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Come, make the Lord your dwelling place,
And try, and trust his care.
2 No ill shall enter where you
Or if the plague come nigh,
And sweep the wicked down to hell,
"Twill raise his saints on high.

3 He'll give his angels charge to keep
Your feet in all their ways:

To watch your pillow while you sleep,
And guard your happy days.

4 Their hands shall bear you, lest you fall,
And dash against the stones;
Are they not servants at his call,
And sent t' attend his sons?

5 Adders and lions ye shall tread;
The tempter's wiles defeat;
He that hath broke the serpent's head,
Puts them beneath your feet.

6" Because on me they set their love,
"I'll save them, (saith the Lord,)
"I'll bear their joyful souls above
"Destruction and the sword.

"My grace shall answer when they call;
"In trouble I'll be nigh;

"My pow'r shall help them when they fall,
"And raise them when they die.

8 "Those that on earth my name have known,
"I'll honour them in heaven:
"There my salvation shall be shown,
"And endless life be giv'n."]

PSALM 92. L. M. FIRST PART. Green's. [*]
A Psalm for the Lord's Day.


SWEET is the work, my God, my King;;

To praise thy name, give thanks, and sing; To show thy love by morning light,

And talk of all thy truth at night.

e 2 Sweet is the day of sacred rest;
No mortal cares shall seize my breast:
-O may my heart in tune be found,
Like David's harp of solemn sound!

s3 My heart shall triumph in my Lord,

And bless his works, and bless his word;

e Thy works of grace, how bright they shine! e How deep thy counsels! how divine!

4 Fools never raise their thoughts so high;
e Like brutes they live, like brutes they die ;
-Like grass they flourish, till thy breath
d Blast them in everlasting death.

o 5 But I shall share a glorious part,
When grace hath well refin'd my heart;
And fresh supplies of joy are shed,
Like holy oil to cheer my head.
6 [Sin (my worst enemy before)
Shall vex my eyes and ears no more;
My inward foes shall all be slain,
Nor Satan break my peace again.]
g 7 Then shall I see and hear and know,
All I desir'd or wish'd below;

And ev'ry pow'r find sweet employ,
In that eternal world of joy.

L. M. SECOND PART. Quercy. [*]
The Church the Garden of God.

LORD, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand,

In garden's planted by thy hand;

Let me within thy courts be seen,
Like a young cedar, fresh and green.

2 There grow thy saints in faith and love,
Blest with thine influence from above;
Not Lebanon, with all its trees,
Yields such a comely sight as these.

3 The plants of grace shall ever live;
(Nature decays, but grace must thrive ;)
Time that does all things else impair,
Still makes them flourish strong and fair.
4 Laden with fruits of age, they show
The Lord is holy, just and true:
None that attend his gates shall find
A God unfaithful or unkind.

PSALM 93. L. M. FIRST PART. Old Hundred. [*] The Eternal and Sovereign God.


JEHOVAH reigns; he dwells in light,

Girded with majesty and might;

The world, created by his hands,
Still on its first foundation stands.

o 2 But ere this spacious world was made,
Or had its first foundations laid,
Thy throne eternal ages stood,
Thyself the ever-living God.

o 3 Like floods, the angry nations rise,
And aim their rage against the skies:
e Vain floods-that aim their rage so high!
-At thy rebuke the billows die.

4 For ever shall thy throne endure;
Thy promise stands for ever sure:
And everlasting holiness

Becomes the dwellings of thy grace.


P. M. FIRST PART Walworth. [*]
God's Majesty, and Sovereign Dominion.


HE Lord of glory reigns, he reigns on high; His robes of state are strength and majesty This wide creation rose at his command,

Built by his word, and 'stablish'd by his hand : g Long stood his throne, ere he began creation, And his own Godhead-is the firm foundation. • 2 God is th' eternal King: thy foes in vain Raise their rebellion, to confound thy reign: In vain the storms, in vain the floods arise, And roar, and toss their waves against the skies; Foaming at heav'n, they rage with wild commotion; But heav'n's high arches scorn the swelling ocean. d 3 Ye tempests, rage no more; ye floods, be still; And the mad world, obedient to his will:

Built on his truth, his church must ever stand;
Firm are his promises, and strong his hand :
See his own sons, when they appear before him,
Bow at his footstool, and with fear adore him.
P. M. SECOND PART. Dalston. [*]


God's Power, and Zion's Safety.

HE Lord Jehovah reigns,

Tand royal state maintains;

His head with awful glories crown'd;
Array'd in robes of light,
Begirt with sov'reign might,
rays of majesty around.


2 Upheld by his commands,
The world securely stands,

And skies and stars obey thy word.

Thy throne was fix'd on high,
Before the starry sky:

Eternal is thy kingdom, Lord.

e 3 In vain the noisy crowd,



Like billows fierce and loud, Against thine empire rage and roar; In vain with angry spite,

The surly nations fight,

And dash like waves against the shore.

4 Let floods and nations rage,

And all their pow'rs engage,Let swelling tides assault the sky: The terrours of thy frown

Shall beat their madness down; Thy throne for ever stands on high.

5 Thy promises are true,

Thy grace is ever new;

There fix'd, thy church shall ne'er remove:

Thy saints, with holy fear,

Shall in thy courts appear, And sing thine everlasting love.


V. 1,2, 7—14.—Saints chastised, and Sinners destroyed. GOD! to whom revenge belongs,

10 Proclaim thy wrath aloud;

Let sov'reign pow'r redress our wrongs,
Let justice smite the proud.


2 They say, The Lord nor sees nor hears;"

When will the fools be wise?

Can he be deaf, who form'd their ears?
Or blind, who made their eyes?

3 He knows their impious tho'ts are vain,
And they shall feel his pow'r ;

His wrath shall pierce their souls with pain,
In some surprising hour.

4 But if thy saints deserve rebuke,
Thou hast a gentler rod;

Thy providences, and thy book,

Shall make them know their God.

5 Blest is the man thy hands chastise, And to his duty draw:

Thy scourges make thy children wise,
When they forget thy law.

6 But God will ne'er cast off his saints,
Nor his own promise break:
He pardons his inheritance
For their Redeemer's sake.]

C. M. SECOND PART. Reading. [b]

V.16-23.Deliverance from Temptation and Persecution. THO will arise, and plead my right, Against my num'rous foes;



While earth and hell their force unite,
And all my hopes oppose!

2 Had not the Lord, my Rock, my Help,
Sustain'd my fainting head,

e My life had now in silence dwelt, My soul amongst the dead.

p 3 "Alas, my sliding feet!" I cry'd, Thy promise was my prop;


Thy grace stood constant by my side,
Thy Spirit bore me up.

e 4 While multitudes of mournful thoughts,
Within my bosom roll;

o Thy boundless love forgives my faults, Thy comforts cheer my soul.

-5 Pow'rs of iniquity may rise, And frame pernicious laws;

o But God, my refuge, rules the skies, He will defend my cause.

-6 Let malice vent her rage aloud; Let bold blasphemers scoff;

g The Lord our God shall judge the proud,

And cut the sinners off.

PSALM 95. C. M. Bedford. Plymouth. [*]


A Psalm before Prayer.

ING to the Lord Jehovah's name,
And in his strength rejoice;

When his salvation is our theme,

Exalted be our voice.

2 With thanks approach his awful sight,

And psalms of honour sing;

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