. The Young asking for Divine Guidance. 1 FROM earliest dawn of life,

Thy goodness we have shared ;


And still we live to sing thy praise,

By sovereign mercy spared.
2 To learn and do thy will,

O Lord, our hearts incline ;
And o’er the paths of future life

Command thy light to shine.
3 While taught thy word of truth,

May we that word receive,
And, when we hear of Jesus' naine,

In that blest name believe !
4 0, let us never tread

The broad, destructive road,
But trace those holy paths which lead

To glory and to God ! 659.

S. M.

Thoughts on Death.
1 LET children never fear

To leave this world of ours ;
To close their eyes to beauty here,

And summer's fading flowers.
2 Beyond the hills that stand

In majesty alone
There is a brighter, purer land,

And there our Father's throne.
3 No mortal step can tread

Upon a shore so fair ;
No niortal voice can there be heard,

But angel harps are there.
4 And thither soars the soul,

When life's brief day is done ;-
There is the destined, happy goal

For each immortal one.
.5 Then shall we turn away,
When God would call us home ?

No ! let us rather gladly say,

Lord ! at thy call we come. 660. C. M.

DOANE. Life's little Lines. 1 LIFE'S little lines, how short, how faint,

How fast they fade away ;
- Its highest hopes, its brightest joys,

Are compassed in a day.
2 Yet, though so changing and so brief

Our life's eventful page,
It has its charm for every gries,

Its joy for every age.
3 Let ours be virtue's deathless charm,

And faith's untiring flight ;
Then shall we rise from death's dark sleep

To worlds of cloudless light. 661.

1 THE lilies of the field,

That quickly fade away,
May well to us a lesson yield ;

For we are frail as they.
2 Just like an early rose,

I've seen an infant bloom ;
But death, perhaps, before it blows,

Will lay it in the tomb.
3 Then let us think on death,

Though we are young and gay ;
For God, who gave our life and breath,

Can take them both away.
4 To God, who made them all,

Let children humbly cry ;
And then, whenever death may call,
They 'll be prepared to die.

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8 & 7s. M.

Opening of a Sabbath School.
1 WE have met in peace together

In this house of God again ;
Constant friends have led us bither,

Here to chant the solemn strain ;
Here to breathe our adoration,

Here the Saviour's praise to sing ;
May the Spirit of salvation

Come with healing in his wing.
2 We have met, and time is flying ;

We shall part, and still his wing,
Sweeping o'er the dead and dying,

Will the changeful seasons bring :
Let us, while our hearts are lightest,

In our fresh and early years,
Turn to Him whose smile is brightest,

And whose grace will calm our fears.
3 He will aid us, should existence

With its sorrows sting the breast ;
Gleaning in the onward distance,

Faith will mark the land of rest :
There, 'midst day-beams round him playing,

We our Father's face shall see,
And shall hear him gently saying,
“ Little children, come to me.”
C. M.

Commencing Hymn.
1 0 LORD, another week is flown,
- And we, a youthful band,
Are met once more before thy throne,

To bless thy fostering hand.
2 And wilt thou lend a listening ear

To praises low as ours ?

prayer for lo ? Thang novelendi

Thou wilt! for thou dost love to hear

The song which meekness pours.
3 And, Jesus, thou thy smiles wilt deign,

As in thy name we pray ;
For thou didst bless the infant train,

And we are weak as they.
4 0, let thy grace perform its part,

And bid our passions cease ;
And shed abroad in every heart

Thine everlasting peace. 664. 7. M.

Prayer for a Blessing.
1 SUPPLIANT, lo! thy children bend,

Father, for thy blessing now;
Thou canst teach us, guide, defend ;

We are weak, almighty thou.
2 With the peace thy word imparts

Be the taught and teachers blest;
In our lives, and in our hearts,

Father, be thy laws impressed.
3 Shed abroad in every mind

Light and pardon from above,
Charity for all our kind,

Trusting faith, and holy love. 665.

C. M.

Songs of Children in Heaven.
1 THERE is a glorious world of light

Above the starry sky,
Where saints departed, clothed in white,

Adore the Lord most high.
2 And hark ! — amid the sacred songs

Those heavenly voices raise,
Ten thousand thousand infant tongues
Unite in perfect praise.


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