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5 Thus they are blest : but if they sin, e He lets the heathen nations in ;

A savage crew invades their lands,

Their princes die by barb'rous hands. " a 6 Their captive sons expos'd to scorn,

Wander, unpity'd and forlorn :
The country lies unfenced, untill'd,
And desolation spreads the field.
-7 Yet, if th’ humble nation mourns,

Again his dreadful hand he turns ; 0 Again he makes their cities thrive,

And bids the dying churches live.
8 [The righteous with a joyful sense,
Admire the works of providence ;
And tongues of Atheists shall no more

Blaspheme the God whom saints adore.] e 9 How few with pious care record

These wondrous dealings of the Lord ! -But wise observers still shall find The Lord is holy, just and kind.

PSALM 109. C. M. Abridge. [*]

Love to enemies ; Example of Christ. 1 MOD of my mercy and my praise,

CT Thy glory is my song;
o Though sinners speak against thy grace,

With a blaspheming tongue.
2 When, in the form of mortal man,

Thy Son on earth was found,
e With cruel slanders false and vain,

They compass'd him around. -3 Their mis’ries his compassion move,

Their peace he still pursu'd ; e They render hatred for his love,

And evil for his good. -4 Their malice rag'd without a cause ; a Yet with his dying breath, -He pray'd for murd'rers on his cross,

And blest his foes in death. e 5 Lord, shall thy bright example shine,

In vain before my eyes ? -Give me a soul akin to thine,

To love mine enemies.

o 6 The Lord shall on my side engage;

And in my Saviour's name, o I shall defeat their pride and rage,

Who slander and condemn. PSALM 110. L. M. First PART. Blendon. [*]

The Exalted Messiah's Power and Grace. di THUS the eternal Father spake,

1 To Christ the Son ; “ Ascend and sit 66 At my right hand, till I shall make

“ Thy soes submissive at thy feet.
o 2 “From Zion shall thy word proceed;

" Thy word, the sceptre in thy hand,
“ Shall make the hearts of rebels bleed,
“ And bow their wills to thy command.
3 " That day shall shew thy pow'r is great,
"When saints shall flock with willing minds;
" And sinners crowd thy temple gate,

Where holiness in beauty shines.” 04 O blessed pow'r! O glorious day!

What a large vict'ry shall ensue! o And converts, who thy grace obey, Exceed the drops of morning dew. Oporlo.

L. M. SECOND PART. Bath. [*]

The Kingdom and Priesthood of Christ.
M HUS the great Lord of earth and sea

1 Spake to his Son, and thus he swore :
“ Eternal shall thy priesthood be,
66 And change froni hand to hand no more.
2 " Aaron and all his sons must die :
6 But everlasting life is thine :
" To save forever those who fly,
" For refuge from the wrath divine.
3 “ By me Melchisedec was made,
« On earth, a king and priest at once :
" And thou, my heav'nly Priest, shalt plead
" And thou, my King, shalt rule my sons."
4 Jesus the Priest ascends his throne,
While counsels of eternal peace,
Between the Father and the Son,
Proceed with honour and success.
5 Thro' the whole earth his name shall spread,
And crush the pow'rs that dare rebel ;

Then shall he judge the rising dead,
And send the guilty world to hell.
6 Tho' while he treads his glorious way,
He drinks the cup of tears and blood;
The suff'rings of that dreadful day
Shall but advance him near to God.)

C. M. St. Asaph's. [*]

Christ's Kingdom and Priesthood. 1 TESUS, our Lord, ascend thy throne,

u And near thy Father sit: o In Zion shall thy pow'r be known,

And make thy foes submit. & 2 What wonders shall thy gospel do ! o Thy convert shall surpass The nuin'rous drops of morning dew,

And own thy sov'reign grace. -3 God hath pronounc'd a firm decree,

Nor changes what he swore ; g “Eternal shall thy priesthood be,

66 When Aaron is no more. -4.“ Melchisedec, that wondrous priest,

6. That King of high degree, :66 That holy man who Abraham blest,

“ Was but a type of thee." 0 5 Jesus, our Priest, forever lives,

To plead for us above : u Jesus, our King, forever gives

The blessings of his love.
g 6 God shall exalt his glorious head,

And his high throne maintain ;
Shall strike the powers and princes dead,

Who dare oppose his reign.
PSALM 111. C. M. 1st PART. Mitcham. [*]

The Wisdom of God in his Works. 1 SONGS of immortal praise belong

To my Almighty God:
He has my heart, and he my tongue,

To spread his Name abroad. e 2 How great the works his hand has wrought !

How glorious in our sight!
And men in ev'ry age have sought

His wonders with delight.

e 3 How most exact is nature's frame !

How wise the Eternal Mind! -His counsels never change the scheme,

That his first thoughts design'd. 4 When he redeem'd his chosen sons,

He fix'd his cov'nant sure ; g The orders that his lips pronounce,

To endless years endure. -5 Nature and time, and earth and skies,

Thy heav'nly skill proclaim : e What shall we do to make us wise

But learn to read thy Name?
- To fear thy pow'r to trust thy grace,

Is our divinest skill;
And he's the wisest of our race,
Who best obeys thy will.

C. M. Second Part. St. Martin's. [*]

The Perfections of God. 1 [NY REAT is the Lord ; his works of might

UT Demand our noblest songs : Let his assembled saints unite

Their harmony of tongues. 2 Great is the mercy of the Lord,

He gives his children food,
And ever mindful of his word,

He makes his promise good.
3 His Son, the great Redeemer came,

To seal his cov'nant sure ;
Holy and rev'rend is his name ;

His ways are just and pure.
4 They who would grow divinely wise,

Must with his fear begin :
Our fairest proof of knowledge lies

In hating ev'ry sin.]
PSALM 112. P. M. Cumberland. [*1

The Blessings of the liberal Man.
1 THAT man is blest, who stands in awe

1 Of God, and loves his sacred law;
His seed on earth shall be renown'd;
His house the seat of wealth shall be,
An unexhausted treasury,

And with successive honours crown'd.

2 His liberal favours he extends ;
To sume he gives, to others lends ;

A gen'rous pity fills his mind :
Yet what his charity impairs,
He saves by prudence in affairs ;

And thus he's just to all mankind. 3 His hands, while they his alms bestow'd,

His glory's future harvest sow'd :
b The sweet remembrance of the just,

Like a green root, revives, and bears
A train of blessings for his heirs,

When dying nature sleeps in dust.
g 4 Beset with threat'ning dangers round,
Unmov'd shall he maintain his ground;

His conscience holds his courage up: The soul that's fill'd with virtue's light, Shines brightest in affliction's night; And sees in darkness beams of hope.

5 Till tidings never can surprise
His heart that fix'd on God relies;

Tho' waves and tempests roar around:
Safe on a Rock he sits, and sees
The shipwreck of his enemies ;

And all their hopes and glory drown'd.
6 The wicked shall his triumph see,
And gnash their teeth in agony,

To find their expectations crost;
They, and their envy pride and spite,
Sink down to everlasting night,
And all their names in darkness lost.]

L. M Oporto. '*7
Blessings of the Pious and Charitable.
THRICE happy man, who fears the Lord !

I Loves his commands, and trusts his word Honour and peace his days attend, . And blessings to his seed descend. e 2 Compassion dwells upon his mind,

To works of mercy still inclin d;
He lends the poor some present aid,

Or gives them not to be repaid.
e 3 When times grow dark, and tidings spread,

That fill his neighbour round with dread;

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