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folio, with upwards of SIXTY ORIENTAL ILLUMINATIONS, exhibiting the Costumes of the East, their Battles, Tournaments, and Feats of Arms, with the War Horses richly caparisoned, Judicial Groups, Conversational and other Parties; the whole figured in very brilliant colours, heightened with gold, &c. this very finely preserved Manuscript would be of considerable importance in the East, blue mo.. rocco, with a broad margin, almost uncut, a great curiosity, £26. 58

From the collection of Prince Ghoolam Mohumed, Son of Tippoo Sultan. 2338 SADI'S BOSTAN, an old Persian MS. 8vo. with beautifully ornamented title and. 6 ILLUMINATIONS, stained, Persian binding, £2..


NATIONS OF THE HINDOO RELIGION, with some PORTRAITS OF INDIAN AND PERSO-INDIAN PRINCES, together 111 EXQUISITE DRAWINGS, comprising about. 250 subjects, the largest measuring 14 inches by 10, carefully designed and executed in RICH COLOURS AND GOLD by most accomplished Native Artists during the last Century, Persian and Sanscrit names above each Drawing, with unar. ranged English explanations made in India; all the Drawings mounted, and bound in 4 vols. folio, old blue morocco, gilt edges, £63.

(ca. 1750) A Collection important for its artistic and Mythological value. The Hindoo Pantheon surpasses that of Greece by the extraordinary variety in the forms of its Gods, and by their still more wonderful achievements. The belief of the Hindoos in these Heroes of the Vedas is universal and likely to remain so, in spite of civilising and missionary efforts. To all students of the Vedantic philosophy the above collection will be highly instructive, it ought to find a resting place in some Public Library in England or on the Continent, 2340 MINIATURE PORTRAITS OF THE MOGUL EMPERORS OF INDIA :

a superb unpublished Gallo-Indian MS. comprising 100 Portraits, exquisitely executed by first-rate native Artists of the time, and 125 Drawings of Coins, with Biographies of each Sovereign, the whole arranged according to Dynasties by GENTIL, Chev. de l'ordre roy. dułmilitaire de Louis, Capitaine au service de France dans l'Inde; with the title HISTOIRE DES PIECES DE MONNOYE QUI ONT ÉTÉ FRAPPÉES DANS L'INDOSTAN, tirée de plusieurs historiens du pays à FAIZABAD, 1773, folio, rich old red morocco, gilt edges, Arms on sides, in a strong leather

box, £21.

From the date and the place of composition, it can be seen that this splendid MS. was got up when valuable materials existed still, which have since been lost. The Coins are all authentic, many of them represent objects of Indian Mythology. Mr. EDWARD THOMAS, author of the “ Coins of the Patan Sultans,” stated to me that this superb manuscript was “A VERY GREAT LITERARY CURIOSITY." 2341 JAVANESE BIBLE STORIES, a Series of about 31 leaves made from mulberry

tree, with 12 excessively rude DRAWINGS, showing the infancy of Art in Java,

and a quaint conception of the Creation, fol. superb yellow morocco binding, £5.55 2342 SECUNDER NAMEH. BURRY and BHURRY, Å very richly decorated PER

SIAN Manuscript, written within FILLETS OF GOLD, round each page, while between every line and column throughout the volume is an ornament also of gold, folio, WITH FORTY MINIATURE ILLUMINATIONS, many the whole size of the page,

ALL BRILLIANTLY PAINTED AND FINISHED WITH GOLD, green morocco, £25. 2343 PERSIAN DRAWINGS. A Collection of FIFTY-THREE highly-finished Persian

Drawings in colours, consisting of Portraits of Shahs, Allegorical, Domestic, and other subjects, some with descriptions, and mostly within ornamental borders on floreated groundwork, the whole HEIGHTENED WITH GOLD AND SILVER, and mounted on FORTY-NINE sheets of stout native cardboard, measuring 16 inches by

11}) 2 vols. folio, in elegantly tooled Persian bindings, £20.

These volumes are very beautiful specimens of Persian Art. They are offered at a very mode. rate price. 2341 DRAWINGS of EASTERN COSTUME, comprising 71 full-length Figures (many

of them Portraits) of all Classes and Races in the Ottoman Dominions, some of them executed with artistic skill, the names beneath each drawing in Turkish and French, size averaging 5 inches by 7, carefully mounted on tinted paper,

4to. blue morocco extra, gilt edges, £4. 2345 DRAWINGS of TURKISH SULTANS, a complete Series of 30 Portraits, executed

in a superior style of Eastern Art, each drawing measuring 7 inches by 10, 4to. native binding, £3.

Both these collections were brought from the East by Sir Grenville Temple.

2346 JAPANESE DRAWINGS, a Series of 12 very curious coloured Drawings,

mostly Views in Japan, very neatly mounted between two folio boards, £3. 38 2347 PERSIAN ALBUM, 63 pp. of superb Persian Caligraphy, surrounded by a

variety of gold borders, and further embellished by 5 DRAWINGS, small folio,

unbound, £2. 2349 ARABIC MSS. AL-NATAFI, Commentary upon Kanz-el-Dekaik, a

Work on Mahommedan Jurisprudence, in Arabic, 3 vols. small folio, finely

written, rough calf, £3. 108 2349 ARABIC Grammar, in Arabic, written in a neat and bold hand, with marginal and

interlinear annotations in different hands, 8vo. 166 pp. bd. 5s 2350 BELLARMINI Expositio doctrinae Christianae, Arabice et latine, scripsit J. Caillamer, MS. on paper, 16mo. vellum, 2s 6d

Melitae, 1640 2351 COMMENTARY on the Mohammedan Law of Jurisprudence, a very interest

ing Arabic MS. very well written in the Talik character, sm. 4to. 552 pp native binding, 30s

This volume was taken by a German trooper from a Turkish Pasha. It remained in Southern Germany for about 200 years, and has now found its way to England. 2352 DERVISTICAL CHARM, or Incantation, neatly written, in Arabic, on two long nar

row rolls of paper, each 2} inchos broad, and nearly 5 feet long, ornamented with mystical circles and squares, inscribed in some places with unintelligible cabalistic

characters, 78 6d 2353 DICTIONARY. AN ARABIC and TURKISH Dictionary, with all the Arabic

words explained in Turkish, sm. 4to. (valued by Mr. Catafago at £2.) bound, 158

This old Manuscript was copied at Constantinople in the year 934 of the M. E., or about 341 years ago. It is to be regretted that the name of the author does not exist in it. 2354 DIZIONARIO Arabo-Italiano, sm. 4to. 636 pp. neatly written, vellum, 78 6d 1820 2355 FARED-AL-DIVAN, Arabic Poems in MS. 8vo. 140 pp. native binding, 58 2356 - the same, 4to. 104 pp. a neatly written modern transcript, calf, 7s 6d 2357 FATUH-AL-MISR-WA-SAAID, the Conquests of Lower and Upper Egypt and

Neighbouring Countries, 1 vol. sm. square 4to. 330 pp. eastern binding, £2. 58 2358 FATUH-AS SHAM, or Mahommedan Conquests in Syria, Egypt and Arabian

Irak, said to be the third vol. of the work ; probably part of Al-Wakadi, in 1 vol.

small folio, 224 pp. well written, £5. 58 2359 GHITI ALLOGAT, an Arabic Lexicon, explained in Persian, neatly written in

Taalik, the words explained being marked in red, and written in Neskhi, written

A. H. 1108, answering to A.D. 1696, folio, 646 pp. 188 2360 HARIRI. The Makamāt Hariri, a great classical composition, consisting of 50

Discourses, read or spoken in public, by Abu Mohammed Casen of Bussora, who died a.d. 1121, fully described by Stewart in his Catalogue of Tippoo's Library,

folio, 340 pp. neatly written, with the vowels, oriental binding, 36s 2361 MAKAMAT-IL-HARIRI. The Treatises of Hariri, folio, in a bold hand, 20s 2362 IBN HELIKAN’S Works : a very ancient and nearly complete copy in the

correct and very clear handwriting of the learned Zouli, 3 vols. folio, rare, £4. 2363 KAFI,“ Sharh-al-Mu'arribāt.” An Arabic Grammar, copied Anno Hegiræ 1259 (A.D. 1842), 4to. 92 pp. hf. bd. 78 6d

Saec. XIX 2364 KANZ-AL-LOGAT. A well-known Arabic and Persian Dictionary, by Mohammad

bin-'Abd-al-Khālik, a Persian MS. in old handwriting, sm. 4to. 600 pp. ods. 12s 2365 KHUZANET-AL-MOOFTEEN, the Treasure of Wisdom, an Arabic Treatise

on the Knowledge of Religion, &c. by the eminent Hoosen Humafy, folio,

upwards of 600 pages beautifully written, calf neat, £3. 2366 KITAB-AL-MUSTATRIF, a Book of Novelties, in Arabic, folio, Oriental binding, £3. 38

Saec. XVÍ This miscellaneous work in prose and verse, divided into 84 chapters, contains a great variety of subjects, such as religion, moral philosophy, etc. etc., and describes the wonders of the earth, mountains, etc. etc. The anonymous author says, that he has compiled it from the Korān, the traditious, the history of Hermits, the work of Zamakhshari, etc. etc. 2367 ALKORAN, Arabic MS. in a very neat hand, with all the vowel points, sm. 12mo.

strong oriental binding, 258 2368 KORAN, in Arabic, MS. elegantly written within MYSTICAL CIRCLES on each page, 18mo. 674 pp. native binding, 21s

ca. 1700 . A great caligraphic achievement, there occurring not a single division in any of the words, though the circles are only 21 inches in diameter.

2369 KORAN COMMENTARY. A most extensive and valuable Commentary, expound

ing, as is believed, according to the Doctrine of the Sect of Shiites, all the Soorahs of the Koran, 2 stout vols. folio, MS. very beautifully written, Indian bind

ing, £4. 10s 2370 Law (Mohammedan) an Arabic MS. on, sm. stout folio, very old and written in

a peculiar way, with many commentaries, old binding, poor condition, 10s 2371 MOHAMMEDAN Prayer Book, Arabic and Turkish MS. including some chapters of the Koran, etc. 16mo. 388 pp. native binding, 6s

ca. 1670 2372 MOHAMMEDAN Prayers, an Arabic MS. with the vowel points, beautifully written

in the Talik character, the chapier headings executed in gold, each line divided and every page bordered by gold and coloured lineation, the initial page elegantly

ornamented, sm. 8vo. 280 pp. morocco extra, gilt edges, 258 2373 MOTANEBBI. Diewan-il-Mettineby : the Poems of Mettineby, an Arabic MS.

12mo. red morocco, 18s 2374 MUHAMMAD IBN-AL-HUSSAIN-IL-KURKHI, Kitab-al-Kāfi fi 'Ilm-al-Hissāb,” &c.

a Treatise on Arithmetic and Geometry, Land Surveying, &c. in Arabic, 4to. 240 pp. 36s

Saec. XVIII A most valuable and scarce Arabic work ; beautifully written in the Nashk character. 2375 MūLLA SALIH, the Ghayatal-Itkan fi Tadbir Badan al Insan: A voluminous Med

ical and Chemical work in Arabic, fol. 520 pp. bd. in red sheep, £3.3s Saec. XVII.

An important work taken from numerous Greek and Latin authors, quoted by the author, and amongst whom Galen is one of the most conspicuous. The last anonymous author of this compilation says that the work was commenced by Mūlla Salih Effendi, who died without finishing it, and that then it was continued by Mūlla Yahya Effendi, who being appointed Cadi of Rome (Constantinople according to D'Herbelot, the New Antioch, built by Nūsbirwan,) had no time to complete it, and therefore " he entrusted it to me the Fakir (the poor, the humble, &c.". In all probability this work, of wbich we have found no mention whatever, would increase our information relating to the amount of Greek and Latin Science which had penetrated amongst the Mohammedans, and it would be interesting to compare it with the well known works of Abulchasis Iber Sinā, &c., as well as other Arabic works recently reviewed in the Journal Asiatique by M. Mullet, Dr. Sanguinetti, and other Orientalists. One of the most curious chapters contained in the present manuscript relates to the various symptoms and effects of the biting of venomous animals, such as snakes, serpents, scorpions, &c. &c. We could not find any mention of this work in the learned work of M. Wenrich, on the translations of Greek authors into Arabic. 2376 NASHIYA. A Commentary on Nashiya of Mulla Julal or Logic, 8vo. a very old

Arabic MS. mended, bound, 12s 2377 SAB'AT ASRAR-AL L-ILLAHIYAH, or “Nuzhat-al-Nafūs.” The Seven Revelations

of God, or the Delight of the Soul. (An Arabic Christian work, containing seven chapters on the Birth of Christ, Moses, David, Solomon, the Soul, Death, and the Day of Judgment. By two Priests named Rahiyah and Kasīs, written at Bawūna in Egypt, A. D. 1479), folio, 216 pp. hf. cloth, 36s

Saec. XV. An interesting work which seems perfectly unknown. 2378 SELECTIONS from the difficult portions of the Mohammedan Law, an Arabic MS.

sm. 4to. 219 pp. the Commentary being interlineal, native binding, 7s 6d 2379 SIRAJ-EL-WAHHAJ. A Valuable Commentary on Mahommedan Religious

Sects, &c. in Arabic, 2 stout vols. roy. 8vo. finely written, cf. £2.5s 2380 ASSYRIAN INSCRIPTIONS: The RUBBINGS of all the Cuneiform Inscrip

tions at Susa, taken by W. K. Loftus, Esq., in 1850, in all 160 pieces, most dis

tinctly executed upon a thick greyish paper, the lot £5. The attention of great Public Libraries is drawn to this lot. On my becoming proprietor of the late Mr. Loftus' Library, 1 offered the above to the British Museum, but it appears from a letter of Sir Henry Rawlinson to whom I submitted these Rubbings, that they are a duplicate Series of those supplied by Mr. Loftus to the British Museum. Mr. L. received from the Trustees £500. a year for his Assyrian labours. I doubt whether all these rubbings are published; the printed Series seems to have been interrupted by Mr. Loftus's journey to India ; returning from there his death took place. A set of the printed (lithographed) Inscriptions can be had for 12s. 2381 BURMESE. JATAKA, à Burmese MS., beautifully written with a style

on 163 Talipot or Palmyrene leaves, in capital preservation, between 2 oak boards, gilt edges, £2.

“ Canterbury, Febr. 21, 1858. The MS. which you sent me for examination contains a portion of a Burmese translation from the Pali of the JATAKA, a legendary or mythological account of the former births of Buddha. I have put the leaves in order, so that any one wishing to consult the MS. may casily find out what is wanting to complete the copy."--R. Rost.



2382 VISUDDHIMAGGO, a Burmese MANUSCRIPT, written on 267 palm leaves,

measuring 2 inches by 20, between richly carved boards, a fine specimen of Oriental Art-workmanship, 24.

“ Canterbury, Aug. 22, 1858. I return to you the Burmese MS. with many thanks. It contains a Burmese translation of a Pali work called Visuddhimaggo, or the Path to Purity, by Buddhaghoso, which is one of the most highly esteemed books in Buddhistic literature. The MS. is imperfect, but still it is a curiosity.

copy of the original, with a Pali commentary, is in the British Museum.”R. Rost. 2383 COPTIC: LOGHAT-AL-Sa'idi-WA-AL-'ARABI: A Saidic (Coptic dialect) and

Arabic Grammar and Dictionary, folio, 200 pp. on glazed paper, half bound, £12.

Saec. XVII. This important manuscript is finely written in red and black, on glazed paper, with an ornamental cross as frontispiece. To use the words of Mr. Neale (a General Introduction to the His. tory of the Eastern Church, vol. II. p. 1207, plate) Coptic manuscripts are of excessive rarity, but it is still more difficult to find ancient dictionaries and grammars of the Coptic language, which lias lately acquired so much importance from its connection with the ancient Egyptian tongue. In order to appreciate the great intrinsic value of this manuscript it will only be necessary to peruse what the two learned French Orientalists, M. Reinaud, and M. Dulaurier, published on the subject when describing a Coptic grammar and dictionary now existing at Montpellier. (See Catalogue général des Manuscrits

de Départements, p. 360, et 718.) 2384 HEBREW Manuscript, beautifully written on pure VELLUM, containing I.

The Way of Holiness; II. The Gates of Light; and III. The Book of Forma

tion, 4to. 532 pp, old vellum binding, €4. 108 2385 ARISTOTELIS de physico auditu, Hebraice, folio, 88 pp. old bds. 24s Saec. XVI. This Hebrew translation is very scarce.

It is one of the few remains of the scientific labours of the Jews during the middle ages. 2386 AVICENNÆ Canon totius Medicinae, an extremely curious and interesting

MS. comprising the Precepts of that greatest of all Mediaeval Physicians Avi. cenna [980-1036], translated from the Arabic into HEBREW, very legibly written without points, small 4to. 808 pp. on paper and vellum, with the autograph of Eusebius Renaudot, stamped hogskin, gilt edges, £4. 12s

? Saec. XVI. 2387 HEBREW ROLL of Esther, 98 inches by 12, comprising 16 compartments, written

in a neat han on vellum ; the whole surrounded by an engraved ler of emblems,

ornaments and views, interspersed with scenes from Bible History, 108 2388 Hindi PROVERBS and Adages, 1154 in all, alphabetically arranged, small folio, 220 pp. bds. 258

Saec. XIX. An interesting work, written in the Nasta'lik character, and probably prepared for publication. 2389 HINDUSTANI. AKHLAK i Hindee, a tale in Hindostanee, 292 pp. neatly

written in a modern hand, bd. 10s 2390 BAGH-0-BAHAR; or, Char Durweesh, Hindoostanee, sm. folio, 322 pp. in a neat

modern hand, bd. 10s 2391 Gooli Bakawulee, a tale, Hindoostanee MS. 4to. 214 pp. in a modern hand, hf.

bd. 58 2392 Nusri be Nuzeer, a romantic tale, Hindoostanee MS. 302 pp. neatly written,

oriental binding, 7s 6d 2393 GULLY MAGFARAT, or The Rose of Forgiveness, an extremely important

Manuscript in the Ourdu language, written in Prose and Verses, in the best Persian hand-writing, and containing the Lamentations of the SHIITES, respecting the Martyrs of their Faith, who are Aly, Hussein, Hassan, Kassem, &c. &c.

fol. 107 leaves, (valued by Mr. Catafago at $10.) calf, £5. A. U. 1248 (A. D. 1832)

The work is divided in Assemblies or Meetings, because every year at the anniversary-day of each of those great religious events, they (the Shiites) assemble to cry and make lamentations on the death of the martyrs of their faith. Mr. Catafago thinks that this book is very important, and especially since it puts in their true light all the practices and ceremonies of the Shiites. Mr. Catafago also has found in this book many words which are common to the Religion of the ANSARIES who are also Shiites. This identity of religious practices, between these two different people, grows more and more surprising when one takes into consideration the immense distance which separates the Mountains of Syria from Persia and India. 2394 Javanese Manuscript, 236 pp. folio, bds. from the library of the late Dr.

Horsfield, who brought the volume from Java fifty years ago, 12s 2395 Malay. A collection of Stories, in Malay, 4to. 106 pp. unbound, 78 6d

A H. 1228 (A. D. 1813)

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2396 Mongolian. KLAPROTH (J.) Mongolisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch, 4to. 364 pp.

of interesting philological information, relating to Thibet, China, etc. collected by the celebrated Chinese Scholar, hf. morocco, £3.

(P 1790) 2397 PALI. The KAMMAVACA, a code of Regulations concerning the admit

tance of novices to the Buddhist priesthood, chapters 1 and 4, a beautiful MS. written on thirteen leaves of the Palmyra Tree, in the square Pali character,

richly lacquered, gold ground, in fine condition, 21 inches long, and 4 wide, £5. 2398 THE KAMMAVAÇA : The same two chapters ; the last line of ch. 4 is left out for

want of space; a Similar Manuscript in the square Pali character, written on fourteen leaves of the Palmyra Tree, on richly lacquered gold ground, 21 inches

long, and 4 wide, £4. 2399 Peguan. The Kammavaça, the second half of the first chapter of the same

work, translated into the Talaing (or Peguan) language. The MS. dates from the year 1112 (=A.D. 1751), a curious manuscript written on 13 leaves of the

Palm Tree, lacquered on silver ground, 21 inches long, and 3) wide, £3. 2399*TALIPOT or Palmyrene leaves (50) used for Pali MSS. meas. 10; by 2 inches, 2s 2400 PERSIAN ABOOL Fuzzool, Duftoors of, a Persian Ms. Vol. I. 8vo.

352 pp. hf. bd. 12s 2401 AKHLAK AL MUHSININ: the Characters of Great Men, by Hussein, with the

Sayings of Mohammed, etc. a Persian MS. beautifully written in the Rihani-
Talik character, 476 pp. native binding, £2.

1536 2402 AKHLAK-I-MUHSINEE, folio, 330 pp. in a modern hand, bd. 78 6d 2403 ASTROLOGY and Astronomy, Miscellaneous tracts on, in Persian, 228 pp. with

diagrams, wanting a leaf at the beginning, bd. 108 2104 AULUM GHEER: Åccount of the Emperor Aulum Gheer, MS. of 366 pp. written

in his time, in or near Aurungabad, gilt oriental binding, in good preservation,

30s 2405 BANDARAIN (son of Rai Bahara Mal) Labbul Tarawekhi Hind, a general history

of India, a Persian MS. with running marginal contents in English, 8vo. 408 pp. calf, 20s

A.1. 1127, A.D. 1711 2406 DABISTAN-i. Muzahib, modern Persian MS. folio, 461 pp. neatly written, native binding, £2.

Saec. XIX. 2407 DIWAN-I-SHERIF, Persian Poems, 148 pp. well written on yellowish paper, each

page divided into compartments by gold lines, oriental binding, 7s 6d 2408 DJAMA ELKALEM. A Treatise on the Sulee System, 12mo. Persian MS. 144 pp.

beautifully written, 5s 2409 FERIŠHTA, History of the Dekkan, folio, a beautifully written Persian Manu

script, 1016 pp. strong calf binding, £2. 2s 2410 – History of Hindustan, in Persian, MS. of 1536 pp. a thick volume,

russia, £4. 48 Beautifully written in a native hand, with ruled border to every page, the first page illuminated. A work of the highest authority, and one of which manuscripts are by no means common. 2411 FIRDAUSI'S SHAH NAMEH, the Poetical History of the Kings of Persia, a COMPLETE COPY, written in 4 columns, 4to. 420 pp. well written, calf, £2. 2s

This MS. comprises all the grandest Poems of the Shah Nameh. 2412 HAFIZ. Diwān-i-Hafiz, in Persian, 8vo. 292 pp. elegantly written, inlaid on

coloured paper, illuminated heading, bordered with gold lines, beautiful native binding, decorated with painted flowers, 36s

A.D. 1555 2413

DIWAN É HAFEZ, folio, 302 pp. russia, 30s . These Lyrics of the celebrated poet of Shiraz are sometimes called the Araucon of Persia. They embody the secrets of the Soofi Doctrine. The poems are apparently in praise of wine and women, but mystics see in them fervent aspirations towards the Deity. “Devotion in the garb of love. We circulate (they say) the cup, but no material goblet. Here, all is mystery within mystery." The literary excellence of these Odes has received the commendations of every Oriental scholar. The present manuscript is in a native band, and has all the points. 2414 HISTORY of the World, in Persian, folio, 960 pp. russia, £3. 3s

A fine native Manuscript, beautifully written within ruled borders. 2415 HOZEIN, Poems of, a Persian MS. impl. 8vo. 311 pp. native binding, 58 2416 INAYAT ALLAH. The “Bahar-Danish," or Garden of Knowledge, an Oriental

Romance in Persian Prose, 4to. 452 pp. Eastern calf gilt, 30s Saec. XVII.

A very elegantly written manuscript of these amusiny tales, which were translated into English by Jonathan Scott, and published by him at Shrewsbury in 1799. The author, 'Ināyat Allah, of

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