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2 He 'll shield you with a wall of fire,

With holy zeal your hearts inspire,
Bid raging winds their fury cease,

And calm the savage breast to peace.
3 And when our labors all are o'er,

Then shall we meet to part no more, —
Meet, with the ransomed throng to fall,

And crown the Saviour Lord of all.
7s. M.

A Blessing invoked on Christian Teachers.
I MIGHTY One, before whose face

Wisdom had her glorious seat,
When the orbs that people space

Sprang to birth beneath thy feet ;
2 Source of truth, whose rays alone

Light the mighty world of mind ;
God of love, who from thy throne

Kindly watchest all mankind;
3 Shed on those, who in thy name

Teach the way of truth and right,
Shed that love's undying fame,

Shed that wisdom's guiding light.



L. M.

The Seaman's Song.
1 WOULD you behold the works of God,
His wonders in the world abroad ?
With hardy mariners survey

The unknown regions of the sea.
2 They leave their native shores behind,

And seize the favor of the wind;

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Till God command, and tempests rise,

That heave the ocean to the skies.
3 When land is far and death is nigh,

Bereaved of hope, to God they cry :
His mercy hears their loud address,

And sends salvation in distress.
4 He bids the winds their wrath assuage,

And stormy tempests cease to rage ;
The grateful band their fears give o'er,

And hail with joy their native shore.
5 0, may the sons of men record

The wondrous goodness of the Lord ;
Let them their purest offerings bring,

And in the church his glory sing.
C. M.

The Christian Mariner safe.
1 HOW are thy servants blest, O Lord !

How sure is thy defence !
Eternal Wisdom is their guide,

Their help, Omnipotence.
2 In foreign realms, and lands remote,

Supported by thy care,
Through burning climes they pass unhurt,

And breathe in tainted air.
3 When by the dreadful tempest borne

High on the broken wave,
They know thou art not slow to hear,

Nor impotent to save.
4 The storm is laid ; the winds retire,

Obedient to thy will;
The sea, that roars at thy command,

At thy command is still.
5 In midst of dangers, fears, and deaths,

Thy goodness we'll adore ;
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We'll praise thee for thy mercies past,

And humbly hope for more. 794.


Prayer at Sea.
1 PRAYER may be sweet in cottage homes,

Where sire and child devoutly kneel,
While through the open casement nigh

The vernal blossoms fragrant steal. 2 Prayer may be sweet in stately halls,

Where heart with kindred heart is blent,
And upward to th' eternal throne

The hymn of praise melodious sent. 3 But he who fain would know how warm

The soul's appeal to God may be,
From friends and native land should turn,

A wanderer on the faithless sea ; 4 Should bear its deep, imploring tone

Rise heavenward o'er the foaming surge,
When billows toss the fragile bark,

And fearful blasts the conflict urge.
5 Naught, naught appears but sea and sky ;

No refuge where the foot may flee :
How will he cast, O Rock divine,

The anchor of his soul on thee! 1795.

C. M. Madan's Coll.
Thanksgiving for Deliverance in a Storm.
I OUR little bark, on boisterous seas,

By cruel iempests tossed,
Without one cheerful beam of hope,

Expecting to be lost, —
2 We to the Lord, in humble prayer,

Breathed out our sad distress ;
Though feeble, yet with contrite hearts,
We begged return of peace.

e forum

perus LL.

Sen La ub


3 Then ceased the stormy winds to blow;

The surges ceased to roll ;
And soon again a placid sea

Spoke comfort to the soul.
4 O, may our grateful, trembling hearts

Their hallelujahs sing
To him who hath our lives preserved, —

Our Father and our King.
L. M.

The Mariner's Hymn.
I GLORY to thee, whose powerful word

Bids the tempestuous wind arise ;
Glory to thee, the sovereign Lord

of air, and earth, and seas, and skies ! 2 Let air, and earth, and skies obey,

And seas thine awful will perform ;
From them we learn to own thy sway,

And shout to meet the gathering storm. 3 What though the floods lift up their voice,

Thou hearest, Lord, our louder cry ;
They cannot damp thy children's joys,

Or shake the soul when God is nigh.
4 Roar on, ye waves ! our souls defy

Your roaring to disturb our rest;
In vain t'impair the calm ye try,

The calm in a believer's breast.
797. C. M.

The Seaman's Hymn of Praise.
1 O GOD, thy name they well may praise,

Who to the deep go down,
And trace the wonders of thy ways,

When rocks and billows frown.
2 If glorious be that awful deep,
No human power can bind,


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What then art thou, who bidst it keep

Within its bounds confined.
3 Let heaven and earth in praise unite,

Eternal praise to thee,
Whose word can rouse the tempest's might,

Or still the raging sea. 798.

C. M.

The Sailor's Grade.
1 NOT in the church-yard shall be sleep,

Amid the silent gloom, —
His home was on the mighty deep,

And there shall be his tomb.
2 He loved his own bright, deep blue sea,

O'er it he loved to roam ;
And now his winding sheet shall be

That same bright ocean's foam.
3 No village bell shall toll for him

Its mournful, solemn dirge ;
The winds shall chant a requiem

To him beneath the surge.
4 For him, break not the grassy turf,

Nor turn the dewy sod;
His dust shall rest beneath the surf, .

His spirit with its God. 799. L. M. 6 L.

ANONYMOUS. The Mariner's Hymn. 1 LORD of the Sea ! — thy potent sway

Old Ocean's wildest waves obey ;
The gale that whistles through the shrouds,
The storm that drives the frighted clouds, —
If but thy whisper order peace,
How soon their rude commotions cease !
2 Lord of the Sea !- the silent hour,
And deep, dull calm, confess thy power ;

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