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7s. M.

Love of social Worship.
I AS the sun's enlivening eye

Shines on every place the same;
So the Lord is always nigh

To the souls that love his name.
2 When they move at duty's call,

He is with them by the way ;
He is ever with them all,

Those who go and those who stay.
3 From his holy mercy-seat

Nothing can their souls confine;
Still in spirit they may meet,

And in sweet communion join. 808.

S. M.
Call to Lubor in God's Vineyard.
I THE vineyard of the Lord

Before his laborers lies ;
And, lo ! we see the vast reward

Which waits us in the skies.
2 0, let us then proceed

In God's great work below,
And, following our triumphant Head,

To further conquests go.
3 The church of the first-born,

We shall with them be blest,
And, crowned with endless joy, return

To our eternal rest.
4 Then spend our days beneath,

Toiling in cheerful hope ;
And fearless pass the vale of death,

And gain the mountain-top.
5 To gather home his own,
God shall bis angels send,

And, e shall with he first-bo

And bid our bliss, on earth begun,

In deathless triumphs end. 809. C. M.

Gratitude for Preservation.
1 COME, let us strike our harps afresh

To great Jehovah's name;
Sweet be the accents of our tongues

When we his love proclaim.
2 'T was by his bidding we were called

In pain a while to part;
'T is by his care we meet again,

And gladness fills our heart.
3 Blest be the hand that has preserved

Our feet from every snare,
And blest the goodness of the Lord,

Which to this hour we share.
4 O, may thy spirit's quickening power

Now sanctify our joy,
And warm our zeal in works of love

Our talents to employ.
5 Fast, fast our minutes fly away ;

Soon shall our wanderings cease ;
Then with our Father we shall dwell,

A family of peace. 810. 8 & 7s. M. (Peculiar.) Parting Gift.

Hope of Meeting.
1 WHEN forced to part from those we love,

Though sure to meet to-morrow,
We still a painful anguish prove, —

We feel a pang of sorrow.
2 But who can e'er describe the tears

We shed when thus we sever,
If doomed to part for months, for years, –
To part perhaps for ever ?

3 Yet, if our aims are fixed aright,

A sacred hope is given
Though here our prospects end in night,

We'll meet again in heaven.
4 Then let us form those bonds above

Which time can ne'er dissever,
Since, parting in a Saviour's love,

We part to meet for ever. 811. 6 & 5s. M. (Peculiar.) SELECT Hviss.

Reunion in Heaten.
1 WHEN shall we meet again ? -

Meet ne'er to sever ?
When will Peace wreath her chain

Round us for ever ?
Our hearts will ne'er repose
Safe from each blast that blows
In this dark vale of woes, –

Never, — no, never !
2 When shall love freely flow

Pure as life's river ?
When shall sweet friendship glow

Changeless for ever ?
Where joys celestial thrill,
Where bliss each heart shall fill,
And fears of parting chill

Never, — no, never !
3 Up to that world of light

Take us, dear Saviour ;
May we all there unite,

Happy for ever :
Where kindred spirits dwell,
There may our music swell,
And time our joys dispel
Never, - no, never !

4 Soon shall we meet again,

Meet ne'er to sever ;
Soon shall Peace wreath her chain

Round us for ever :
Our hearts will then repose
Secure from worldly woes ;
Our songs of praise shall close

Never, -- no, never ! 812.

C. M. Wesley's Coll.

For mutual Edification.
1 HELP us to help each other, Lord,

Each other's cross to bear ;
Let each his friendly aid afford,

And feel his brother's care.
2 Help us to build each other up ;

Our little stock improve ;
Increase our faith, confirm our hope,

And perfect us in love.
3 Up into thee, our living Head,

Let us in all things grow,
Till thou hast made us free indeed,

And spotless here below. 813.

L. M.

The Christian Farewell.
1 THY presence, everlasting God!

Wide o’er all nature spreads abroad;
Thy watchful eyes, which cannot sleep,

In every place thy children keep.
2 While near each other we remain,

Thou dost our lives and souls sustain ;
When sep’rate, happy if we share

Thy smiles, thy counsels, and thy care.
3 To thee we all our ways commit,
And seek our comforts near thy feet ;

Still on our souls vouchsafe to shine,

And guard and guide us still as thine.
4 Give us, in thy beloved house,

Again to pay our grateful vows ;
Or, if that joy no more be known,

Give us to meet around thy throne.
L. M.

HEBER. “Why stand ye idle here?”. 1 THE God of glory walks his round,

From day to day, from year to year,
And warns us each, with awful sound,

“No longer stand ye idle here !
2 “Ye, whose young cheeks are rosy-bright,

Whose hands are strong, whose hearts are clear, Waste not of hope the morning light !

Ah, fools ! why stand ye idle here? 3 “O, if the griefs ye would assuage

That wait on life's declining year,
Secure a blessing for your age,

And work your Master's business here ! 4. “And ye, whose locks of scanty gray

Foretell your latest travail near,
How swiftly fades your worthless day!

And stand ye yet so idle here ?" 5 O Thou, by all thy works adored,

To whom the sinner's soul is dear,
Recall us to thy vineyard, Lord,

And grant us grace to please thee here ! 815.

C. M.
The Blessedness of the Devout.
1 HOW lovely are thy dwellings, Lord,

From noise and trouble free ;
How beautiful the sweet accord

Of souls that pray to thee.


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