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6177 MINADOY (Juan Thomas) Historia de la Guerra entre Turcos y Persianos, 15761585, en Castellano por A. de Herrera, 4to. vellum, 18s

Madrid, 1588 Priced, 1826, Salva, £l. ls. Printed with a peculiar figure 5 somewhat similar to an Arabic 6. 6178 OSSUNA (Francisco de) Ley de Amor Sancto, 4to. vellum, wanting title, 18s

Sevilla, 1542 6179

Norte de los Estados ; regla de vivir a los Mācebos: y a los Casados : y a los Biudos (sic): y a todos los Cötinentes, sm. 4to. old binding, very rare, £2. 10s

Burgos, Juā de Junta, 1550 A scarce and curious work treating on marriage, virgins, widows, etc. ; unmentioned by Brunet, Salva, and all bibliographers. 6180 PULGAR (Hernando del) Chronica de los muy Altos, y esclarecidos Reyes

Catholicos Don Hernando y Donna Ysabel, folio, woodcuts, black letter, Spanish calf, £3. 33

Caragoça, 1567 Priced, 1826, Salva, £6.; 1832-7, Payne and Foss, russia, £5. 58. " This edition was unknown to Nicholas Antonio, and is the first in which Hernando del Pulgar appears as the author of this Chronicle." -Salva. 6181 QUESTION DE AMOR; Y, CARCEL DE AMOR, del complimiento de Nicolas

Nuñez (co puso lo Diego de Sant Pedro), 2 vols. in 1, tall 18mo, very fine clean copy, with large margins, measuring 5 by 23 inches, in the original stamped leather binding, very rare, £4. 4s

En Paris, En casa de Hernaldo Caldera y de Claudio Caldera su hiyo, 1548 Neither of these two works are mentioned by Brunet, and from the fact that they were printed at Paris, it may be presumed that they were unknown to him. The first work, “Question de Amor," of 149 numbered leaves and I leaf with the printer's mark, consists of dialogues interspersed with songs and short poetical pieces, is attributed to Diego de Salazar. The other work “ Carcel ” by Diego de Sant Pedro, of 96 numbered leaves with the printer's mark on the reverse of the last, contains Canciones, Villancicos and Romances. 6182 TARSIS (D. Juan de, Conde de Villamediana) Obras ; Comedia, Sonetos, Silva,

Fabulas, Redondillas, Glossas y Romances, 4to. vellum, 78 6d Madrid, 1634 6183 UBEDA (Francisco de) Libro de Entretenimiento, de la Picara Justina, en el

qual debaxo de graciosos discursos, se encierran prouechosos avisos, 12mo. curious woodcut frontispiece, calf, scarce, £2. 108

Brucellas, 1608 " Roman fort libre, fait à l'imitation du Guzman d'Alfarache. Il passe pour constant qu'André Perez, religieux dominicain, en est le véritable auteur:"— Brunet. “In this novel we meet with a great number of Spanish proverbs and verses in all kinds of metres."-Salva. HERALDRY, ANTIQUITIES, HISTORY, GENEALOGY.

Heraldry is the last remnant of the Ancient Symbolism, and a legitimate branch of Christian Art; the griffins and unicorns, fesses and cheverons, the very tinctures or colours, are all symbolical,- each has its mystic meaning, singly and in combination, and thus EVERY GENUINE OLD COAT OF ARMS preaches a lesson of Chivalric honour and Christian principle to those that inherit it,-truths little suspected now-a-days in our Herald's Offices.”—LORD LINDSAY'S CHRISTIAN ART, Vol. II. page 49. 6183*CARTE GENEALOGIQUE de la Famille de PIPENPOY de Bruxelles (1331), et de la de VAN YPEN, on two skins of PARCHMENT, with sixty-six armorial bearings, 288

Fait en Bruxelles, 1730 6184 Götz's (Count) Pedigree for the admission into the Order of St. John of MALTA,

an ancient German Pedigree, on canvas, in opaque colours, much worn, comprising about 40 Coats of Arms, a curiosum, 185

Prag, s.a. (1560) 6185 ACHAINTRE, histoire genealogique et chronologique de la Maison Royale de Bour

bon, depuis Robert le Fort jusqu'à nos jours, 2 vols. 8vo. uncut, 98 Paris, 1825 6186 ACTA TOMICIANA. Epistolae, legationes, responsa, actiones et res gestae

Principis Sigismundi I., Regis Poloniæ. Publié par le comte T. Dzialynski, 7 vols. in 6, folio, (pub. at 36 Thalers) boards, £5.

Posnaniae, 1845-58 6187 ADJUMENTUM Memoriae, seu tabulae hist.-chron. genealogicae, 12mo.calf, 3s 1763 6188 AKERMAN'S Archaeological Index to remains of Antiquity of the Celtic, Ro

man, British, and Anglo-Saxon Periods, 8vo. with 18 plates, cloth, 10s 1847 6189

- Remains of Pagan Saxendom, principally from Tumuli in England, 21 parts, 4to, complete, numerous woodeuts and 40 coloured plates, drawn from the originals (subscription price £2. 12s 6d) sd. £2. 2s


6190 AMATI (C.) Antichità di Milano, impl. folio, 28 plates of Architectural Ornaments, etc. hf. bd. uncut, 16s

Milano, 1821 6191 AMMIRATO (Scip.) delle Famiglie nobili Fiorentine, parte prima, large folio, numerous pedigrees, bds. 78 6d

Firenze, 1615 6192 ANNALES Archeologiques, dirigées par Didron, Vol. VII. 4to. 6 parts, fine plates, (pub. at 30 fr.) 6s 6d

Paris, 1847 6193 ARCHAEOLOGIA CAMBRENSIS, a record of the Antiquities of Wales and its Marches, New Series, 5 vols. 8vo. numerous plates, hf. bd. calf gilt, £3. 38

London and Tenby, 1850.54 6194 ART (L') DE VERIFIER LES DATES DES Faits Historiques, des Inscriptions, des

Chroniques et autres Anciens Monumens, avant l'Ere Chretienne, mis en ordre par Mons. de Saint Allais, 1 vol. impl. 4to. Par. 1850—DEPUIS la Naissance de Notre Seigneur, troisiéme edition, par un Religieux Benedictin de Congregation de S. Maur, 3 vols. folio, Par. 1783–Depuis l'Année 1770, jusqu'à nos jours, par M. le Chev. de Courcelles, 4 vols. folio, ib. 1821—together 8 vols. in French calf, not quite uniform, rare, £17.

Paris, 1783-1821 North's copy of the first 3 vols. fetched £19. 198; Brockett's £13. “ Comprenant les Annales comparatives de tous les Peuples et de tous les Rois du Monde ; ouvrage qu'on peut, à juste tître, appeler la clef de l'Histoire générale ; car point de bons livres sans l’Art de Vérifier les Dates ; point de Bibliothèque s'il n'en occupe la première place; point d'homme savant s'il ne connait à fond ce precieux travail.”

“ For Chronology, use the great French Work, 'l'Art de Vérifier les Dates.'Prof. Smyth's Lecture on Modern History.

“A splendid monument of learning, which has left little to be done by subsequent chronologists, besides the humble duties of translation and abridgement."-Sir Harris Nicolas.

“The great treasure of historical information.”—Sir Jas. Mackintosh.

“This is the great collection of chronological tables, the great summary of all history, ancient as well as modern, the great multum in parvo, for which if the Benedictines produced nothing else, the thanks of all subsequent scholars would be voted unanimously. It may be truly said that no book ever held so important a place in modern historical literature as this. It contains a most exact summary of the history of all nations; so exact, that to detect any error in it may, commonly speaking, be called an impossibility. The decisions of this book are always looked upon as tinal; he who possesses of copy of it has indeed a treasure. Several editions of this splendid work have appeared ; the old ones are not now to be purchased in a complete state except at a great price, twenty-eight guineas for the eight folio volumes, of which it consists ; even the new edition in 4to. is not much cheaper, being twenty-four guineas for ten volumes. The last edition in 8vo. is, however, more accessible, and sells at fourteen guineas for the forty-one volumes of which it is composed."-H. L. Jones, Gent.'s Mag. Dec. 1855. 6195 AUGSBURG. Kilian, Cuntrfait des h. Röm. Reichs Statt Augspurg, seith 1548,

gewester haupter und pflegeren, 24 fine portraits, 1657—Chronica der weitberümpten Keyserlichen freyen und des h. Reichs Statt Augspurg, auss Marx Welsers acht Büchern gezogen, teutsch, durch Werlichium-Welser, Antiqua Monumenta, das ist alte Bilder, Gemälde und Schrifften, zu Augspurg gefunden, Teutsch, durch Wielichium, 22 cuts of Antiquities, facsimiles, etc. Franckfort, 1595–Avgusta VINDELICORUM illiusque templa, portae, aedificia et cisternae Sculpturis adumbrata a Grimmio, frontispieces and 42 plates of views and buildings in Augsburg-Krauss, Cruciani Templi (Augustae) delineatio, 5 large folding

plates, Augustae, 1680—5 vols. in 1, stout sm. folio, original calf, 258 1595-1680 6196 BADEN. Histoire chronologique, généalogique et politique de la maison de Bade, 2 vols. 8vo. uncut, 3s 6d

Paris, 1807 6197 BAGMIHL (J. T.) Pommersches Wappenbuch, complete in 5 vols. 4to. 341 plates of Coats of Arms, uncut, £2. 108

Stettin, 1843-55 6198 BALUZE, Histoire généalogique de la Maison D'AUVERGNE, justifiée par chartes,

titres, histoires anciennes et autres preuves authentiques, 2 vols. folio, many fine plates, old calf gilt, £2. 8s

Paris, 1708 Excellent ouvrage avec de grandes belles gravures, figures de blasons, etc. 6199 BALUZII (S.) Capitularia Regum Francorum, curante P. De Chiniac, 2 vols. folio, LARGE PAPER, French calf gilt, 30s

Paris, 1780 “ Les pièces qui composent cette collection sont aussi précieuses que les notes qui l'accompagnent sont savantes. Camus. 6200 BARA (H. de) le Blason des Armoiries, small folio, numerous Coats of Arms, calf neat, 18s

Paris, 1628

par M. V.

6201 BARAILLON, Recherches sur les peuples Cambiovicenses de la carte Théodosienne,

dite de Peutinger, sur Néris, le Berry, Monumens Celtiques en France, etc. 8vo. hf. bd. 58

1806 6202 BARLANDE (A. de) Chroniques des Ducs de Brabant, sm. folio, Coats of Arms and

36 beautiful engravings of the Dukes and Duchesses of Brabant, in the rich Cos. TUME of their time, engraved by Collaert, calf, 18s

Anvers, 1612 6203 BARTHOLINI, Antiquitatum Danicarum de Causis contemptæ a Danis adhuc

Gentilibus Mortis Libri III. ex Vetustis codicibus et monumentis hactenus ineditis congesti, sm. 4to. Extracts from the “ Sagas," with Latin translations, fine paper, plates, a fine copy, calf neat, 208

Hafniae, 1690 6204 BAVARIA. Stamm Tafeln der ausgestorbenen Regenten von Baiern, fol. bd. 3s 1778 6205 BAXTERI Glossarium Antiquitatum Britannicarum, sive syllabus Etymologicus

Antiquitatum Veteris Britanniae atque Iberniae temporibus Romanorum, 8vo.
LARGE PAPER, fine portrait by Vertue, calf, 10s

1719 6206 BERND, allgemeine Schriftenkunde der gesammten Wappenwissenschaft, 4 vols. 8vo. sd. uncut, 21s

Bonn, 1830.41 6207 BERTRAND (P. J. B.) Précis de l'Histoire de BOULOGNE-SUR-MER et sés Énvirons, 2 vols. 8vo. maps and plates, calf giit, 7s 6d

Boulogne, 1828-29 6208 Bevy, Histoire de la Noblesse héréditaire et successive des Gaulois, des François

et des autres peuples de l'Europe, de leur gouvernement dépuis 57 ans avant notre Ere jusqu'à présent, Vol. 1, roy. 4to. uncut, 4s 6d

Liege, 1791 6209 BIANCHI, Marmi Cremonesi, 8vo. 33 plates of Ancient Inscriptions, sd. 3s Mil. 1791 6210 BIANCOLINI (Giambat.) Notizie storiche delle CHIESE DI VERONA, 8 vols. in

9, 410. plates of Antiquities and numerous Coats of Arms, a good copy, hf. bd. calf, £2.

Verona, 1749-71 An important work containing Lists and Descriptions of all the Art Treasures in the Churches of Verona, including the PAINTINGS. In G. Molini's Oper. Bibl. only 4 vols. are quoted ; the latter volumes are scarce. 6211 BIBLIOTHÈQUE de l'Ecole des Chartes, Revue d'érudition, consacrée principale.

ment à l'etude du Moyen Age, Deuxième Série, 3 vols. large 8vo. facsimiles, Vols. I & II half calf, Vol. III in 4 parts, 20s

Paris, 1844-47 6212 BIEDERMANN (J. G.) Genealogie der hohen GRAFEN HÄUSER im FRANCKIS

CIEN CRAYSE, Erlangen, 1745—Geschlechtsregister der Ritterschaft Landes zu Franken Orts BauNACH, Bayreuth, 1747—Geschlechts register der Orts GEBÜRG, Bamberg, 1747-STEIGERWALD, Nürnberg, 1748—ALTMÜHL, Bayreuth, 1748— Das Patriciat zu NÜRNBERG, Bayreuth, *1748-Rhön und WERRA, Bayreuth, 1749 - OTTENWALD, Culmbach, 1751 -- Das VOIGTLAND, Culmbach, 1752-Allgemeine REGISTER über sämmtliche Biedermannische genealogische Tabellen der Ritterschaft zu Franken, dem Voigtlande und des Patriciats in Nürnberg, gefertigt von G, S. 1771–9 vols. in 4, folio, consisting entirely of GENEALOGICAL

TABLES, a beautiful copy, QUITE COMPLETE, stamped hogskin binding, £5.58 1745-71 VERY RARE, no complete copy has occurred for sale in Germany or in England for years. 6213 BOISGELIN, ANCIENT AND MODERN MALTA, AND GOza, containing an accurate

account of the Islands, with a History of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, 3 vols, in 1, 4to, chart, maps and numerous plates of Antiquities, Portraits, and Views, calf neat, 12s 6d

1805 The best historical and topographical Account of Malta. Priced, 1837, Payne and Foss, bds. £1. 118 6d; Weigel, Leipsic, 21 thalers. 6214 BONFADIO (Jac.) Annales Genuenses, 1528-1550; Opere Volgari e Latine, 2 vols.

royal 8vo. frontispieces, portraits of Bonfadio and Card. Quirini and View of Genoa, fine paper, hf. bd. uncut, 12s

Brescia, 1746-7 “Cet ouvrage (Annales Gen.) est également estimé pour l'ordre, la clarté, la sage distribution du sujet, et pour la saine critique et l'élégance du style." --Daru. 6215 BORDEAUX; Devienne, Histoire de la ville de ; lle: partie, portraits and plates,

Bordeaux, 1771--Venuti, Anciens Monumens de Bordeaux, Gahets, Ducs d'Aquitaine, et les Monoyes frappées par les Anglais, plates, ib. 1754—in 1 vol.

4to. calf, 4s 6d 6216 BOTTIN, Melanges d'Archéologie, 8vo. plates, hf. bd. 38 6d

Paris. 1831 6217 BOUCHER DE PERTHES (M.) Antiquités Celtiques et Antédiluviennes, stout royal 8vo. numerous plates, cloth, 14s

Paris, 1847 6218 BRIANVILLE, Jeu d'Armoiries des Souverains d'Europe, 32mo. old calf, 3s 6d 1672

6219 Bowen's Britannia depicta, or Ogilby improved, being a correct survoy of all the

Roads in England and Wales, 8vo. 273 engraved pp. with the Coats of Arms of the Nobility and Towns, calf, 58

1724 6220 BRITISH Compendium (the), or Rudiments of Honour, containing the Genealogies

of all the NOBILITY of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, and IRELAND, 4 vols. in 5, seventh edition, enlarged to 1731–MANUSCRIPT ADDITIONS by NICHOLL, to about 1761, 3 thick vols. neatly written-together 8 vols. 16mo. many Coats of Arms,

vellum, 20s 6221 BRIDGES (Sir Egerton) Ataviæ Regiæ, a Collection of Genealogical Tables, with Illustrations, impl. 4to. plate of arms, bds. 20s

Florence, 1820 Privately printed, the impression limited to 60 copies. Sold in Mr. Hanrott's sale for £7. 78. Priced, 1836, H. Bohn, £2. 12s 60; 1836, 40, Thorpe, £3. 38. 6222 BUCHANAN, Rerum Scoticarum historia, cum notis edidit Man, 8vo. calf, 2s 6d

Abredoniae, 1762 6223 BUCELINIS (Gab.) Germania Topo-chrono-Stemmato-Graphica, numerous arms

and genealogical tables of the principal families of Germany, 4 vols. in 3, folio, vellum, scarce, £2. 10s

Aug. Vind. et Ulm. 1655-62-72-78 6224 BURGERMEISTER, Bibliotheca Equestris, continens ultra 50 authores et scriptores

de Nobilitate et Ordine equestri : item “ Das alte Thurnierbuch" cum designationibus Familiarum illustrium et nobilium, 2 vols.-Codex Diplomaticus equestris, cum continuatione oder “ Reichs- Ritter- Archiv," 2 vols.-together 4 vols. very thick sm. 4to. one frontispiece wanting, calf neat, 208 Ulm, 1720-21

To all engaged in Heraldic studies, the above volumes will be of great service. 6225 BURKE's Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies of England, Ireland, and Scotland, 8vo. Coats of Arms, cloth, 7s 6d

1841 6226

General Armory of England, Scotland and Ireland, roy. 8vo. cl. 12s 1842 6227 BUSSI, Istoria della città di VITERBO, folio, with plates of its Antiquities, Buildings, Art-Monuments, Coins, etc. hf. russia, 16s

Roma, 1742 6228 the same, folio, plates, a fine copy in vellum, 218

1742 6229 BUTKENS (F. C.) Trophées sacrés et profanes du Duché de BRABANT, avec le

Supplément par Jaerens, 4 vols. folio, fine plates, calf neat, £5. La Haye, 1724-26 Usually sold in Belgium for 180 francs. A copy, Largest paper, of which only 12 copies were printed. was priced, 1829, John Bohn, mor. £14. 1 18. 6230 BUZELINI (Joan. Cameracensis). Gallo-Flandria Sacra et Profana : in qua

urbes, oppida, regiunculae, municipia, et pagi praecipui Galllo-Flandrici tractus describuntur; horumque omnium locorum antiquitates, religio, mores, sacra aedificia, piae fundationes, Principes, Gubernatores et Magistratus proponuntur, 1625—Annales Gallo-Flandriae, cum Indice, 1624—2 vols. in 1, folio, fine copy,

original calf gilt, remarkably clean & fresh state, £4. 4s Duaci, M. Wyon, 1625-4

Excessively rare, neither mentioned by Brunet nor Ebert; no copies have appeared in cata. logues for sale either in England, France, or Germany for many years. " Jean Buzelin, jésuite, né à Cambrai vers 1571, mourut à l'age de 56 ans, en 1626. Il a publié quelques autres ouvrages cités dans cette Bibliographie. Cet écrivain manque de critique ; mais son livre contient beaucoup de chartes et de documents d'un grand intérêt historique.": Duthilloeul, Bibl. Douaisienne, p. 191. 6231 CALMET (Don B.) Histoire généalogique de la maison du Chatelet, branche

puînée de la maison de Lorraine, folio, plates and numerous Coats of Arms, fine copy in old French calf gilt, Arms on sides, 24s

Nancy, 1741 6232 CAMDENI (Guil.) Anglica, Hibernica, Normannica, Cambrica a Veteribus

scripta : Asser Menevensis, Anonymus de Vita Gulielmi Conquestoris, Thomas Walsingham, Thomas de la More, Gul. Gemiticensis, Giraldus Cambrensis, plerique nunc primum in lucem editi, folio, best edition, fine copy in the original stamped hogskin binding, with clasps, £2. 2s

Francof. 1603 Priced, 1832, Payne and Foss, £3. 13s 6d; 1834, Arch, mor. £4. 108 ; 1844, Rodd, £3. 38. 6233 CAMPANILE (Filiberto) dell'Armi, overo Insegne de i Nobili, ove sono i Dis-

corsi d'alcune famiglie, cosi spente, come vive del regno di NAPOLI, folio, numerous coats of Arms, vellum, 21s

Napoli, 1680 Rare. Unmentioned by Brunet and Ebert. 6234 CANISIUS, Thesaurus Monumentorum Ecclesiasticorum, sive Lectiones Anti

quæ cum observationibus et notis ed. J. Basnage, 4 vols. folio, vellum, fine copy, from the library of Bishop Blomfield, £2.

Amst. 1725 A curious collection of small pieces by writers of the middle ages. It contains some chronicles and itineraries to the Holy Land. For List of the numerous Treatises in the above, see Dowling's Notitia, pp. 101–111.

6235 CATEL (G.) Histoire des Comtes de Toulouse, avec quelques Chroniques, folio, with the family portraits, old calf, 16s

Tolose, 1623 6236 Another copy, folio, in fine preservation, vellum. 32s

1623 6237 CAUMONT Cours d'Antiquités Monumentales, 6 vols. 8vo. sd. 20s

1830-41 Contents : Partie lre Ere Celtique, 2me et 3me Ere Gallo-Romaine, 4me Moyen Age: Architecture Religieuse, 5me Architecture Militaire et Civile, 6me Fonts Baptismaux, Autels, etc. 6238 CAYLUS (Comte de) Recueil des Antiquités Egyptiennes, Etrusques, Grecques

et Romaines, 7 vols. 4to. about 700 plates of Etruscan, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Art, hf. bd. uncut, 36s

Paris, 1752-67 6239 CEDERCROÑA (D. G.) Sweriges Rikes Ridderskaps och Adels Wapen Bok, folio, with Coats of Arms of the SWEDISH NOBILITY, hf. bd. £3. 3s

Stockholm, 1746 Rarely met with complete : The work is divided as follows: Ridders och Adelsman, 208 pp. with 1867 Coat of Arms; Grefwar, 14 pp, wità 82 Coats of Arms; Friherrar, 34 pp. with 204 Coats of Arms. 6240 CHASSANT, Nobiliana : Curiosités nobiliaires et héraldiques, 12mo. cuts, 2s 6d 1858 6241 CLABAULT, Genealogie historique de la Maison de Chasteigner en Poitou, 4to. numerous pedigrees, hf. bd. calf, 3s

Paris, 1779 6242 CLARK's (Hugh) Introduction to Heraldry, 15th edition, 12mo. 48 engravings, (pub. at 7s 6d) cloth, 4s

1854 6243 COLLINS' Peerage of England, Genealogical, Biographical, and Historical,

augmented and continued by Sir E. Brydges, 9 vols. 8vo. Coats of Arms of each family, calf, £3. 158

1812 6244 ČONČILIUM BUCH geschehen zu Costentz, darinn man findet wie die Herren

gaystlich und weltlich eingreitten seynd und mit wievil Personen..... C'est-à-dire : Le Livre du concile tenu à Constance. On y trouve comment les seigneurs ecclesiastiques et séculiers ont fait leur entrée, et avec combien de personnes. Aussi leurs armes y sont peintes....(par Ulric de Reichenthal.) (In fine): Gedruckt und volendt in der keyserlichen Stat Augspurg von Athoni Sorg an Afftermontag nach Egidii do man zalt nach Christi gepurt M.CCCC und in dem LXXXIII. folio, double columns of 35 and 36 lines, very fine copy in the original calf binding, £9. 10s

Augspurg, 1483 Edition originale d'un ouvrage très-rare et curieux pour les figures en bois au nombre de 44 et 1156 armoiries qui le décorent. Elles sont toutes coloriées et représentent les armes des personnes qui ont assisté au concile ou divers evénements qui y ont rapport. M. Ebert en donna une description fort exacte et le regarde comme le premier armorial qui ait été imprimé.

Cette histoire a été écrite avec beaucoup de naïveté par un témoin oculaire, qui se nomme plusieurs fois, savoir f. 67 où il dit : und wass die mess also als dan ich Ulrich von Reychental das selb sahe, etc. ; il se nomme encore fo. 244 recto et fol. 246 verso. Voy. Clément, Bibliothèque curieuse, t. 7, p. 280 et suivantes ; Maittaire, t. 4, p. 449.

L'Enfant, préface de l'Histoire du concile de Constance, prétend que l'auteur n'était pas bien instruit de ce qui s'est passé dans l'intérieur du concile, mais qu'on peut compter sur tout ce qu'il rapporte relativement aux cérémonies publiques, l'arrivée et la reception des ambassadeurs, les actes de foi, les armes des pap-s, princes, etc., etc. les processions et autres choses de cette nature.

Cet exemplaire a été vendu 201 fr. à la vente des livres de M. J.-L. D**** au mois de juin 1834. C'est le No. 1075 du cat. rédige par Martin, libraire; on y lit ce qui suit : “ Ce volume se compose de 247 ff. à 2 col. chiffrés 2 à 247, le ler étant blanc. Les ff. 16, 17, 122 et 164 non chiffrés. Il y a un feuillet dont le recto est blanc et non chiffré apres 160 et un après 168 (M. Ebert dit 169 ; mais 169 étant un acte de Sigismond et le verso de ce f. ajouté étant le portrait de ce prince, il semble mieux placé comme il se trouve dans notre exemplaire. Ces deux ff. ne comptent pas dans la numération, et portent le nombre total à 269. Le f. LXX est coté LXXX. Les figures en bois (non compris les blasons) sont au nombre de 44, savoir 3 à mi page et 41 occupant la page entière. Dix de ces dernières forment double tableau."

Cet exemplaire, qui est de la plus grand rareté, et presque introuvable, a appartenu au Dr. Kloss.-BORLUUT DE NORTDONCK. 6245 CONCILIUM zu ConstanTZ. Das Concilium so zu Constantz gehalten ist

worden, 1413, small folio, with many fine woodcuts, including representations of the burning of John Huss, of the German Emperor investing the Nobility in their feudal dignities, of Ecclesiastics, and their Elections, dissensions, etc. giving altogether a very striking picture of the events of that famous Council ; added are the Coats of Arms of all the Nobles, Citizens and Ecclesiastics, this being the FIRST ARMORIAL ever published, fire tall copy, old binding, £3. 10s Augspurg, 1536

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