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Darwin, Monograph of Cirripedia, 2 vols.

1851-54 Leighton on Angiocarpous Lichens

1851 Botanical and Physiological Memoirs

In folio :
Burmeister on the Organization of Trilobites, by P. Bell and Forbes 1846
Forbes (Prof.) Monograph of the British Naked-Eyed Medusæ, &c. plates 18 18
Alder and Hancock, Nudibranchiata Mollusca, 7 parts, many plates 1845-55
Allman, Fresh Water Polyzoa

1856 Williamson’s Recent Foraminifera, plates

1857 in all 18 vols. 8vo. and 11 vols. folio, bds, complete, £12. 12s

1845-57 5174 ALDER and HANCOCK'S Monograph of the British Nudibranchiate Mollusca,

with Figures of all the Species, folio, 83 plates, partly COLOURED, half calf, scarce, £4. 4s

Ray Society, 1845 The best book of the entire series published by the Ray Society. Yarrell's copy fetched, 1856, at Stevens, £6. 5175 REDOUTÉ, Les Roses, avec le Texte par Thory, 3 vols. small folio, VELLUM

PAPER, portrait, and 169 exquisitely coloured plates, broken binding, uncut, £5.

Paris, 1817-24 Ouvrage de la plus grande beauté et qui a mis le comble à la réputation de l'auteur. Il s'est publié en 30 livraisons, aux prix de 600 francs.— Brunet.

Priced, 1847, Bobn, hf. mor. £15. 158, or mor. £18. 188.-Large Paper, (pub. at £75.), 1836, J, Bohn, £40. 5176 REEVE (Lovell) CONCHOLOGIA ICONICA ; or Figures and Descriptions of the

Shells of Molluscous Animals, 91 parts, in 82 divisions, 4to. with 824 beautifully

coloured plates, by G. B. Sowerby, (pub. at about £45.) sd. £25. 1843-51

As some portions of this extensive and beautiful work are arranged in monographs, this lot must be sold as it is presented, and not subject to collation. 5177 RENGGER's Naturgeschichte der Säugethiere von Paraguay, 8vo. half bound, 2s 6d

Basel, 1830 5177*RENIER (St. A.) Zoologia Adriatica, Osservazioni Postume pubblicate dall' I.

R. Instituto Veneto, a studio del Prof. Meneghini, folio, 16 plates coloured, each with a duplicate key-plate plain (except plate 15); bds. the presentation copy from the Venetian Institute to the late Rob. Brown, £3. 38

Venezia, 1847 5178 RHODE's Beiträge zur Pflanzenkunde der Vorwelt, 4 parts, impl. folio, with 10 plates of Fossil Plants, 2s 6d

Breslau, 182C 5179 RICHARDSON's (Wm.) Catalogue of 7385 Stars, chiefly in the Southern Hemi

sphere, from Observations made at the Paramatta Observatory, New South Wales, 1822-26, 4to. plain, bds. 12s

1835 5180 ROCHEL (A.) Plantae Banatus rariores, folio, fine paper, 2 maps and 40 plates, hf. bd. 24s

Pestini, 1828 5181 ROEMER (F. A.) Versteinerungen des Nord-deutschen Oolithen-Gebirges, 16

plates, Hanover, 1836—mit Nachtrag, 5 plates, ib. 1839-in 1 vol. 4to. half calf, 158

1836-39 5182

die Kreidebildungen von Texas, und ihre organischen Einschlüsse, atlas 4to. with 11 plates of Shells, 5s

Bonn, 1852 5183 ROESEL (A. J.) historia naturalis Ranarum nostratium, large folio, 24 coloured

plates of Frogs and their Anatomy, each with a key-plate plain, the text in Latin and German, fine copy in russia extra, 30s

Nürnb. 1758 Priced, 1840, Wood, £3. 158. 5184 RESEL'S INSECKTEN-BELUSTIGUNG, with the Supplement by Kleeman, 5 vols.


4to. several thousand beautiful engravings of Butterflies, with their Chrysalides and Caterpillars, THE PLATES ON STOUT PAPER, very carefully coloured and finished to prevent change of colour hereafter, some additional ones inserted, a matchless copy, red morocco extra, borders, gilt edges, £8. 88 Nürnberg, 1747-92


copy was priced. 1840, Wood, £ 15. 15$. 5185


copy, 4 vols. small 4to. finely COLOURED plates, very fine, in old gilt russia, £5.58

Nürnberg, 1746-61, &c. COLLATION : Vol. i. Pages 64, 60, 64, 312, 48 and 48; Plates, coloured, 10, 10, 8, 63, 13 and 17. Vol. ii. Pages 24, 72, 28, 16, 32, 76, 200 64, and 52 ; Plates 2, 9, 3, 6, 4, 17, 30, 13 and 10. Vol. iii. Pages 624 ; Plates 101. Vol. iv. Pages 48 and 264,; Plates 40. The fourth vol. is a Supplement to Roesel by Kleeman, left unfinished without a title.

5186 RONDELET (G.) Histoire entière des Poissons, traduite de Latin, par Joubert, 2 vols. in 1, sm. folio, portrait and fine woodcuts, hf. morocco, 158 Lion, 1558

Priced, 1836, J. Bohn, £2. 28 ; Payne and Foss, mor. £2. 128 6d. “With all its defects, this early specimen of ichthyology has great and even extraordinary merit in the excellency of the woodcuts copiously introduced in its pages; they are bold and accurate, and in general so characteristic that nearly all the species may be at once identified."-Swainson.

“Cette traduction est plus recherchée que l'original Latin." - Brunet. 5187 ROSCOE'S (W.) MONANDRIAN PLants of the Order of Scitamineæ, chiefly

drawn from living specimens in the Botanic Garden at Liverpool ; arranged according to the System of Linnæus, with Descriptions and Observations, complete, atlas folio, containing 112 very large and finely COLOURED PLATES, hf. bd. morocco, uncut, £7. 10s

Liverpool, 1828 5188

the same, atlas folio, coloured plates, green morocco super extra, gilt edges, £8. 8s

1828 Priced, 1847, unbcund, £15. 158 ; hf. mor. £16. 168. A very limited number of this beautiful work was printed by subscription. The stones are destroyed, and the copies are extremely rare. 5189 Rose's Handbuch der analytischen Chemie, 2 vols. 8vo. third edition, half russia, 2s 6d

Berlin, 1833 5190 Rossi (Gaet.) Soluzione esatta e regolare del Problema della Quadratura del Circolo, 8vo. portrait, sd. 58

Londra, 1804 5191 ROXBURGH'S Plants of the Coast of Coromandel, selected from Drawings and

Descriptions presented to the Hon. Court of Directors of the East India Com-
pany, published, by their order, under the direction of Sir Joseph Banks, Bart.
3 vols. atlas folio, (pub. at £63.) £21.

London, 1795-1819
COLLATION : l'ol. 1. Pages vi. and 67. Plates, coloured, 100.


201-300. Priced, 1834, Arch, bds. £24.; 1841, Bryant, bds. £22. ; 1847, £24. In groups of Indian flowers there are contrasts undreamed of at Manchester or Coventry, and beyond all the capability of man's 4000 years of painful invention. 5192 RoXBURGH's FLORA INDICA, or Descriptions of Indian Plants, edited by Carey

and Wallich, complete in 2 vols. Vol I. 8vo. hf. bd. 108 Serampore, 1820 5193 the same, new edition, 3 vols. 8vo. bds. £3.

ib. 1832 5194 ROXBURGH's (W.) Hortus Bengalensis : Catalogue of Plants in the Botanical

Garden at Calcutta, and Catalogue of Plants not yet introduced, 16 and 106 pp.
Serampore, 1814--Dillwyn's Review of the References to the Hortus MALA-
BARICUS of Rheede van Draakenstein, 80 pp. unpublished, Swansea, 1839 : 2 rare


SOCIETY of London, AT LARGE, from the commencement in 1665 to 1844, with INDEXES to vols. 1 to 110-R. Hook's Lectures—and Parsons' Crounian Lectures—together 141 vols. 4to. many plates, russia, A REMARKABLY FINE SET, £120.

1665-1844 The difficulty of obtaining original editions of the early volumes, in any state, and especially in good condition, is well known. Hence the possession of a copy of the Transactions AT LARGE is a great rarity, even in public libraries.

The continuation, from 1845 to 1858 is in stock and can be supplied at a much reduced price. 5196 PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS of the Royal Society, from 1828 to 1858, part 1, 4to. many plates, sd. £20.

1828-58 Dr. Horsfield's set, from his election in 1828 to his death in 1859. 5197

another set, 1665 to 1733 abridged, 7 vols. in 8 ; at Large, 1765-89, with Index of Vols. 1-70, 26 vols. in 30; 1791, 95, 1797-1805, 1807, 8, 12-14, 16-18 pt. 1, 20 pt. 2, Index of Vols. 71-90, 1821-24, 25 pt. 2, 1826-51 and 1855, to be sold separately

1722-1855 5198 Royal SOCIETY: Proceedings of, for 1850— Vols. 2-5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 pts. 1, 2, (Nos. 35, 36)—the lot, 10s

1850-59 5199 ROYAL SOCIETY, Catalogue of the Scientific Books in the Library, thick 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d

1839 5200 ROYLE (J. Forbes) Illustrations of the Botany and other Branches of the

Natural History of the Himalayan Mountains and of the Flora of Cashmere, 2 vols. with nearly 100 finely coloured plates, ( £11. 118) half morocco, gilt top edges, £5. 12s 6d

1839 " “ It is not too much to say of this very remarkable work, that it is indispensable to all who

would acquire a knowledge of the vegetation, climate and soil of the north of India."

Atheneum. “This work unquestionably contains a greater amount of valuable practical information upon useful matters than any work yet written upon the foreign possessions of any other European power.Dr. Lindley in Botan. Regis. “The observations respecting the geographical description of the Flora of Northern India are very interesting; and the work will be valuable in supplying a rich mass of facts on the Natural History of a part of the world of which our knowledge bas hitherto been very rague and partial.”-Loudon's Gardener's Magazine. “This will be found to be one of the most scientific and comprehensive works of the kind that has ever been published.”Arboretum Britannicum. “A more valuable contribution has rarely been made to the science of Natural History than by the splendid work of Mr. J. Forbes Royle." — T'imes.

“ The result of his labours was given to the world in a magnificent work, entitled Illustrations,' &c. This work was published in folio, with plates, in 1833, and at once gave to the author an European reputation as a Botanist. In this work, Dr. Royle gave the result of his researches into the medical properties of a large number of plants, as well as the history of drugs used in Europe, whose origin was unknown. For a detailed account of the life and literary labours of this learned man, see the Atheneum of January 9, 1858." 5201 RUIZ (H.) et J. PAVON, FLORA PERUVIANA ET CHILENSIS, sive Novorum Gene

rum Plantarum Peruvianarum et Chilensium descriptiones et icones, cum Prodromo, 4 vols. roy. fol. 362 fine plates, fine copy in Spanish calf, £10. 1794-1802

Priced, 1847, bds. £14. 148, or hf. russia, £15. Ouvrage bien executé." —Brunet. 5202 Ruiz et Pavon, Systema Vegetabilium Florae Peruvianae et Chilensis, Vol. I., all published, sq. 8vo. sd. 108

Madrid, 1798 5203 the same, hf. bd. 108

1798 5204 RUMPHII (G. E.) HERBARIUM AMBOINENSE, complectens Arbores, Frutices,

Herbas, Plantas terrestres et aquaticas, quæ in Amboina et adjacentibus Insulis, reperiuntur ; item varia Insectorum Animalique genera, Belgice et Latine, ed. Burmann, cum AUCTUARIO, 7 vols. in 4, large folio, with nearly 700 fine engravings, calf, £5. 58

Amst. 1741-56 5205

idem, cum Auctuario, 7 vols. folio, many hundred very correct engravings of Plants, neatly hf. bd. calf, Dr. Horsfield's copy, £5. Amst. 1741-55

Plates 70 and 123 were not published. Priced 1840, Wood, £7. ; 1854, Muller, in Amsterdam, 62 fi. “Rumphius' account of plants contains many which are not peculiar to the little Island of Amboyna, and embraces their names and synonyms, their botanical description, their flowering seasons, their habitats, their uses, and the mode of culture of such as are objects of cultivation. Rumphius was evidently a man of talents, sound sense, and indefatigable industry.”—Crawfurd.

Vol. i. Pages 200. Plates 82. Vol. v. Pages 492. Plates 184.
ji. 270.

vi. 256.

218. 141.
Auctuarium 74.

iv. 154.

82. 5206 RÜPPELL (E.) Atlas der Zoologie von Afrika, 3 parts, atlas 4to. coloured plates, bds. 188

Frankfurt, 1826-27-28 Mammalia, 30 plates ; Reptiles, 6 plates ; Invertebrates, 12 plates, 5207 RÜPPELL (E.) Systematische Uebersicht der Vögel Nordost Afrika's, roy. 8vo. coloured plates, bds. 20s

Frankf. 1845 5208 the same, roy. 8vo. coloured plates, morocco, 258

1845 Formos a portion of the “Fauna of Abyssinia." 5209 RUSSELL, Descriptions and Figures of 200 Fishes, collected at Vizagapatam,

on the Coast of Coromandel, 2 vols. royal folio, 171 plates, numbered 1 to 208, bds. £2.

1803 5210 the same, 2 vols. in 1, royal folio, 171 plates, calf, £2. 88

1803 Priced 1810, W. Wood, £5. 108 ; 1810, Nattali, £3. 158.; 1841, Allen, £8. 88. Plates 17, 33, 34, 36,

55, 164, 200, 201, 202, 205, 206, as stated in the letterpress, were not published. 5211 RUSSELL'S (Dr. P.) Account of Indian SERPENTS, 46 plates, 1796 : Continua

tion, Memoir of Dr. Russell, and Appendix, portrait, 42 plates, and 3 additional from the Philosophical Transactions. Together 5 parts in 4, roy. fol. complete, containing 92 plates, mostly coloured (pub. at £10. 108) bds. VERY BABE, £8. 108

1796-1809 5212

Continuation of an Account of Indian Serpents, part 1, roy. folio, containing Preface, 11 pp. and coloured plates Nos. 1-10, bàs. 208




5213 RYCKHOLT (P. de) Mélanges Paléontologiques, 2me partie, Aperçu géognostique

des Environs de Visé, 4to. 206 pp. planches 11-20, sd. 78 6d (? Bruxelles, 1846) 5214 SAINT PETERSBURGH ACADEMY: Petropolitanæ Academiæ Scientiarum

Commentarii, ab anno 1726 ad annum 1746, 14 vols. Petropoli, 1728-51- Novi Commentarii, pro annis 1747-75, 20 vols. ib. 1750-76—Acta, pro annis 1777-82, 12 parts in 6 vols. ib. 1778-86-Nova Acta, pro annis, 1783-98, 15 vols. ib. 1783-1806—Mémoires de l'Académie Impériale des Sciences de St. Petersbourg, avec l'Histoire de l'Académie pour les années 1803-20, 9 vols. ib. 1809-24-Memoirs written in the Russian Language, 5 vols. ib. 1808-19—Transactions of the Academy, written in Russian, 2 vols. in 1, ib. 1821-23—together 70 vols. 4to.

numerous plates, hf. russia, a fine set, VERY RARE, £36. Petrop. 1728-1824

This was a presentation copy to the Horticultural Society, from the Emperor Alexander, 5215

another set, Commentarii Academiæ Scientiarum Imperialis Petropolitanae, Vols. 1-14, 1726-46 ; Nova Acta Academiæ, cum historia ejusdem ad annum 1783, Vols. 1-15, vol. 13 wanting, 1783-1798; Mémoires de l'Academie Impériale des Sciences de St. Petersbourg, avec son histoire 1803-6, Vols. 1-4, 1809-13—together 32 vols. 4to. plates, hf. bd. scarce, £12. St. Petersb. 1728-1813

Talleyrand's copy, 64 vols. fetched £43. ls. 5216 SAINT PETERSBURGH ACADEMY: l'Académie Imperiale des Sciences

de Saint-Pétersbourg, 4to. with many plates, facsimiles and diagrams, the series
as described, £7. 108
Recueil des Actes de la Séance Publique, 1834, 1836-7, 1840, 1843-4; together
6 vols.

St. Petersbourg, 1834-45 Mémoires, 6me Série : Sciences Mathématiques et Physiques, Tomes 4 et 5, in 8 parts

ib. 1850-3 6me Série, Sciences Naturelles, Tome V. pts. 1—4, VI. pts. 1–6, in 7 parts

ib. 1846-9 Bulletin Scientifique, Tomes I.—X., Vol. VI. wants Nos. 9 and 10 ib.1836-42 Bulletin de la Classe Physico-Mathématique, Tomes I.-IV., IX. Nos. 17-24, XI. XVI.

ib. 1843-58 Sold separately, Tomes XII.-XV. Bulletin de la Classe Historico-Philologique, Tomes XI.-XIII. ib. 1854-6 5217 SAMOUELLE (G.) Entomological Cabinet: being a Natural History of British In

sects, 2 vols. 12mo. 150 carefully coloured plates, hf. calf gilt, 12s 1833-4 5218 SAUSSURE (H. B. de) sur l'Hygrométrie, 4to. 2 plates, bds. 2s 6d Neuchatel, 1783 5219 SAUSSURE, Monographie des Guêpes Sociales ou de la Tribu des Vespiens, impl.

8vo. pp. 1-240 (ihe Appendix not complete), with plates 2-14, 17-18, 20-24, 27-29, inclusive ; altogether 23 plates, many coloured, containing upwards of a hundred figures of Insects, &c. in case, 18s

Paris, 1853 5220 SAVI, Ornithologia Toscana, ossia descrizione degli Uccelli che trovansi nella

Toscana, con lo Seguito contenente i Quadri Sinottici, 4 vols. 8vo. Fine Paper, coloured cuts, sd. uncut, 28s

Fisa, 1827-31 5221 SCHÆFFERI (J. C.) Icones Insectorum circa Ratisbonam indigenorum, 3 vols.

roy. 4to. 280 coloured plates of Insects, LARGE PAPER, the late Dr. Goodenough's copy, calf extra, £3. 1ős

Ratisb. 1766 Marked, an early coloured copy, £7. 158. Priced, 1824, Thorpe, £6.68 ; 1856, Friedlander, 28 thalers; 1859, Bucher, 25 thalers ; 1840, Jas. Bobn, £5. 58; H. Bolin, 1847, £4. 48 and £5. 58. 5222 SCHELLENBERG (J. R.) Genres des Mouches Diptères, French and German,

8vo. 42 finely coloured plates, with a MS. Index added, bds. 30s Zurich, 1803 5223 SCHEUCHZERI Itinera per Helvetiae Alpinas regiones, facta 1702-1711, stout 4to.

many very curious plates of Swiss Scenery, Natural. Curiosities, Monsters, &c. calf, 78 68

Lugd. Bat. 1723 5224 SCHIMPER et Mougeot, Monographie des plantes Fossiles du grès bigarré de la Chaine des Vosges, impl

. 4to. coloured plates, bds. uncut, 16s Leipzig, 1844 5225 SCHINZ (H. R.) Beschreibung und Abbildung der Künstlichen Nester und

Eyer der Vögel (figures of BIRDS, NESTS and Eggs found in Switzerland, Germany, &c.) impl. 4to. 74 coloured plates, German bds. uncut, £2 Zurich, 1830

Priced, 1841, Wood, £4. 108. 5226

Systematisches Verzeichniss aller Säugethiere oder Synopsis Mammalium, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. 1210 pp. hf. calf, 78 6d

Solothurn, 1844-5

5227 SCHKUHR, Histoire des Carex ou Laiches, contenant la description et les figures

de toutes les espèces connues, augmentée par de la Vigne, sm. 4to. portrait and 54 coloured plates, calf, 16s

Leipzig, 1802 5228 SCHLEGEL (Å.) sur la Physionomie des Serpens, 8vo. avec folio Atlas de 21 Planches, 7s 6d

La Haye, 1837 5229 SCHLEIDEN (M. J.) Grundzüge der wissenschaftlichen Botanik, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. plates, cloth, 9s

Leipzig, 1845-46 5230

Grundzüge der Wissenschaftlichen Botanik, nebst einer methodologischen Einleitung, 2 vols, in 1, large 8vo. 962 pp., 5 plates and 258 woodcuts, half calf neat, Dr. Horsfield's autograph on title page, 78 6d

1849-50 5231 SCHMALTZ (C. 8. Rafinesque) Caratteri di alcuni nuovi generi e nuove specie di Animali e Piante della SICILIA, 8vo. with 20 plates, half bound, uncut, rare, 12s

Palermo, 1810 5232 SCHMIEDEL, Fossilium metalla et res metallicas concernentium Glebae, 4to. with

26 finely coloured plates of Fossils, red morocco, ős Norimbergae, 1753 5233 SCHNEEVOOGT, Icones et Descriptiones Plantarum rariorum delin. Schweg

man, Vol. I, royal folio, (all published), with 48 finely coloured plates, the text in Latin, Dutch, French, and German, edges cut, scarce, 30s Haerlem, 1793

Priced, 1847, H. G. Bohn, hf. calf, £2, 128 6d. 5234 SCHÖNHERR, SYNONYMIA INSECTORUM: Genera et species Curculionidum,

cum synonymia hujus familiae, species hactenus minus cognitae a Gyllenhal,

Boheman aliisque illustratatae, 8 vols. in 16, stout 8vo. £5. Parisiis, 1833-45 5235

Synonymia Insectorum: Band I. Eleutherata oder Käfer, 4 vols. 8vo. with 6 coloured plates of Beetles, bds. 18s

Stockholm, 1806-17 5236 SCHOTTI Technica Curiosa sive Mirabilia Artis, in quibus varia experimenta

pneumatica, hydraulica, cyclometrica, cabalistica aliaque artis arcana, etc. proponuntur, 2 vols. stout sm. 4to. numerous plates of Mechanical Contrivances, vellum, stamped with the arms of the Bibliotheca Palatina,12s Norimb. 1664

Contains curious Secrets in Mechanics, Hydraulics, Automatons, Cabalistic, etc. 5237 SCHOTT's Raupen-kalender, Verzeichniss der deutschen Raupen, 8vo. with 6 plates of Caterpillars, bds. 58

Frankfurt, 1830 5238 SCHOUW (Dr.

J. F.) Grundzüge einer allgemeinen Pflanzengeographie, 8vo. 528 pp., folding Tables, calf; with an oblong folio Atlas containing 22 coloured plates, hf. morocco, 10s

Berlin, 1823 5239

Tableau du Climat et de la Végétation de l'Italie, Vol. I. royal 8vo. hf. calf, and large folio Atlas, bds. 148

Copenhague, 1839 5240 SCHUBERT, (T.) Astronomie théorique, 3 vols. 4to. plates, calf, £2. St. Pet.1822 5241 SCHULTZ (C. H.) sur la Circulation et sur les vaisseaux laticifères dans les Plantes, 4to. with 32 plates, sd. 108

Paris, 1839 5242 SCROPE'S (Col.) Memoir of the Geology of CENTRAL France, including the

Volcanic Formations of Auvergne, the Velay, and the Vivarais, 4to. and an oblong folio atlas of 19 large folding maps and plates, coloured, (pub. at £3. 38) bds. rare, Horsfield's copy, £2. 2s

1827 " Scrope's Inimitable Panoramic Views of the Volcanic formations of France."-Buckland's Geol. ii. 8. 5243 SEBA. Locupletissimi BEBUM NATURALIUM THESAURI accurata descriptio, et

iconibus artificiosissimis expressio, per universam Physices historiam. Opus ex toto terrarum orbe collegit, descripsit, et depingendum curavit Albertus Seba. Latinè et Gallicè, 4 vols. royal folio, with 450 fine engravings of Animals, Birds, Insects, Fishes, Shells, Plants, &c. old calf gilt, £3. 108

Amst. 1735-65 “Ouvrage qui passe pour un chef-d'oeuvre." Priced, 1824, Wood, £15.; 1831, H. Bohn, mor. £30. ; 1840-1, Wood, £15. ; 1843, J. Bobn, hf. bd., £8.88 ; 1853, mor. £7.78 ; 1854, Köhler, 50 thalers, and 1855, 40 and 60 thalers ; 1856, morocco, £6. 10s. A few copies were issued with coloured plates ; Priced, 1847, H. Bohu, Dior. £15. 158; Weigel, bf. morocco, 90 thalers ; 1855, Artaria, Mannheim, hf. bd. 200 florins: Fetched Paris' sale, morocco, £94. 108 ; Meerman, russia, 420 florins. 5244 SECONDAT, Mémoires sur l'Histoire naturelle du Chêne, etc.fol. plates, sd.5s 1785 5245 SELBY'S (P. J.) History of British Forest-Trees, indigenous and introduced, 8vo. nearly 200 'very beautiful engravings, FIRST IMPRESSIONS, cloth, 22s 6d

Van Voorst, 1842 5246 SEPP'S (J. C.) Representation of Inland and Foreign Wood, as well Trees as Shrubs, in the Cabinets of Natural Curiosities, according to their inward Pro

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