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5 He sees the brutish and the wise,

The tim'rous and the brave,
Quit their possessions, close their eyes,

And hasten to the grave.]
6 Yet 'tis his inward thought and pride,
d "My house shall ever stand;
“And that my name may long abide,

" I'll give it to my land.”. en (Vain are his thoughts, his hopes are lost;

How soon his mem'ry dies! -His name is written in the dust,

Where his own carcass lies.]
-8 This is the folly of their way:

And yet their sons, as vain,
Approve the words their fathers say,

And act their works again.
9 Men, void of wisdom and of grace,

If honour rais'd them high,
e Live like the beast, a thoughtless race,
a And like the beast they die.
10 [Laid in the grave, like silly sheep,

Death feeds upon them there; 'Till the last trumpet breaks their sleep, In terrour and despair.]

C. M. Second Part. York. [*] Ver. 14, 15. Death and the Resurrection. 1 VE sons of pride, who hate the just,

And trample on the poor, When death has brought you down to dust, & Your pomp shall rise no more. o 2 The last great day shall change the scene, e When will that hour appear? When shall the just revive and reign

O’er all that scorn'd them here? -3 God will my naked soul receive,

When separate from the flesh; o And break the prison of the grave,

To raise my bones afresh. 9 4 Heav'n is my everlasting home,

Th' inheritance is sure ; -Let men of pride their rage resume, e But I'll repine no more.

L. M. Bath. 1*]

The rich Sinner's Death.
1 (W HY do the proud insult the poor,

V And boast the large estates they have ?
How vain are riches to secure
Their haughty owners from the grave!
2 They can't redeem one hour from death,
With all the wealth in which they trust;
Nor give a dying brother breath,
When God commands him down to dust
3 There the dark earth and dismal shade
Shall clasp their naked bodies round:
That flesh, so delicately fed,
Lies cold, and moulders in the ground.
4 Like thoughtless sheep the sinner dies,

Laid in the grave for worms to eat! o The saints shall in the morning rise,

And find the oppressor at their feet. e 5 His honours perish in the dust,

And pomp and beauty, birth and blood ; o That glorious day exalts the just,

To full dominion o'er the proud.
0 6 My Saviour shall my life restore,

And raise me from my dark abode;
My flesh and soul shall part no more,

But dwell forever near my God.]
PSALM 50. C.M. 1st PART. Mear. Windsor. [b]

Ver. 146. The last Judgment,
17\HE Lord, the Judge, before his throne

I Bids the whole earth draw nigh; - The nations near the rising sun,

And near the western sky. 2 No more shall bold blasphemers say, d - Judgment will ne'er begin;" -No more abuse his long delay,

To impudence and sin.
& 3 Thron'd on a cloud, our God shall come ;

Bright flames prepare his way;
Thunder and darkness, fire and storm,

Lead on the dreadful day!
f Heav'n from above his call shall hear,

Attending angels come ;


& And earth and hell shall know, and fear,

His justice and their doom. d 5 “ But gather all my saints," he cries,

" Who made their peace with God, 66 By the Redeemer's sacrifice,

"And sealed it with his blood. 6 4. Their faith and works, brought forth to light,

66 Shall make the world confess, “ My sentence of reward is right; "And hear'n adore my grace.”

C. M. SECOND Part. York. [*] Ver.10,11,14,15, 23. Obedience is better than Sacrifice. 1 ITTHUS saith the Lord, "The spacious fields,

1 And flocks and herds are mine ; «O'er all the cattle of the hills,

'I claim a right divine. 62 I ask no sheep for sacrifice,

Nor bullocks burnt with fire ; "To hope and love, to pray and praise,

• Is all that I require. 3 Call upon me when trouble's near,

My hand shall set thee free; "Then shall thy thankful lips declare,

"The honours due to me. 4 The man who offers humble praise,

• He glorifies me best : • And those who tread my holy ways,

Shall my salration taste.'?

C. M. THIRD PART. Reading. [b] Ver. 1,5, 8, 16, 21, 22. The Judgment of Hypocrites. 1 (W HEN Christ to judgment shall descend,

V And saints surround their Lord ; He calls the nations to attend,

And hear his awful word. d 2 Not for the want of bullocks slain,

• Will I the would reprove : • Altars and rites, and forms are vain,

• Without the fire of love. 3. And what have hypocrites to do,

“To bring their sacrifice ?

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"They call my statutes just and true,
• But deal in theft and lies.
4. "Could you expect to 'scape my sight,

And sin without control ?
But I shall bring your crimes to light,

With anguish in your soul.'
e 5 Consider, ye that slight the Lord,

Before his wrath appear;
a If once you fall beneath his sword,
There's no deliv'rer there.]
L. M. Geneva. Babylon. [b]

Hypocrisy exposed. 1 THE Lord, the Judge, his churches warns ;

1 Let hypocrites attend and fear, Who place their hope in rites and forms,

But make not faith nor love their care.
d 2 Wretches ! they dare rehearse his name,

With lips of falsehood and deceit;
A friend or brother they defame,
And sooth and flatter those they hate.
3 They watch to do their neighbours wrong,
Yet dare to seek their Maker's face ;
They take his cov'nant on their tongue,
But break his laws, abuse his grace.
4 To heav'n they lift their hands unclean,
Defil'd with lust, defil'd with blood;
By night they practise every sin,
By day their mouths draw near to God..
5 And while his judgments long delay,
They grow secure, and sin the more ;
They think he sleeps as well as they,

And put far off the dreadful hour.
e 6 O dreadful hour, when God draws near,

And sets their crimes before their eyes !
a His wrath their guilty souls shall tear,
And no deliv'rer dare to rise.
P. M. FIRST Part. Reading. [*]

The last Judgment. 1[/THE Lord, the sov'reign, sends his summons forth,

"I Calls the south nations, and awakes the north, From east to west the sounding orders spread, Thro' distant worlds, and regions of the dead :

No more shall Atheists mock his long delay;
Mis vengeance sleeps no more: Behold the day!
2 Behold the Judge descends ; his guards are nigh;
Tempests and fire attend him down the sky:
Hear'n, earth, and hell draw near; let all things come,
To hear his justice, and the sinner's doom :
But gather first my saints (the Judge commands)
Bring them, ye angels, from their distant lands.
3 Behold my cov'nant stands forever good,
Seal'd by th' eternal sacrifice in blood;
And sign'd with all their names, the Greek, the Jew,
That paid the ancient worship or the new :
There's no distinction here; come, spread their thrones,
And near me seat my fav'rites, and my sons.
4 I their almighty Saviour, and their God,
I am their Judge: Ye heav'ns proclaim abroad,
My just eternal sentence, and declare
Those awful truths that sinners dread to hear:
Sinners in Zion, tremble and retire ;
I doom the painted hypocrite to fire.
5 Not for the want of goats or bullocks slain
Do I condemn thee; bulls and goats are vain,
Without the flames of love: in vain the store
Of brutal off'rings, that were mine before :
Mine are the tamer beasts, and savage breed,
Flocks, herds, and fields, and forests where they feed.
6 If I were hungry, would I ask thee food ?
When did I thirst, or drink thy bullock's blood?
Can I be flatter'd with thy cringing bows,
Thy solemn chattrings, and fantastic vows?
Are my eyes charm'd thy vestments to behold,
Glaring in gems, and gay in woven gold?
n Unthinking wretch! how could'st thou hope to please
A God, a Spirit, with such toys as these?
While, with my grace and statutes on thy tongue,
Thou lov'st deceit, and dost thy brother wrong:
In vain to pious forms thy zeal pretends,
Thieves and adult'rers are thy chosen friends.
8 Silent I waited, with long-suff'ring love ;
But didst thou hope that I should ne'er reprove ?
And cherish such an impious thought within,
That God the righteous, would indulgo thy sin ?

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