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2 Lord God of hosts, that reign'st on high,

They are the truly blest,
Who only will on thee rely,

In thee alone will rest.
3 They pass refreshed the thirsty vale,

The dry and barren ground,
As through a fruitful, watery dale,

Where springs and showers abound.
4 They journey on from strength to strength,

With joy and gladsome cheer,
Till all before our God at length

In Zion do appear.
5 For God, the Lord, both sun and shield,

Gives grace and glory bright;
No good from him shall be withheld

Whose ways are just and right.
816. C. M.

Effects of the Mission of Christ.
1 JOY to the world ! the Lord is coine !

Let earth receive her King ;
Let every heart prepare him room,

And heaven and nature sing.
2 Joy to the earth! the Saviour reigns !

Let men their songs employ ;
While fields, and floods, rocks, hills, and plains,

Repeat the sounding joy.
3 No more let sins and sorrows grow,

Nor thorns infest the ground;
He comes to make his blessings flow

As far as sin is found.
4 He rules the world with truth and grace,

And makes the nations prove
The glories of his righteousness,
And wonders of his love.

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817. 7. M.

For a Prayer Meeting.
1 FATHER, hear us when we pray,

Look in mercy from above;
Turn not, Lord, thy face away,

Hear, and grant thy pardoning love.
2 In the name of Christ we come,

Asking grace and seeking peace,
Raise our hearts to heaven, our home,

And from worldly cares release.
3 Pure and holy may we be,

Far removed all vain desire ;
From all hate and envy free,

Let our souls to thee aspire.
4 While we love the Saviour's name,

And his words with zeal obey,
His sweet promise we may claim; -

“He will meet us when we pray." 818.

S. M.

Morning Prayer Meeting.
| HOW sweet the melting lay,

Which breaks upon the ear,
When, at the hour of rising day,

Christians unite in prayer!
2 The breezes wast their cries

Up to Jehovah's throne;
He listens to their humble sighs,

And sends his blessings down.
3 So Jesus rose to pray

Before the morning light, –
Once on the chilling mount did stay,

And wrestle all the night.
4 Glory to God on high,
Who sends his blessings down



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To rescue souls condemned to die,

And make his people one.
19. 7s. M. 6 L. Spiritual Songs.

Close of a Prayer Meeting.
1 0, 'T IS sweet to mingle where

Christians meet for social prayer ;
0, 't is sweet for them to raise
Songs of holy joy and praise ;
Then how blest that state must be,
When they meet eternally.
2 Father, let these meetings prove

Scenes of servent Christian love;
While we worship in this place
May we go from grace to grace,
Till we each, in his degree,

Fit for endless glory be.

7s. M. Willard's Coll.
Peacemakers are Children of God.
1 LO! they come from east and west;

Come t' enjoy the heavenly rest :
North and south, in bliss complete,
*Round th' eternal altar meet.
2 Countless host! how great ! how blest !

Wondrous joy, and peace, and rest !
What shall fit us, Lord, for this ?

Fit our souls for heavenly bliss ?
3 Peace on earth, and peace alone;

Peace, which makes all churches one;
Peace, the fruit of Christian love,

Fits the soul for peace above.
821. 8 & 7s. M.

C. WESLEY. Domnestic Worship. 1 PEACE be to this habitation ;

Peace to all that dwell therein,

AS Tree

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is done


823. 7. M. 6 L. Ancient HYMNS.

Commendatory of social Worship.
1 EVER sounds with holy hymns

The abode of saints on high,
Echoing to the seraphim's

Holy, holy, holy cry:
Joining that great psalm of praise,

We our humbler voices raise.
2 O'er our temple, Lord of all,

Thy benignant light extend ;
· Here be present at our call ;

Here thy people's vows attend;
And our fainting souls imbue,

Father, with thy heavenly dew.
3 Here may still the meek request

Of the faithful heart obtain
Foretaste of those mansions blest,

Visions bright of glory gain,
Till, from bonds corporeal free,

We those blissful mansions see. 824.

L. M.

For social Worship.
1 OUR God, where'er thy people meet,

There they behold thy mercy-seat;
Where'er they seek thee, thou art sound,

And every place is hallowed ground. 2 For thou, within no walls confined,

Inhabitest the humble mind ;
Such ever bring thee where they come,

And, going, take thee to their home.
3 Here may we prove the power of prayer

To strengthen faith, and sweeten care ;
To teach our faint desires to rise,
And bring all heaven before our eyes.


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