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And he will crush oppression,

And raise the humble mind,
And give the earth's possession

Among the good and kind.
3 And then shall sink the mountains,

Where pride and power are crowned,
And peace, like gentle fountains,

Shall shed its pureness round.
O God! we would adore thee,

And in thy shadow rest;
Our fathers bowed before thee,

And trusted and were blest.
7s. M.

HEBER. Consider the Lilies of the Field; behold the Fouls of the Air."

1 LO! the lilies of the field !

How their leaves instruction yield !
Hark to nature's lesson given
By the blessed birds of heaven !
Every bush and tufted tree
Warbles trust and piety :
Children, banish doubt and sorrow, —
God provideth for the morrow.
2 One there lives, whose guardian eye

Guides our earthly destiny ;
One there lives, who, Lord of all,
Keeps his children lest they fall :
Pass we, then, in love and praise,
Trusting him, through all our days,
Free from doubt and faithless sorrow, -

God provideth for the morrow. 676.

C. M.

ANONYMOUS. Trust in the Lord. 1 MY soul, why sink when griefs oppress,

Or start when fears alarm ?

Trust in the Lord, in thy distress,

Thy refuge is his arm.
2 Though hope and joy have from thee flown,

And left thee to despair,
Trust in the Lord, in him alone

Repose thine every care.
3 What though the floods may near thee roll,

The sky grow darker still, –
Trust in the Lord, he keeps thy soul,

And storms obey his will.
4 How oft when pressed by mighty foes

Did no escape appear :
Trust in the Lord thou didst repose,

And come off conqueror.
5 And will he now his help deny,

And leave thee to thy lot ?
Trust in the Lord ; he still is nigh,

His nature changes not.
6 Yes, O my soul, I yet will say,

'Midst anguish and distress,
Trust in the Lord ! e'en though he slay,

My cause with him shall rest. 67.

S. M.

The Spring.
1 SWEET is the time of spring,

When nature's charms appear;
The birds with ceaseless pleasure sing,

And hail the opening year :
But sweeter far the spring

Of wisdom and of grace,
When children bless and praise their King,

Who loves the youthful race.
2 Sweet is the dawn of day,
· When light just streaks the sky;

When shades and darkness pass away,

And morning's beams are nigh :
But sweeter far the dawn

Of piety in youth ;
When doubt and darkness are withdrawn,

Before the light of truth.
3 Sweet is the early dew,

Which gilds the mountain tops,
And decks each plant and flower we view

With pearly, glittering drops :
But sweeter far the scene

On Zion's holy hill,
When there the dew of youth is seen

Its freshness to distil.

678. 7 & 6s. M. Miss Sixes.

1 'TIS summer, glorious summer ; -

Behold the glad, green earth,
How from her grateful bosom

The herb and flower spring forth ; —
These are her rich thanksgivings,

The incense floats above !
Father ! what may we offer ? .

Thy chosen flower is love!
2 ’T is summer, blesséd summer ;-

The lofty hills are bright ;
All nature's fountains sparkle,–

Shall ours have lesser light ?
No; bid each spirit praise Him

Who hangs on every tree
A thousand living lyres,

Awak’ning harmony !
3 'T is summer in our bosoms,
When youthful snares we fly,

And strength and peace are given

By angel ministry ;-
'Tis summer in yon heaven,

Where, teachers, ye shall know,
While time shall last, the blessedness

Wrought by your love below. 679. 8 & 7s. M.

Autumn Warnings.
1 SEE the leaves around us falling,

Dry and withered, to the ground;
Thus to thoughtless mortals calling,

In a sad and solemn sound :-
2 “ Youth, on length of days presuming,

Who the paths of pleasure tread, —
View us, late in beauty blooming,

Numbered now among the dead.
3 “ What though yet no losses grieve you,

Gay with health and many a grace ;
Let not cloudless skies deceive you :

Summer gives to autumn place.
4 “ Yearly in our course returning,

Messengers of shortest stay,
0, receive our kindly warning, —

Heaven and earth shall pass away.
5 On the tree of life eternal,

Let our highest hopes be stayed :
This alone, for ever vernal,

Bears a leaf that shall not fade. 680. C. M. Phillips's SERv. Book.

1 THE thunder bursts ! its rolling might

Seems the firm hills to shake;
And in terrific splendor bright,
The gathered lightnings break..

2 Yet doth not God behold thee still,

With all-surveying eye ?
Doth not his power all nature fill,

Around, beneath, on high ?
3 Then fear not, though the angry sky

A thousand darts should cast;
Why should we tremble e'en to die,

And be with him at last ? 681. 6 & 5s. M. Mrs. S. J. Hale.

The Lord's Prayer.
1 OUR Father in heaven,

We hallow thy name !
May thy kingdom holy

On earth be the same !
O, give to us daily

Our portion of bread;
It is from thy bounty

That all must be fed.
2 Forgive our transgressions,

And teach us to know
That humble compassion

Which pardons each foe :
Keep us from temptation,

From weakness and sin,
And thine be the glory

For ever. — Amen. 682. C. M.

A Child's Prayer.
1 LORD, teach a little child to pray,

And, 0, accept my prayer;
Thou canst hear all the words I say,

For thou art everywhere.
2 A little sparrow cannot fall

Unnoticed, Lord, by thee ;

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