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And though I am so young and small,

Thou dost take care of me.
3 Teach me to do whate'er is right,

And, when I sin, forgive ;
And make it still my chief delight

To serve thee while I live. 683.

L. M.
Sunday Morning. For a Child.
1 CALLED by the Sabbath bells away

Unto thy holy temple, Lord,
I 'll go, with willing mind, to pray,

To praise thy name, and hear thy word.
2 O sacred day of peace and joy,

Thy hours are ever dear to me ;
Ne'er may a sinful thought destroy

The holy calm I find in thee.
3 Dear are thy peaceful hours to me,

For God has given them in his love,
To tell how calm, how blest, shall be

The endless day of heaven above. 684.

L. M.
Morning Hymn. For a Child.
10 GOD, I thank thee that the night

In peace and rest hath passed away ;
And that I see, in this fair light,

My Father's smile, that makes it day.
2 Be thou my Guide, and let me live

As under thine all-seeing eye :
Supply my wants, my sins forgive,

And make me happy when I die. 685.

L. M.

Sunday Evening. For a Child.
1 AGAIN we've seen the Sabbath day,
And heard of Jesus and of heaven;



We thank thee, Father, and we pray

That this day's sins may be forgiven.
2 May all we heard and understood

Be well remembered through the week,
And help to make us wise and good,

More humble, diligent, and meek.
L. M.

Evening Hymn. For a Child.
1 ANOTHER day its course has run,

And still, o God, thy child is blest;
For thou hast been by day my sun,

And thou wilt be by night my rest.
2 Sweet sleep descends, my eyes to close ;

And now, when all the world is still,
I give my body to repose, -

My spirit to my Father's will. 687.

6s. M.

The Want within.
1 I FEEL within a want

For ever burning there,
What I so thirst for, grant,

O Thou who hearest prayer !
2 This is the thing I crave,

A likeness to thy Son ;
This would I rather have

Than call the world my own.
3 Like him, now in my youth,

I long, O God, to be,
In tenderness and truth,

In sweet humility.
4 ’T is my most fervent prayer,

Be it more fervent still,
Be it my highest care,
Be it my settled will.


C. M.

L. G. PRAY. Brotherly Love. 1 FATHER in heaven! we thank the care

That planned our lot on earth,
Made us each other's love to share,

By ties of kindred birth.
2 ,Brothers and sisters hand in hand

Together taught to go;
Our pleasures one, a happy band, —

Or one in scenes of woe.
3 Since God such ties has round us thrown,

To make us happy here, -
0, let no want of love be shown,

To cause a single tear.
4 Thus happy live, thus happy die,

In union sweet below,
That when to other worlds we fly,

To higher joys may go. 689.

C. M. William Cutter.

Youthful Erample.
I WHAT if the little rain should say,

So small a drop as I
Can ne'er refresh these thirsty fields,

I 'll tarry in the sky ?
2 What if a shining beam of noon

Should in its fountain stay,
Because its feeble light alone

Cannot create a day ?
3 Doth not each rain-drop help to form

The cool, refreshing shower,
And every ray of light to warm

And beautify the lower ?
4 Go thou, and strive to do thy share ; -

One talent, - less than thine,


Improved with steady zeal and care,

Would gain rewards divine. 690. L. M.

For the Close of a Sabbath School.
1 FATHER, once more let grateful praise

And humble prayer to thee ascend;
Thou Guide and Guardian of our ways,

Our early and our only Friend.
2 Since every day and hour that 's gone

Has been with mercy richly crowned,
Mercy, we know, shall still flow on,

For ever sure, as time rolls round.
3 Hear then the parting prayers we pour,

And bind our hearts in love alone ;
And if we meet on earth no more,

May we at last surround thy throne. 691. 8 & 7s. M. L. G. PRAY.

Anniversary Hymn.
I LORD, we come to seek thy blessing,

Objects of thy tender care ;
Every good on earth possessing,

If thy favor we but share.
2 Nature speaks, in all her beauty,

Of the hand that fashioned her ;
So must we, by love and duty,

All our gifts to thee refer.
3 Here the Sunday School and temple

Throw their doors for us apart,
Trained to be both true and gentle,

Wise in mind and pure in heart.
4 On this joyful, blest occasion,

We our hearts would lift to thee;
Catch the tones of soft persuasion, -

Happy, true, and thoughtful be.


692. 8 & 7s. M. From the German.

1 PRAISE the Lord, when blushing morning

Wakes the blossoms fresh with dew,
Praise him when revived creation

Beams with beauties fair and new. 2 Praise the Lord, when early breezes

Come so fragrant from the flowers,
Praise, thou willow, by the brook-side,

Praise, ye birds, among the bowers. 3 Praise the Lord, and may his blessing

Guide us in the way of truth,
Keep our feet from paths of error,

Make us holy in our youth.
4 Praise the Lord, ye hosts of heaven,

Angels, sing your sweetest lays,
All things utter forth his glory,

Sound aloud Jehovah's praise.


Public Humiliation.
I GREAT Maker of unnumbered worlds,

And whom unnumbered worlds adore,
Whose goodness all thy creatures share,

While nature trembles at thy power, -
2 Thine is the hand that moves the spheres,

That wakes the wind and lists the sea ;
And man, who moves the lord of earth,

Acts but the part assigned by thee.
3 While suppliant crowds implore thine aid,

To thee we raise the humble cry ;

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