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1860 VIRGILII Idem, interpretatione et notis iliustravit C. Ruæus, in usum Delphini, 4to. half red morocco, uncut, 7s 6d

Paris, 1722 1861 VIRGILIUS, VARIETATE LECTIONIS ET PERPETUA Adnotatione illustrata à

Heyne ; accedunt Indices ; editio novis curis emendata et aucta, 6 vols. 8vo. FINE PAPER, ornamented with 204 beautiful vignettes designed by FIORILLO and engraved by Geyser and with a bust of Heyne, very choice set, red morocco extra, giit leaves, £5. 58

Lips. 1800 Priced, 1832, Payne and Foss, £10. 108; in 1848, £6. 68 and £8. 88; 1840 Jas. Bohn, £6.68.

On Vellum PAPER, priced 1848, Payne and Foss, morocco, £12.128 ; fetched 1854, Sotheby's, morocco, £6. 10s. “ The most beautiful publication of a Latin Classic that the German press has ever produced.”Dibdin. 1862 ------ Idem, illustratus a Heyne, curavit WAGNER, 5 vols. in 4, 8vo. best edition, calf gilt, 38s

Lips. 1830 1863 VIRGILII BUCOLICA et GEORGICA. The Bucolicks and Georgicks of Virgil,

with an English translation and notes by JOAN MARTYN, 2 vols. 4to. LARGE

PAPER, coloured plates, old English red morocco extra, gilt edges, a handsome i - book, £3. 38

London, 1746-49 Priced, 1836, John Bohn, calf, £3. 38. “ I recommended Martyn's edition to my scholars; and I not only allowed, but advised them to bring these books to lesson. The notes must have assisted, and the translation could protect no boy from my searching questions." — Parr. 1864 VOSSII (G. J.) Etymologicon Linguæ LATINÆ, acced. Mazochii Etymol. quam

plurimæ ex Oriente petitæ et Tyrrhenicarum Vocum originationes, 2 vols. folio, BEST EDITION, vellum, scarce, 20s

Neap. 1762-3 Priced, 1847, 258 and 388 ; 1848, Payne and Foss, £2. 128 60. LARGE PAPER, 1848, Payne and Foss, £2. 128 6d. 1865 WACHSMUTH, Hellenische Alterthums-Kunde, 4 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 158 1826-30 1866 WALCKENAER, Géographie ancienne, historique et comparée des Gaules cisalpine

et transalpine, suivie de l'Analyse géographique des itinéraires anciens, et d'un

Index géographique, 3 vols. 8vo. with 4to. atlas of maps, sd. 158 Paris, 1839 1867 WILKINS’ Atheniensia, or remarks on the topography and buildings of Athens, 8vo. plan plate, bds. uncut, 3s

1618 1868 XENOPHONTIS Opera, Graece et Latine, cum notis ed. Schneider, 6 vols. 8vo.calf neat, 20s

Lipsiae, 1778-1806 1869 Zosimus. History of Count Zosimus, Chancellor of the Roman (Byzant.) Em. pire, 8vo. calf, 3s 6d

1814 1870 CLASSICAL TRACTS. 32 Minor works on Greek and Latin poetry : Commentaries,

etc., including Hermann's griechische Staatsalterthümer; Cicciaporci, Etruschi. 1816; Creuzer, Religions de l'Antiquité, 3 vols. Paris, 1825; Bakii Scholia. Hypomnemata; Bailey's Diatribe ; Madvig, Lateinische Sprachlehre, 1843 ; Macgregor’s Greek Anthology ; David's Parallel of the Hellenic and Greek tongues, in modern Greek; Dr. Johnson's Marmor Norfolciense; Robertson's Earliest Inhabitants of Italy, 1858 ; Wakefield’s Translations from the Ancients; etc.—the lot, a bargain, 128

1751-1857 BIBLES AND TESTAMENTS. 1871 BIBLIA SACRA POLYGLOTTA, complectentia Textus Originales, Hebrai

cum, (cum Pentateucho Samaritano), Chaldaicum, Græcum, versionesque antiquas, Samaritanam, Græcam, Chaldaicam, Syriacam, Arabicam Æthiopicam, Persicam, et Vulgatam Latinam, cum omnium Translationibus Latinis, et ap. paratu, appendicibus, tabulis, &c., edidit Brianus WALTONUS, 6 vols. Lond. 1657 –E. CASTELLI, Lexicon Heptaglotton, Heb. Chald. Syr. Sam. Æthiop. Arab. et Pers. cum omnium Grammaticis, 2 vols. ib. 1669–together 8 vols. royal folio, copies supplied for £20. and upwards

1657-69 Priced, 1831, Thorpe, with both prefaces, £45. ; 1831, Payne and Foss, vellum, £36. ; 1837, Payne and Foss, with the Royal dedication, mor. £52. 108, russia, £42. By auction a copy sold in 1855, with the genuine dedication to Charles II., and the reprint, morocco, £33.

« On this wonderful performance the voice of criticism has been uniformly favourable. No praise can transcend its merits. Various are the authorities, both in this country and on the Continent, which have spoken of it in a grateful and commendatory manner. This Polyglot,' says Michaelis, is of the utmost importance to a critic, not only on account of the extracts which it

contains from a variety of important MSS., but particularly on account of the Oriental versions from which he must collect important readings to the New Testament, etc.'"- Dibdin.

“Cette Polyglotte est celle, qu'on recherche d'avantage, parce qu'elle est plus complète et plus correcte que les autres, et qu'elle contient neuf langues differentes. Les savants qui, après Walton et le D. Castelli, ont le plus contribué à sa publication, soit en revoyant les textes, ou en les traduisant, soit en fournissant d'importantes collations, soit enfin en aidant l'editeur de leurs conseils, sont l'archevêque Usher, Herbert Thorndike, Edw. Pococke, Th. Greaves, Abrah. Wheelock, Sam. Clarke, Dudley Loftus, Th. Hyde, Alex. Huish, Th. Pierce, &c.”- Brunet.

This Polyglot is of the utmost importance to a critic, not only on account of the extracts which it contains from a variety of important MSS., but particularly on account of the Oriental versions, from which he must collect various readings to the New Testament. Though several of the MSS. which are quoted in the Polyglot have since that time been more accurately collated, and no one would now have recourse to that edition for the readings of the Codex Alexandrinus or Cantabrigiensis; yet some of the MSS. which Usher had collected, have never since been examined, Mill and Wetstein having inserted those readings in their collections as they found them in the Polyglot. Now, as errors of the press are unavoidable, especially in a work like Wetstein's, it is necessary to have recourse to the Polyglot whenever a doubt arises in regard to the accuracy of a quotation by Mill or Wetstein, in order to see whether these MSS., which were collated for the London Polyglot, bave the readings in question or not.”Bp. Marsh's Michælis. 1872 BIBLIA SACRA POLYGLOTTA, Textus Archetypos Versionesque præcipuas

ab Ecclesia antiquitùs receptas necnon Versiones recentiores Anglicanam, Germanicam, Italicam, Gallicam et Hispanicam, complectentia, accedunt Prolegomena in Textum, Archetyporum, Versionumque Antiquarum Crisin Literalem, auctore Samuele Lee, 2 vols. 4to. (pub. at £9. 108) blue morocco, gilt leaves, rare, £6. 6s

Londini, Bagster, 1831 The only compact Polyglot edition of the Bible, now very scarce. Copies fetched, 1853, Sotheby's, £7.; 1858, Hodgson's, £5.78 6d. Large Paper, folio, 1845, Thorpe, mor. £10. 108; 1853, Dr. Hawtrey's copy, £8. 128 6d. 1873 BIBLIA SACRA POLYGLOTTA : Genesis to Ruth, Ebraice, Chaldaice, Graece, Latine,

Germanice et Gallice, studio HUTTERI, stout folio, vellum, 15s Norimb. 1599 1874 Novum TESTAMENTUM Polyglottum : Syriacè, Ebraicè, Graecè, Latinè, Ger

manicè, Bohemicè, Italicè, Hispanicè, Gallicè, Anglicè, Danicè, Polonicè, studio

et labore Eliæ Hutteri, 2 vols. folio, calf, rare, £2. 10s Noribergæ, 1599 Priced, 1848, Payne and Foss, £4. 48; Dawson Turner's copy, 1853, fetched, £3.

In this edition of the New Testament, the editor has given a copy of the Hebrew Text, similar to that of his celebrated edition of the Old Testament Scriptures in Hebrew; the great peculiarity of which is, that the serviles are indicated by the letters being formed in the open character. By this means, together with the plan adopted of supplying, in a diminutive character, those letters of the root that are dropped, the work, especially to the Hebrew student, is rendered invaluable. 1875 JONAH POLYGLOTT. The Book of Jonah in four Semitic versions, viz. Chal

dee, Syriac, Aethiopic, and Arabic, with corresponding Glossaries by W. Wright, 8vo. (pub. at 78 6d) cloth, 4s 6d

1857 1876 PSALTERIUM (Polyglotte): Hebræum, Græcum, Arabicum et Chaldæum, cum

tribus latinis interpretationibus et glossis, studio A. Justiniani, folio, curious old stamped binding, 36s

nuæ, P. Porrus, 1516 A Life of Christopher Columbus is inserted in a Note on the 19th Psalm, Coeli enarrant.

Priced, 1837 and 1840, Payne and Foss, £3. 38 ; 1848, Tross, mor. 100 fr. A copy on vellum (first two leaves on paper) was priced, 1840, Payne and Foss, £14. 148. 1877 POLYGLOTT SPECIMENS of the Bible, 4to. 59 leaves from as many Bibles, neatly

mounted, sd.58 1878 Albanian and Romaic New Testament, large 8vo. calf, 10s Corfu, 1827 1879 St. Matthew, 12mo. hf. bd. 2s 6d

Corfu, 1824 1880 Amharic. Bible, Old Testament, Sign. A—6 G., New Testament, *B_*SS.

edited by the Revd. Thos. P. Platt, 4to. no title, calf, very neat, 12s (? 1850) 1881 Biblia sacra, in linguam Amharicam vertit Abu-Rumi Habessinus, ed. Th. Pelí Platt, 4to. Sign. B-2 H., cloth, 5s

1844 1882 - PSALTERIUM Davidis, 12mo. cloth, 4s 6d

1833 1883 Novum TESTAMENTUM, in linguam Amharicam vertit Abu- Rumi Habessinus, ed. Th. Pell Platt, sm. 4to. cloth, 3s 6d

1829 1884 the same, sm. 4to. calf neat, 5s

1829 1885 Anglo-Saxon. HEPTATEUCHUS, liber Job, et Evangelium Nicodėmi AngloSaxonice, ed. E. Thwaites, 8vo. 15s

Oxoniæ, 1699

1886 PSALMORUM (Libri) Versio Antiqua Latina, cum Paraphrasi Anglo-Saxonica,

partim soluta Oratione, partim Metrice composita, &c. descripsit et ed. B.

Thorpe, 8vo. facsimile, half russia, 108 6d 1887 the same, 8vo. hf. calf, 9s

Oxonii, 1835

1835 1888 Arabic. Biblia Sacra Arabica Sacra Congregationis de Propaganda fide

jussu edita ad usum Ecclesiarum Orientalium, additis e regione Biblis Latinis Vulgatis, ex recensione, studio et labore Sergii Risii, 3 vols. folio, hf. vellum, 20s

Romæ, 1771 Priced, 1828, Payne and Foss, £3. 68; 1837, Dolman, £ 4. 148 6d ; 1832, Dondé-Dupré, 88 fr. and 90 fr.; 1832, 1840; 1848, Payne and Foss, £5. 58. 1889 BIBLE (Holy) in the Arabic Language, 4to. calf, 5s Newcastle upon Tyne, 1811 1890 another edition, 8vo. calf neat, 3s 6d

London, 1822 1891 Novum TESTAMENTUM, edente Th. Erpenio, sm. 4to. vellum, 78 6d Leidae, 1616 1892 NEW TESTAMENT, 8vo. bds. 2s 1893 NEW TESTAMENT, by Sabat, 8vo. calf neat, 2s 6d

Calcutta, 1826 1894

another edition, Sabat, 8vo. calf, 2s 6d 1895 Armenian BIBLE, 4to, calf, 5s

1805 1896

Modern Armenian Old and New Testament, Western Dialect, 4to. calf, 7s 6d

1853 1897 the same, the Old Testament only, 2 vols. 12mo. bd. 68

1841 1898 Novum TESTAMENTUM, Armenice, thick 12mo. plates, BEAUTIFUL COPY, in the

original binding, gilt edges, the sides completely covered with elaborate gold tooling, 25s

Amst: 1698 A very rare and valuable edition, based upon original Armenian MSS. 1899 NEW TESTAMENT, in the Ancient and modern languages, 8vo. calf, 6s 1825 1900 the same, the Ancient Language, 12mo. bd. 2s 6d

1854 1901 the New Testament, 12mo. bd. 2s 6d

1842 1902 the same, new edition, 12mo. bd. 2s 6d

1849 1903 Armeno-Turkish. Old and New Testament, 3 vols. 12mo. calf extra, gilt edges, 158

Smyrna, 1841-43 1904 Psalms, 18mo. hf. bd. 1s 6d

1843 1905 Assam, New Testament, translated by the Serampore Missionaries, 8vo. calf, 58

Serampore, 1820 1906 Aymara. San Lucas, traducido al Aymará por V. Pazos-Kanki, al Español por Ph. Scio de San Miguel, 12mo. calf, 4s

1829 1906*Basque; Testament Berria, the New Testament, 8vo. calf, 108 Bayonan, 1828 1907 S. Mathiuren, 8vo. sewed, 3s 6d

Bayonan, 1825 1908 Bengali New Testament, 8vo. calf neat, 2s 6d

Serampore, (P 1830) 1909

and English, St. Matthew and St. John, 8vo. cf. 38 6d Calcutta, 1819 1910 COMMON PRAYER and other Rites of the Church, in Bengali, 8vo. bds. not published, 108

Calcutta, 1840 1911 Berber. Extrait d'une traduction MS. en langue berbère de quelques parties

de l'écriture sainte, contenant XII chapitres de S. Luc, 8vo. with the vowel points, calf, 58

Londres, 1833 1912 Bohemian, BIBLIA BOHEMICA: Biblii Kzecka, folio, many woodcuts, a remarkably fine tall copy, in the original binding, £6. 6s

Venetiis, in edibus Petri Liechtenstein, 1506 Title and some leaves at the beginning and end mended; the Register, after the Colophon consists of 3 leaves only, and is apparently imperfect, the copy is therefore sold not subject to collation.

This version for the use of the Hussites, by Benatska, is not mentioned by Brunet. This Bohemian work, printed at Venice, is even scarcer than the Illyrian Preces and the Breviarium Croaticum twice printed by the Andreas Asulanus in the same city. Consult Ungar, and the various notices by the bibliographers Le Long, Goetze, Clement, Videkind, Kleich, and Elsner, who all speak unequivocally of its rarity and value.

The only Catalogues in which I have traced copies of this rare Bible are those of Thorpe ; he stated in his earliest Catalogue, without date, that no other copy but bis, priced, mor. £.16. 168, exists in this country ; re-priced, 1834, £25. ; 1836 and 1840, mor. £21. 1913 BIBLI Czeski, stout folio, woodcuts, slightly imperfect, calf, rare, 30s 1557

Of the rare folio edition of the Bohemian Bible, 1557, a copy with the woodcuts badly coloured, in morocco, fetched at Dr. Hawtrey's sale, 1853, 14 guineas.

The first Protestant translation, printed at the expense of the Baron John Zerotinus, 6 vols, 4to. Kralitz, 1579, fetched, 1854, £10. 108.

1914 BIBLI Czeski, another edition, stout folio, woodcuts, slightly imperfect, old calf, brass corners, scarce, 128

1560 1915

to gest Biblj Swata, stout 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, 108 Berlin, 1813 1916 to gest Biblj Swata, 8vo. calf, 2s 6d

Berljne, 1813 1917 another edition, 8vo. calf, 4s

Gynsu, 1840 1918 Nowy Zakonwnowe de Tesstiny prekozeny: Bohemian Testament, 18mo. fine copy in red morocco, gilt edges, 32s

Wytissteny, 1596 1919 Breton. Testamant nevez. Trôet é Brezounek, gant T. F. M. M. A. LE GONIDEC, 12mo. calf, 78

Angoulem, 1827 1920 Bullom and English. Book hoa Matthew, 12mo. calf, 68

1816 1921 Canarese Gospels, 8vo. calf, 3s 6d

Serampore, (P 1820 1922 Carshun, New Testament, 4to. calf, 28 60

(? 1830) 1923 Carshun and Syriac. New Testament in the Carshun and Syriac Dialects,

printed upon VELLUM PAPER, roy. 4to. cf. neat, 78 6d Lond. Bible Soc. ca. 1830 1924 Chaldee. Gospels. 4to. calf, 58

(P 1840) 1925 Chinese, The Bible, 5 parts, impl. 8vo. in a case, 68 Serampore, 1815-22 1926 Coptic and Arabic Psalter, very small 4to. bd. 2s 6d

1826 1927 Coptic, Novum TESTAMENTUM Ægyptium vulgo Copticum, Coptice et Latine, ed. Wilkins, 4to. calf, 158

Oxon. 1716 1928

Gospels (the four) in Coptic and Arabic, small 4to. calf, 38 6d 1829 1929 Danish. Biblià, det er: den ganske Hellige Skrifts Boger, 8vo. calf, 7s 6d

Kiobenhavn, 1819 1930 another edition, 8vo. calf, 78 6d

London, 1829 1931 another edition, 8vo. calf, 58

Christiania, 1835 1932 the same, 8vo. calf, 58

ib. 1844 1933 Psalmernes Bog. 8vo. sewed, 1s

Christiania, 1851 1934 English, Holy BIBLE with Notes explanatory and practical, by D'Oyley and

Mant, 3 vols. royal 4to. maps and many fine plates after Paintings by the great Masters, engraved by Moses, Cooke, a very handsome copy in russia extra, gold borders, gilt edges, £3.38

Oxford, 1817 D'Oyley and Mant's

is the best “ Family Bible," even biblical Scholars will consult it profitably. 1935 Esquimaux. Pentateuch, Psalter, and New Testament, 3 vols. 12mo. blue

neat, 108

London, 1841-30-40 1936 HARMONY of the Evangelists : Nalegapta, 12mo. hf. bd. 2s

1810 1937 GOSPELS, 12mo. bd. 2s

1813 1938 Esthonian. Piibli Ramat, 8vo, calf, 10s

Peterburri Linnas, 1822 1939 NEW TESTAMENT: Weie Issanda Jesusse Kristusse Uus Testament ehk

Jummala Ue Sädusse, sm. 4to. black morocco, gilt edges, rare, 218 Tallinnas, 1715 1940 Ethiopic. Primi Ezrae libri, in medium prolata, et latine angliceque reddita, a R. Laurence, 8vo. calf, 4s 6d

Oxoniae, 1820 1941 PSALTERIUM Davidis, Æthiopice et Latine, cum variis Lectionibus et notis Ludol. phi, sm. 4to. half vellum, 78 6d

Franc. 1701 1942 Psalterium Davidis, 8vo. bds. 2s

1815 1943

Ascensio Isaiae Vatis, opusculum pseudepigraphum, nunc autem apud Aethiopas compertum, et cum versione latina anglicanaque factum a R. LAURENCE, 8vo. calf, 58

Oxoniae, 1819 Bound up with it is : The Book of Enoch the prophet, an apocryphal production, translated by the same, Oxford, 1821. 1944 Novum TESTAMENTUM, edidit Th. Pell Platt, sm. 4to. calf, 6s

1830 1945 EVANGELIA Sancta, Aethiopice, ed. Platt, sm. 4to. calf, 28 6d Londini, 1826 1946 PLATT'S (Th. Pell) CATALOGUE of the ETHIOPIC BIBLICAL MSS. in the R.

Libr. of Paris, and in the Libr. of the Brit. and For. Bible Soc., with an account' of those in the Vatican, Specimens of Versions of the N. T. into the modern languages of Abyssinia, etc. 4to. bds. 58

1823 1947 the same, 4to. russia extra, gilt edges, 10s

1823 1948 Finnish, BIBLIA, se on Coco pyha ramattu etc. thick folio, FIRST EDITION, woodcuts, a good copy in the original stamped binding, rare, £4.

Stockholm, H. Keisarilda, 1642 A perfect copy, the title is printed within an ornamental border, the blank part at the bottom cut off, but could easily be mended. On the back of it, a curious large book-plate is pasted. The

preface is signed by Aeschillus PETRAEUS, H. J. Hoffmann, M. M. Stodius et G. Matthæus. I possessed Dr. Hawtrey's copy, and sold it, 1857, for £10. 1949 Biblia eli Pyha Raamattu, Wanha ja Uusi Testamenti, 8vo. calf, 108

St. Pietarborisa, 1817 1950 Uusi Testamenti ja Psaltari, 8vo. calf, 4.8

Helsingissa, 1851 1951 Flemish. Het oude Testament naar den laasten Roomschen text with het nieuwe Testament, 8vo. calf, 78:6d

after the edition of 1599 (P 1840) 1952 - het NIEUWE TESTAMENT, 12mo. cf. 2s 6d after the edition of 1717, Brussel, 1825 1953 French. LA SAINTE BIBLE, les Psaumes en vers François, le Catéchisme, des

Oraisons, etc. revus par les Pasteurs de l'Eglise de Geneve, 3 vols. in 1, stout folio, with the Apocrypha, and the Music of the Psalms, bound in sealskin, gilt edges, 188

Geneve, 1712 1954 BIBLE (La Sainte) traduite sur les Textes originaux avec les Differences de la

Vulgate, 12mo. a very scarce edition, fine copy in old French red morocco, gilt edges, 308

Cologne, 1739 This was King Louis Philippe's copy, which was kept for his private use when at his Chateau de Neuilly. 1955 LA SAINTE BIBLE, 12mo. calf, 2s 6d

Londres, 1817 1956 LA SAINTE BIBLE, d'après l'édition de J. F. Ostervald, 4to. calf extra, gilt leaves, 10s

Lausanne (Soc. biblique), 1822 1957 French and Latin. Sainte Bible de Vence, en Latin et en Français,

avec des notes littéraires, critiques et historiques, des préfaces et des dissertations par Calmet, de Vence, etc. revue par Drach, 27 vols. 8vo. maps, half calf neat, marbled edges, £2. 108

Bruxelles, 1829-33 “ Cette traduction est enrichie de nombreuses et savantes notes par l'éditeur, qui est très versé dans la langue Hébraique.”—Brunet. 1958 NOUVEAU TESTAMENT, reveu et conferé sur les Textes Grecs par les Pasteurs et

Professeurs de l'Eglise de Genève, Charenton, par Pierre Des-Hayes, 8. d. Les Pseaumes de David mis en Rime Françoise par Clement Marot et Theodore de Beze, avec la Forme des Prieres Ecclesiastiques, le Catechisme, Confession de Foi, &c. with the Tunes, ib. s. d. (XVIIth Century), in one vol. 4to. a magnificent specimen of old red MOROCCO, gilt edges, having the sides and back

completely covered with elaborate and minute gold tooling by Le Gascon, £4. 4s 1959 Gaelic." Leabhraichean an T-Seann Tiomnaidh agus an Tiomnaidh Nuaidh, 8vo. calf, 58

London, 1821 1960 An T-SEAN Tiomnaidh, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, 4s

Edinb. 1807 1961 Galla. Evangelium Matthaei translatum in linguam Gallarum, auctore Krapf, 18mo. cloth, 3s 6d

Ankobari, regni Shoanorum capitalis, 1841 1962 Georgian Testament, in the Church character, 4to. calf, 78 6d (P 1820) 1963 German Pentaglott. Biblia Pentapla. Die Bücher der Heiligen Schrift

nach fünffacher Deutscher Verdolmetschung ; [Five different Versions of the Scriptures, printed in parallel columns], 5 vols. in 3, small 4to. half vellum, 20s

Hamb. 1711 The 5 versions are: I. The Roman Catholic by Ulenberg; II. The Evangelical by Luther ; III. The Evangelical-Reformed, by Piscator; IV. The Jewish, by Athiae and Reitz ; V. The Dutch of the States-general. 1964 DIE BIBEL oder die ganze Heilige Schrift nach der Uebersetzung Luthers, stout 12mo. with references, calf, 3s 6d

London, 1821 1965 DIE Heilige Schrift des Alten und Nueun Testaments, uebersetzt von Dr. W.

M. L. de Wette, 3 vols. 8vo. (pub. at 18s sd.) hf. bd.calf, 12s Heidelberg, 1831-2 1966

das Neue Testaments, von Kistemaker, 12mo. calf, 2s 60 Minster, 1825 1967 BIBLIA SAXONICA: Niedersächsische Bibel : Biblia Dudesch, 2 vols. folio, many

bold woodcuts (the same as those in the Cologne Bible), remarkably fine copy, stamped hogskin, with clasps, £10.

Halberstad (date on woodcut-frontispiece, 1520) 1522 Carefully described by Goeze, in his “ Historie der gedruckten Niedersächsischen Bibeln von 1470-1621,4to. Halle, 1675, pp. 95-105. Goeze mentions (pages 104-5) that this Bible is very scarce, even more so than the Lubeck edition; he never saw any other copy beyond his own; he thinks that Luther's version, appearing shortly after the present, must have injured its sale to that extent, that a large portion of the entire edition may have got used as waste paper. Goeze concludes by calling this edition “ A JEWEL,” the sight of which must always be pleasant to a connoisseur of Literary treasures.

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